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January 24, 2017
Michael Douglas is always awesome. Not bad. Sucks that the whore is portrayed as the protagonist.
November 26, 2016
Four stars hands down. Brilliant performance by Douglass. Terrific plot with plenty of unanticipated twists.
½ September 9, 2016
Very good/Hitchcockian at times and really bad at times. Could have been one of the best mid 90's thrillers. Good performances all around, but too predictable and storytelling not very rich.
July 25, 2016
"A Perfect Murder" is an under-rated 90s classic. I'm usually not the type of person to watch a movie multiple times, but I love this one enough to have watched it probably five times now. Over the years, I've recommended it to family members and friends as one of my favorites.

I recognize this movie is an updated re-write of the Hitchcock classic, "Dial M for Murder". I enjoy old movies as much as anyone else, but to be honest, I enjoyed "A Perfect Murder" significantly more than the Hitchcock version, which (by comparison) drags along at a snail's pace. Though it's been nearly 20 years since "A Perfect Murder" was released, it has aged very well and there's nothing that reminds you of it's vintage - with the possible exception of the dated cell phone (flip phone with an extending antenna) Michael Douglas' character uses in one pivotal scene.

"A Perfect Murder" is worth watching for the solid performances of its stellar cast, excellent production values and thrilling ride provided by a well written script - exactly the reasons I keep coming back to this one even though I know how it ends.
½ May 13, 2016
Michael Douglas is the true star as a psychotic evil genius. Little dead time between the suspense scenes but overall a strong movie
½ November 7, 2015
a good late 1990s thriller based on Alfred Hitchcocks Dial M For Murder.
September 29, 2015
WARNING THIS MOVIE CONTAINS STROBE LIGHTNING EFFECTS THROGUHOUT SOME SCENES THROUGHOUT THIS MOVIE......WOW.....WOW.....WOW.....JUST SEEN THIS MOVIE 4 THE 1ST TIME N THINK THAT THIS IS SUCH A GOOD THRILLER MOVIE 2 WATCH.......its got a good cast of actors/actresses throughout this movie......I think that Michael douglas, gwyenth paltrow, viggo mortensen, david suchet, sarita Choudhury, play good roles/parts throughout this movie.......I think that the director of this drama/mystery/suspense movie had done a great job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie......I think that Michael douglas was absolutely brilliant throughout this movie, as the lead role........I think that this is such a gripping, thrilling, movie 2 watch, its got such a great cast throughout this movie.......

In Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder, the characters played by Ray Milland and Grace Kelly are depicted as living in a modest London flat, although it is implied that they are quite wealthy, as Milland's character, Tony Wendice, is a retired tennis champion. Michael Douglas and Gwyneth Paltrow's characters are also shown as an extremely wealthy couple. Both Kelly and Paltrow's characters are shown as striking blondes. Both films make use of the mystery of the fact that no key was found on the dead man when he was killed by both Kelly and Paltrow's characters, as both their husbands had removed them in an attempt to pin the crime on their wives. Toward the beginning of Dial M For Murder, when Kelly and Robert Cummings are shown together in the Wendice flat, and Milland comes home, Kelly greets him with "There you are!" and kisses him. Presumably in homage to the original film, Douglas's character greets Paltrow exactly the same way when she arrives home to their apartment at the beginning of A Perfect Murder.

The title A Perfect Murder matches the translation that was made in some countries of Hitchcock's film, known in Italian as Il delitto perfetto and in Spanish as Crimen perfecto; in French it was Le crime était presque parfait.

An alternate ending exists and is presented, with optional commentary, on the original DVD release. In this version, Steven comes back from finding the key replaced where he had hidden it and Emily confronts him in the kitchen rather than in their foyer. The scene plays out with the same dialogue, but Steven never physically attacks her. He still tells her that the only way she'll leave him is dead, and she shoots him. Steven then says "You won't get away with this" before dying and Emily purposely injures herself, making it look like self-defense.

Box office
The film opened in second place at the box office behind The Truman Show, grossing $16,615,704 during its first weekend. It ended up with a total worldwide gross of $128,038,368.

Critical response

The film received mixed reviews from critics: Stephen Holden of The New York Times called it a "skillfully plotted update of Frederick Knott's play". Roger Ebert wrote "[It] works like a nasty little machine to keep us involved and disturbed; my attention never strayed". Meanwhile, James Berardinelli wrote that the film "has inexplicably managed to eliminate almost everything that was worthwhile about Dial M for Murder, leaving behind the nearly-unwatchable wreckage of a would-be '90s thriller." A Perfect Murder holds a 55% "Rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a score of 50/100 ("mixed or average reviews") from Metacritic

man this is such a thrilling, enjoyable movie 2 watch, its got such a good story line throughout this movie, I think that this is such a good thriller movie 2 watch as the director keeps you on the edge of your seats throughout this movie.......
½ August 30, 2015
Quite an amusing watch, kind of edge-of-the seat even. Complications have been added to the plot of the source movie, Hitchcock's Dial M for Murder. Doing so is not a bad idea in itself, were it not that the additions make the plot so much more complicated that it becomes unbelievable. I would buy a hired killer and a murder going wrong, but not a hired killer, who also happens to be the intended victim's lover, AND a con man, PLUS a murder going wrong with a substitute killer. Moreover, two cold-blooded crafty creeps and two detectives (a real one and the intended victim acting like one) is too much of a good thing. And how, for instance, was Stephen Taylor to know in which carriage and which hut Shaw was to travel so he could stab him in time and get his money back? All he knew was that some trip was confirmed. Such things.
August 20, 2015
Great movie check it out if you never seen this movie
July 16, 2015
While the suspense of this film is far outweighed and at times undermined by the intrigue of numerous plot twists, it does not lack clever conversation. Although not all of the outcomes are surprising, the plot weaves itself into a reasonable denouement. Persons with a rigid sense of justice probably will not enjoy the film as much as those who view justice as a nebulous concept relative not only to an individual's unique set of experiences, education, values, and beliefs but also to circumstances often difficult to appreciate.
½ May 15, 2015
A lot of what's behind door #2 surprises that wiggle from this rather average thriller.A 'if you got nothing better to watch' thriller
February 8, 2015
I liked this better than Hitchcock's version. Does that mean I'm going to hell?

There's some clever twists and updates to the tale (chiefly the wife not being completely helpless) and it certainly isn't as stagey. When a play is simply dropped on to the screen, it shoots itself in the foot a little bit, right from the get-go.
November 15, 2014
Predictable in some areas but good acting!!
August 4, 2014
(First and only viewing - 7/10/2012)
March 26, 2014
Lacked suspense and surprise. Wasn't anything special.
January 16, 2014
De vez en cuando dan en la tv por cable algo "viejo" pero no tan trillado
½ January 15, 2014
A tensed & sharp thriller that owes a lot to it's cast. Well done but unoriginal.
December 21, 2013
I never watched Dial M For Murder so I don't know how similar the stories are, but I liked the smart story line of this movie a lot. It is well written, but the ending was rather disappointing. I expected the wife finding out in another way instead of simply guessing the safe's combination. The ending was also sort of abrupt. Apart from those two remarks, the movie is good.
December 14, 2013
"That's not happiness to see me!" I honestly enjoyed this movie, I don't see why it's rated rotten...
½ November 20, 2013
la dura vita dei white privileged
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