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July 24, 2017
This movie just has something I liked. Watched it in college, a lot.
July 24, 2017
Johnston's film is a triumph decades after its release, still horrifyingly scary throughout with a tone that could easily match any horror film before and after it. Performances are excellent from both Dunst and Pierce who act far above their age. Hunt and Williams are equally as good, the latter doesn't show much of his comedy but more of his emotial ability with a role that at times is rather difficult to like until the third act. Special effects look good even for its age, slowly coming upto three decades old it does show signs but ultimately still looks the part.
July 22, 2017
Great fun for the whole family
July 18, 2017
This is one of my all time favourite films. It's one of those kids movies that has a weird creepy edge to it. The special effects were great for the time, and Robin Williams usually grating personality worked well with this character. GOOD!
July 16, 2017
Watched this as a kid. Still find it enjoyable.
July 16, 2017
This has always been one of my favourite movies as a youngster. It takes a classic board game concept and adapts it into the most spectacular fantasy novel for kids all over the world. Once you start playing, you have to continue until the end otherwise the world will be forever burdened with the various monsters and calamities that each roll of the dice brings. At first we see bats, mosquito's and monkeys, with the more torrential monsoons, earthquakes and stampedes arriving shortly after, so simply taking your turn is never that easy when you spend the majority of time running away. Of course, for a children's film, what in your head is quite a horror environment, is all done fairly kid friendly so it won't lead to too many nightmares, but the scene where the adults become trapped in quicksand, just as giant spiders arrive to walk up to their faces was not a nice predicament. The various riddles produced each turn create that element of suspense as you work out what monstrosity is on its way next, it really does captivate the imagination and keep the adventure moving throughout. There are a few moments of promoting family values in this which really fall by the weigh side as all the younger generation will want to do is be engrossed by the game itself. I'm surprised there was never a sequel produced as the concept lends itself to continuing as various people stumble across the game, and the catastrophes that occur each round could be endless - I would actually love a proper horror version of this with a bit of blood and gore, as I can see that working easily. Perhaps I should get writing and sell my story to the highest bidder!
½ July 2, 2017
Eh, scared me as a kid
½ July 2, 2017
Stunning acting by robin Williams in this classic movie
June 23, 2017
This movie continues to be my favorite because in my humble opinion it is one of Williams best roles.
It's an emotional and fun romp of a film, and it packs a punch even now. The effects still mostly hold up, and I am actually not too scared of the "sequel" with the Rock.
½ May 4, 2017
Good movie. Liked it. Well acted.
April 15, 2017
Direção de fotografia péssima. Porém a ideia do filme é ótima.
½ April 9, 2017
Much better than it's RT score. Very cool, original, and fun. Great acting, even if it can get a little confusing sometimes.
April 8, 2017
I actually saw this four times in three days, since four of my classes saw the same film.
Missed small parts of it every time, but I made sure to miss out on differents moments every time.

A classic fantasy story and I find the game itself as a portal a nice touch. Robin Williams is doing an OK role, the kids too, including a young Kirsten Dunst. The story works all right, but the heartbreaking stuff with a man loosing his childhood never function. Some funny moments, some pretty impresive effects and many intense moments are minor plusses in this pretty typical film that I also saw as a kid.
The remake or follow-up or whatever coming in 2017 with Dwayne Johnson as a lead are bound to be worse, but this one was never a big hit for me either. Could have been a lot worse, though. It works as pure entertainment.

5 our of 10 pairs of dices.
½ March 20, 2017
I enjoyed this movie when I was younger.
March 20, 2017
Apart from the over-acting from Williams, this is an enjoyable enough adventure romp with some good ideas.
March 11, 2017
My children 12 and 9 loved it! 6 year old thought it was scary.
February 5, 2017
Jumanji may be a lot of fun but the Cgi looks very dated now and to be honest it was'nt particularly good to begin with. The story works well enough as does the whole concept of the Jumanji game itself but the movie seems somehow rushed.
February 4, 2017
OK kid's fayre. The adult characterisation was inconsistent, and I couldn't answer the question 'daddy, why did the bullet and gun disappear first when it didn't come out of the game?'
January 15, 2017
I'm really shocked to see the score of this classic movie. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who grew up with this movie. This was one of my best favorite movies as kid. I always looked forward to watch it. As for the special effects I think it was already awesome back in 1995. As for now, as an adult I'm not really into it as I was before maybe I grew up or grew out of it, but I'm definitely gonna let my kids watch this because of the lesson of always sticking together no matter what and for the adventure the movie offered. Last but not least, Robin Williams did his best, I wouldn't be watching it now again if it wasn't for him.
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