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      Jumanji Reviews

      Jan 28, 2023

      It's an ok movie it does not fail in the funny department but it's a little slow for me.

      Jan 16, 2023

      I had to rewatch this movie a couple of times, because I forgot what happens. It's awesome. No wonder I own like 3 Jumanji boards.. plus the video game..

      Dec 15, 2022

      Um C-L-Á-S-S-I-C-O de respeito! É um longa muito diferente do filme homônimo mais recente, mas é tão bom quanto - ou melhor - na proposta que tem. Gosto que o filme concilia doses de terror e suspense de forma que não o torne proibitivo. Tem toques de comédia, como de praxe num filme do Robbie Williams, e uma história que prende do início ao fim. Gosto de como o roteiro apresenta os personagens e seus dilemas aos poucos e a maneira como põe importância e medo em cada jogada. Eu simplesmente adoro o design do tabuleiro e das peças, que tem uma cara de jogo antigo e passa a aura que precisa ter. Claro que aqui há facilitações e simplificações que poderiam ser lapidadas. Mas, aos meus olhos, os acertos que esse filme carrega sobrepõem os erros. É um filme que, definitivamente, merece ser visto e revisto! Um clássico que eu amo!

      Dec 11, 2022

      Classic and creative movie. One of Robin Williams best

      Dec 10, 2022

      Hands down one of the most underrated movies of all time!

      Dec 7, 2022

      I haven't watched this in over a decade so it's almost fresh to me again. Forgot how good this one is. Two present day kids moving into a new house find an old Jumanji board game in the attic and unwittingly decide to play and quickly discover the chaos it unleashes including releasing a man who's been trapped in the game for decades. Robin Williams is fun and somewhat restrained as the man released from the game. Great fun and slightly darker than what I'd remembered. Kirsten Dunst, Bonnie Hunt, David Alan Grier and more costar.

      Nov 29, 2022

      Jumanji ist ein Fantasy-Abenteuerfilm aus dem Jahr 1995, und Joe Johnston hat ihn inszeniert. Der Film basiert auf dem gleichnamigen Kinderbuch von Chris Van Allsburg. Den Film Jumanji zähle ich persönlich zu den Klassikern der Filmgeschichte, seither hat die Tricktechnik in den Jahren große Fortschritte genommen, und manches wirkt heute schon wieder ein wenig veraltet. Ich habe diesen Film schon x-mal gesehen und ich bin jedes Mal auf neue begeistert. Denn ich bin von diesen „Effekt-Gewitter" voll überzeugt.

      Nov 24, 2022

      It is an exciting action adventure with a plot that may be traumatic for children, but still interesting.

      Sep 13, 2022

      One of my favourites from my childhood. Going back and watching this movie always fills me with so much happiness

      Sep 10, 2022

      When I was a child a i remember watching many re runs of this movie on Disney channel or jetix and can't say nothing but memorable times but it's just an opinion based on my own lenses and perspective and I'm plainly talking on nostalgia rather than a deep analysis on the film.

      Aug 25, 2022

      It may confuse or freak some people out but Jumanji creates a fun adventure film with Robin Williams impressive performance that we all love.

      Aug 17, 2022

      esta pelicula es una aventura llena de diversion

      May 27, 2022

      Somewhat corny but obviously for its time, quite well-scripted. Robin Williams was actually clean in this one.

      May 10, 2022

      why is this so low? I'm gen z and love it. BTW who else is here from distractible?

      Apr 29, 2022

      A fun movie and you can see Robin William characters pain for being alone for that many years. I liked the movie.

      Apr 28, 2022

      Beaitiful movie of the 90s

      Apr 28, 2022

      This movie is not just a heartwarming family movie with some creepy horror movie vibes thrown in. It's... so much more. It's amazing. It astounds me every time when I go back to watch it now in adulthood just how well written this movie is. At least, certainly way more better written than what we've gotten in the last few 10 years...

      Apr 28, 2022

      LOL, funny and original for all ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Mar 31, 2022

      Great film! Appreciated the originality of it. Have rewatched several times.

      Mar 30, 2022

      Exhausting, effects-laden movie that thinks all the action and visual effects will cover up the pure nonsense offered by the script. It's also clearly made to be a kid-friendly summer blockbuster, but it's scary/intense enough that younger viewers will definitely be scared. Robin Williams is AWOL for the first 40 minutes, then can't save the film once he appears.

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