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November 12, 2013
Mary Giordano (Alicia SIlverstone) is a bright, intelligent student who goes to a catholic school. She also has a addiction to mystery novels and detective magazines which inspire her to do her own detective work. When she starts snooping around on the case of a murderer of teenage girls, it gets her in hot water with her mentor Detective Jerry Gunn (Bill Nunn). But it also starts a team up with police cadet Tony Campbell (Kevin DiIlon). The two work together to find the murderer. But the closer Mary gets to solving the murder, the more danger she puts herself in of being the next victim.

also stars Michael Bowen, Jennifer Savidge, Sean Anthony Moran and Marla Sokoloff.

directed by Pat Verducci.
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October 10, 2012
I just watched this movie on tv under a different name...Dangerous Kiss. Odd they felt that they needed to change the name. ...Mediocre made for tv-ish movie.
August 19, 2011
Alicia Silverstone, second only to Melissa Joan Hart in '90s wholesome blondness, turns out quite the '90s performance in this twisty, '90s thriller. The movie follows Silverstone's Nancy Drew-esque character as she solves a murder case, falls for a cadet, experiences a sexual awakening, and wears the absolute '90s-est clothes available--mostly the sex and clothes parts. I'm not sure I could say this is a good movie or that I enjoyed it, but it did keep my interest and keep me guessing. In fact, I'm still guessing--guessing about the same things Alicia Silverstone was guessing about at the beginning of the movie (spoiler alert: I'm talking about the killer's motivation, which is never revealed). Also, what loose requirements does Alicia's town's police department have? You can (spoiler alert) use somebody else's fingerprints somehow when you go through the background check? You can join at 18? No wonder these cops can't track down clues better than sheltered Catholic teenagers.
½ August 1, 2011
Interesting crime thriller for the 1990's. Amazing how one event can affect so many people.
½ July 24, 2011
Since childhood, Mary Giordano has been fascinated by crime and detective work. But no case she has read about in the pages of TRUE CRIME magazine obsesses her like the mutilation-murder of her classmate, 14-year-old Kathleen Donlevy. Mary begins her own probe into this grisly and mysterious crime which left behind no suspects, no witnesses and scarcely a lead. Following her instincts, Mary uncovers a link between a traveling carnival and several other unsolved murders of teenage girls along the West Coast. She teams up with Tony Campbell, an ambitious young police cadet, who becomes her unofficial partner in her investigation. As their investigation proceeds, Mary finds incriminating evidence in Tony's own apartment. A horrified Mary realizes she may be forced to prove the man she's falling in love with could be a murderer, that is, if she doesn't end up dead first.

stars Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Dillon, Bill Nunn, Michael Bowen, Jennifer Savidge, Sean Anthony Moran and Marla Sokoloff.

directed by Pat Verducci.
July 19, 2011
So this is on Instant, and you should definitely watch it. It's pretty damn funny in how overwrought and melodramatic it is. Arbitrary plot twists, forced awkward sex scenes, and some truly awful acting are also in the cards. There's two line readings by Kevin Dillon that are funnier than most comedies. I enjoyed it.
½ July 29, 2010
A pretty good thriller with a good cast of actors
February 13, 2010
Actually I think True Crime was kinda good! It was nice to see Alicia so young, she's definitely a good actress.
I liked the plot very much, with the serial killer etc.
It wasn't great, but nice to see for sure! And I bought it for only 1 euro, that's less than 1 dollar! Yay! A very cheap price for such a reasonable thriller.
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June 27, 2009
Liked this movie years ago. Re-watched it recently and it's still not a bad little film. Alicia Silverstone is likeable in one of her earlier roles.
May 28, 2009
this was a fantastic triller. i had goose bumps when kevin dillon's character was about to die and he said to Alica- "mary i was inside you". that was freaky! and that scene gets me every time. they both did an amazing job with their characters, i loved it!
September 24, 2008
Haha!! Alicia Silverstone & Johnny Drama! I have to see it.
August 7, 2008
pretty good for an older movie. plot was good and had some scary factors kinda
½ April 25, 2008
It seemed to me no more than a honest homework, with nothing new to tell.
½ February 20, 2008
This has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid. Very cool.
February 10, 2008
Decently creepy thriller.
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½ February 10, 2008
Interesting little detective girl thriller. There are some suspenseful scenes. Alicia Silverstone does well here.
½ January 29, 2008
Alicia trying to do more grown up stuff and the result was mediocrity.
October 29, 2007
I saw this on USA network about six years ago and i thought that it was a good movie.
October 22, 2007
I like how he started off being good then ended up being the killer.
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