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½ March 23, 2019
The contemporary modern update of H.G. Wells' science fiction novel impresses at the advantageous production scale and remained connected to the story's consequential time-traveling core with well-intended additional bits, but the adventurous take validates the loose adaptation with campy impacts. (B)

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½ March 9, 2019
I dunno why this movie failed. Strong premise
March 8, 2019
I liked that is all and it is a good warning about how humankind is driving its future
October 30, 2018
One of my favorite movies of the 2000s. It gives reason to his journey. The to go back, and the need to move forward.
October 17, 2018
Personally, I didn't think that the movie was bad, in fact I thought it was good. However, it needs some improvement:
1. The scene where his girlfriend dies doesn't seem real enough
2. The Morlocks were also too fake

Well, not everyone is satisfied with this movie but I really don't mind it. This is a movie I could watch again.
Now here's the things I liked:
1. It was entertaining
2. Not that bad (except for a few things) for a 2002 movie
3. Contained most elements of the book
4. Good acting (However not amazing)

My rating: 82-84
September 4, 2018
I have no idea why the ratings on this movie are so low. It contained most of the elements of the book and was done in a very interesting way. The time travel visuals are IMHO probably the most accurate visual portrayal of what time travel would look like from the travelers perspective. The acting was good, not great but good enough to keep me intrigued with the characters. The set design was superb in every era. They seemed to have spent a lot of time getting the sets built. The music was off the chart good and sticks with you long after the movie is done. About the only part that let down in the movie was the bad creature design for the flesh eating Morlocks. I thought the part played by Irons as the master of the Morlocks was well done. Overall the movie was well worth watching.
July 21, 2018
This movie is based on just an idea rather than an actual full fledged story. Time Travel is one of the most contravived Sci Fi concepts but it does spawn some interesting debate. Anyhow, this movie is a remake of the original film of the same name and does little to expand upon the idea from so long ago. That idea being: can anyone change the outcome of events in the past? why or why not. This is definitely an interesting theme but perhaps too broad for only a 2 hour movie. Therefore, this becomes more of an adventure fantasy piece rather than an exploration of science; which is all well and good; unfortunately it's not all that entertaining. The lack of quality entertainment comes from a constant shift of the setting, never really allowing the viewer to get a grip on the actual center of the story. Instead, the movie feels like it is searching for its own direction; leading to a rather unsatisfying feeling from the viewer.

The movie also suffers from a poorly depicted main character. He's supposedly a brilliant man but his flaws are so apparent that they are laughably over played making the character to seem more like a cartoon than a an adult in a real world environment. The portrayal is really too on the nose and overt, some subtlety would have gone a long way in this regard.
Instead, his character comes across as downright goofy, and awkwardly irresponsible. You might even find yourself thinking how could a man with so much intelligence not even grasp the simplicity of acting and sounding like a mature adult. Are we really expected to believe that the main character known as Alexander is so caught up in his super advanced ideas that he can't even be bothered to dust off his jacket? And if so...what is the movie trying to tell us about this type of person? Is it that being a genius is really just overrated and causes you to lose your place in society? Or is the movie trying to say that having normal relationships like everyone else is really a whole lot better than inventing life changing technology and ground breaking scientific discoveries? If that is the case, then this film is really damning our humanity by saying that we should all just focus on being part of the rat pack and conforming to the mundane expectations of society. But, perhaps that's not the message that the filmmakers were trying to convey, and instead were attempting to establish that a balance needs to exist in each person's life between aspiration and acceptance. That is to say, we should never become too wrapped up in our ideas that we neglect each other and our own base needs. Perhaps that is the message of this story, and if so that is indeed a nobel one.

. Still I think the movie just barely manages to get it's point across, which seems to be that although you might never be able to change the past, you can use it to guide your future and that somewhere out there is a time and place where you can find your very own purpose and importance. However, you have to be willing to accept it at the moment instead of always looking to the future or comparing the present to the past. I think it's a good message, but to really pick up on it you would have to dwell on the film for quite some time which is more than most people would be willing to do. This movie just comes off as a watch it once and forget about it type of deal, without any top performances or big celebrities to hold your attention. The film suffers in its own subtleties with a plot that has to be excavated skillfully rather than a movie that tells you what is going and why things are. For example you probably wouldnt be able to decipher the effect the main character had on society as he travels through the years, from watching this movie just once. Not unless you pay extra special attention to what most people would assume was just throw away dialog to pass the moment.
I feel like most people would consider this filmt to be unsatisfying as I did the first few times.
July 15, 2018
An underrated film which I found very enjoyable. It's a new take on the novel by H.G. Wells, which IMO is even better than the book!
May 19, 2018
One of my all time favourite films. Have watched several times, never get tired of it!
½ April 30, 2018
A perfectly watchable if ultimately disappointing retread of the old H.G Wells novel. Sadly there is not much else the film says and other time travel adventures have been bolder and imaginative.
February 23, 2018
Just watched this movie, and I didn't care for it. The original movie was so much better. They tried to add too many effects to the film, and th UVe computerised librarian took way too much time away from the story. Also did not care for the meeting of the minds with the head moorlock. In the original movie the moorlocks just took in their prey, there was no logic behind it, and I think it was time wasted. Also too much time spent on chase scenes. The ending of the movie sucked.
January 5, 2018
I guess contrary to most I found this film enjoyable.
September 27, 2017
The soundtrack has stucked in my head forever, i have to revisit every now and then.
August 10, 2017
This is an entertaining, but not very thought provoking, popcorn flick version of a more poignant story. It pales in comparison to the original novel, but Guy Pearce and Jeremy Irons make magic that, when combined with the awesome props, production design that feels straight out of the novel, music, and action sequences, carries this otherwise sinking ship to victory. To truly enjoy this movie, you have to lower your expectations, but if you do so, you will find the trip to be worth it.
But, this movie does have a lot of flaws. The first and biggest would be that it tries too hard to give a story to a novel that was mostly a series of ideas. The novel and the original picture are fairly simple. A man discovers a way to travel through time, goes to the future where his time machine is missing, and has to teach the people to fight their oppressors so he can get his machine back. This movie introduces a lot of other plot elements and characters that turn it from a thought provoking story that feels like an idea with room to grow to a bloated summer blockbuster. There are things such as a dead girlfriend that prompts the Time Traveler (who has a name this time around, Alexander,) to go BACK in time to figure out a way to save her. However, every attempt fails, and he decides to shoot forward into the future to figure out why he can't change the past. This is the main focus of the film. This is unfortunate, because while it is a good idea, it would be much more suitable in another film that has nothing to do with the Time Machine. This is what the writers hope the takeaway is, but the original novel had a much more thought provoking and scary central idea, where we learn that the peaceful and human looking Eloi AREN'T the direct evolution of humanity, and that they are an offshoot of the Morlocks, the cave dwelling creatures that use the Eloi as slaves. It goes from a grim look at the future to a hopeful story about learning to fight back against your oppressors, and while I think this is a diversion from the original idea, it isn't the worst thing they could have done. It just reduces the movie to a feel good summer blockbuster instead of a sci-fi drama. However, great performances and music help the movie to soar. All in all, it is definitely enjoyable, but it isn't as good as reading the novel for the first time. If you want a more accurate adaptation, watch the 1960 George Pal version, which is also very entertaining.
January 25, 2017
This movie will always be one of my favorites of all time. I only wish it was longer so I could have spent more time in this world. Not sure why people have so much hate for it, this is pretty much everything I wanted from this movie and more. The musical score alone is enough to keep you happy for awhile. Haters are gonna hate, but this is one movie that I have to watch on a regular basis.
½ January 1, 2017
An uninspired remake. It was boring and made me sleepy. Watch the 1960 version instead. (First and only viewing - 5/23/2010)
½ December 29, 2016
Remake remade by most digital technology, not to mention the presence of real actors and a bad as Jeremy Irons only seen in the last scenes
Super Reviewer
December 24, 2016
A simplistic yet entertaining adaptation that eliminates the smart social commentary found in H. G. Wells' story and focuses on a lot of action with very little imagination, but while it has some problems, it will be enough fun for time travel fans.
October 27, 2016
I wanted this to be good and it wasn't.
½ October 5, 2016
It just wasn't very interesting. Never saw the original but thankfully it wasn't too long.
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