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July 18, 2016
Increíble y fascinante historia de una persona entrañable.
Daniel Johnston fue diagnosticado con psicosis maníaco-depresiva, su espiral de locura fue agravada por su consumo de sustancias psicoactivas, y aún así fue capaz de expresarse artísticamente mediante sus dibujos, sus canciones, sus poemas. No es el mejor cantante del mundo sin duda alguna, pero es muy sincero. Sus composiciones son muy básicas pero a la vez muy hermosas. El sigue vivo en algún lugar de Texas, buceando en su locura.
January 11, 2016
A beautiful look into the mind of a troubled yet wonderful artist.
November 7, 2015
The Devil & Daniel Johnston es un documental que cuenta la vida extravagante y tormentosa del músico Daniel Johnston, quien desde su infancia tuvo dificultades conviviendo con una familia religiosa, quienes lo desalentaban al darle rienda suelta a su creatividad. Desde joven empezó a mostrar síntomas de depresión y esquizofrenia, las cuales se adueñarían de su vida hasta el día de hoy. Con talento y su gran deseo de ser famoso, fue poco a poco adentrándose en la escena musical hasta lograr cierto nivel de fama que lo hizo conocido. Pero esta fama lo llevo a un mundo de drogas y excesos que logro destruirlo.

Este documental no omite ningún detalle y a veces es incomodo de ver, especialmente el sufrimiento de Daniel. A pesar de todo lo que pasa, mantiene una inocencia infantil ante la vida. Las situaciones en las cuales se encuentra, tienden a ser casi surreales, por ejemplo cuando va a la estatua de la libertad y pinta un grafiti y es arrestado, o el incidente donde en uno de sus episodios eufóricos, entra a la casa de una anciana y la asusta de tal modo que salta de la ventana y termina con dos piernas rotas.

A pesar de todos sus problemas, es fascinante ver la reacción que provoca en las personas alrededor. Por ejemplo, su manager, quien lo dio todo para verlo triunfar. Daniel decide despedirlo luego de rechazar un contrato musical, el cual lo hubiese convertido en una estrella., y este cae en una profunda depresión, pero nunca deja de creer en su talento y decide dedicarse a distribuir su música para que llega a un mayor publico.

El culto a Daniel Johnston no solo se debe a su talento, sino a su vulnerabilidad. Cuando se monta en el escenario, pone al descubierto sus secretos mas oscuros y cada vez que canta, su voz expresa todos los sentimientos que la mayoría de las personas no se atrevería decir en voz alta. Es esta cualidad tan rara que lo hace un personaje inolvidable independientemente si te gusta su música o no.
½ September 14, 2015
All over the place just like Daniel and just as talented and troubled.
July 3, 2015
Syd Barrett, Brian Wilson and Peter Green are just a few rock stars who have battled mental illness. Daniel Johnston is another and due to numerous home made movies, it allows for a great insight into this troubled mind. Furthermore, it highlights what the family go through and the effect that caring for a loved has on their lives. Some great tunes as well. A must see.
December 30, 2014
A fascinating character, a figment of genius, tragedy, and unhinged whimsy.
½ December 1, 2014
The Devil and Daniel Johnston is a stunning look into the mind of an artistic genius. It left me in awe of such an amazing person and his ability to overcome and deal with his mental issues.

This film follows his life from a curious, young artist wanting to become famous to a middle-aged man continuing struggle with depression.

The first thing that stuck out to me was Daniel's constant recording of all of his art and his personal life. He would document everything he was feeling and everything that happened. He would make movies of his home life where he portrayed himself and his mother. The grainy footage was so personal and let the viewer into his life.

Daniel's parents were always there for him and supported him at every turn in his young life. They knew he was a "different" sort of person who didn't fit into normal society.

His sketches represented the various struggles he went through mentally and a lot of his struggles were centered on his extreme religious background. He was always worried that people were possessed by the devil and needed saving. His drawings reflected this as he would portray Captain America battling a multi-headed creature representing the devil.

His claim to fame was realized when he appeared on MTV's "Cutting Edge" and stole the show. His unique alternative folk music was a complete hit and showed raw emotion and vulnerability.

However, his slip into manic depression prevented him from becoming a commercial success, as he would miss appointments with his producer. Daniel was so obsessed with casting the devil from people that it would control his every action.

His family was even put at risk after Daniel threw out the keys to his father's single-engine plane while they were flying in it.

This movie does not glorify mental illness and also doesn't glorify Daniel as a genius. It looks honestly at how depression can affect everyone from family to friends and how it can create great music, but can also destroy great music.

I knew very little about Daniel Johnston before viewing this movie. I had heard some of his music from the Kids soundtrack and from Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks. I knew he had a unique artistic style, but had no idea where it came from and what influenced him to create such amazing art.

I recommend this movie highly to anyone interested in how mental illness can affect someone's life and how the artistic process can be influenced by such illnesses.
September 10, 2014
Greatness. Highly recommended.
September 1, 2014
El genio musical desconocido que todo mundo debería conocer
½ July 31, 2014
heart-breaking. heart-mending.
February 21, 2014
Another example of how people can triumph over any obstacle. Although severe mental health has it's permanence, it can't take away from someone's passion to be expressive and inspire others! This guys story is amazing! Must see...
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October 14, 2013
This fascinating stranger-than-fiction documentary is a beautiful statement about ambition, art, and insanity. It's not clear why Daniel Johnston himself was not interviewed in the making of the film when every major character in his life is, so instead of recent footage we mostly get low-production visual and audio quality (which admittedly mirrors his musical style perfectly). Still, it does justice to Daniel, his music, and his art, and is one of the more arresting character study documentaries I've seen.
½ October 6, 2013
Everyone should see this
July 27, 2013
Intense portrait of a genius
June 25, 2013
my favourite documentary of all time. the film does daniel johnston and his story justice.
May 9, 2013
ocians 13 is cumin out summer 2007
March 17, 2013
It's one of those rare documentaries that has one of the most interesting subjects around, and strives because of that.
½ March 7, 2013
We get a gripping documentary about a talented but troubled artist named Daniel Johnston. As a songwriter, filmmaker, & cartoonist he was a creative genius, inspiring so many. However he struggled with his own imbalances throughout, sabotaging himself. Fortunately he recorded nearly every moment of his life on audio or video, helping to truly tell this story. It's an astounding yet heartbreaking story.
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February 22, 2013
Sometimes genius is mistaken for crazy, and sometimes crazy is mistaken for genius. Falling dead into the latter camp, here is the story of a delusional soul who wished himself better than he was ( and still needed psych drugs ) and both the people who believed him along with those who knew the truth. The agonized look on the faces of this character's parents alone will haunt you for weeks.
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