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½ April 26, 2014
When several members of the GraveDiggers outlaw motorcycle club are murdered, Sydney detective Stone (Ken Shorter) is sent to investigate. Led by the Undertaker (Sandy Harbutt), a Vietnam war veteran, the GraveDiggers allow Stone to pose as a gang member. Leaving behind society girlfriend Amanda (Helen Morse), Stone begins to identify with the Undertaker and his comrades Hooks (Roger Ward), Toad (Hugh Keays-Byrne), Dr Death (Vincent Gil), Captain Midnight (Bindi Williams), Septic (Dewey Hungerford) and Vanessa (Rebecca Gilling), the Undertaker's girlfriend. Amid violent confrontations with the Black Hawks, a rival gang the GraveDiggers hold responsible, Stone uncovers a political conspiracy behind the killings. When the truth is revealed, Stone must choose between his job and his loyalty to the GraveDiggers...

"Stone" is a 1974 Australian cultfilm produced and directed by Sandy Harbutt. It was a low budget movie, written by Sandy Harbutt and Michael Robinson. The movie was a very successful box-office hit at the box-office in Australia when theatrically released in 1974. Reportedly, this movie went into profit within six months of its Australian theatrical debut in mid 1974. A number of the cast from this movie appeared later in the similar Australian cult movie Mad Max (1979). This included actors Hugh Keays-Byrne, Roger Ward, Vincent Gil, David Bracks and Reg Evans. "Stone" is somewhat considered a precursor to the mentioned Mad Max (1979). David Stratton states in his book 'The Last New Wave' that this movie " . . . bears many similarities to the [later] Mad Max (1979) and is, in a sense, its forerunner. Both deal with anti-social bikie gangs, both have as their title protagonist a policeman who is as rough as the criminals he's trying to capture, both feature characters with bizarre names . . . ". Even DVD releases of this movie have boasted a tagline suggesting this: "Before MAD MAX and THE ROAD WARRIOR There Was STONE". I saw this movie in the early 80s and I liked it then and when re-seeing it now my opinion hasnīt changed. Itīs not as good as "Mad Max", but within the low budget structure and at times the pretty dynamic filming "Stone" has something that hooks you to the story and the strange unlikeable characters straight away. Itīs gritty, raw, violent and has a lot of anti social behaviour, but at the same time you have the wish for personal freedom that makes up one of the strong pillars of the film. And I love the shooting of the bike riding scenes in the middle of the movie. Very nice.
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February 21, 2013
Easy Rider is considered the greatest biker film ever made and it is definitely a classic. However if you're looking for the ultimate biker movie, Stone is definitely the one to watch. Brilliantly acted and directed, this movie gave audiences a true taste of the biker underworld. This is a raw, gritty masterwork of Exploitation cinema at its best. This is a taut, exciting and thrilling movie that is a definite must see for any film fan looking for a true biker movie. This is a well acted movie of which the filmmakers, I hear asked real Hells Angels to act in their movie to give that authentic feel, and you really get that vibe throughout while watching the film. Director Sandy Harbutt direction is terrific and he crafts a solid, well paced and exciting picture that is a must see for fans who are looking for a raw and in your face 1970's action picture. The film looks dated, nonetheless it is a classic of Australian cinema, and many have claimed that it was the precursor to other Aussie actioner such as Mad Max and Midnight Spares. This is an engaging movie that remains more thrilling than several movies of today. I've seen plenty of low budget Exploitation action movies and I have to say that Stone is an accomplished movie that remains an iconic movie in the genre. This is a film that also boasts some brilliantly directed scenes including the Biker funeral scene and the start of movie, which is very impressive. This is not a film that is recognized for its acting, but rather for its sheers raw energy that tears across the screen. Truly a film that redefined Aussie cinema and one that helped broaden the genre into new territory.
½ February 2, 2012
I loved Sandy Harbutts and Hugh Keays Byrnes performance in this..It is a great movie and one of my favorites
½ January 22, 2012
A cop goes undercover in a biker gang to find out who is slowly assassinating them one by one, but is it really 'undercover' of you tell them you're a cop and are just there to protect them?

It's an interesting bit of Ozploitation, happy to have had a chance to check it out.

Worth a rental.
½ November 1, 2011
I recently revisited this Australian cult classic.Considering this movie was made in 1974, it certainly was groundbreaking drama at the time. Sandy Harbutt impresses both as the Director and in his role as The Undertaker.
October 26, 2011
Classic Aussie biker flick picturing an outlaw MC from Sydney trying to figure who's killing their members. The story speeds on when an undercover cop and amateur tennis player with a university degree joins them in order to find the killer. Nice!
½ January 11, 2011
Didn't see that coming now, did you???
April 13, 2010
Early Austrialian biker film made years before Mad Max is a nice addition to a genre that is usually below average. Members of a biker gang are being picked off and a cop decides to go undercover posing as a member of the gang. After a while the cop becomes immeresed into the gang and the question left is where is his loyality to the bikers or the cops. Filled with the par of biker antics does have a good deal of wild stunts and surprisingly gory.
½ January 28, 2010
Scrappy Oz biker pic gets almost everything- action, attitude, cast, pace, gang ethos- right... except its barely convincing lead.
½ November 8, 2009
I loved Sandy Harbutts and Hugh Keays Byrnes performance in this..It is a great movie and one of my favorites
November 4, 2009
An Australian 70s exploitation classic, coming in at film #48 of 70, this was viewed at the very tail end of a very long day, Day 5 was a killer! I can't say the best viewing at 1am in the morning is to throw on a classic piece of Ozploitation, but it had to be done. Had some really interesting shots throughout but for the most part was as cheap and tawdry as you'd come to expect from this type and vintage of cinema. What should you expect when watching any type of exploitation cinema - well, you can at least bank on guns and boobs. You are almost gauranteed both, in some cases in the very same frame, Stone is no exception to the rule. Always fun watching an Australian film from the 70s and 80s if not for the sole reason to laugh ironically at the accents and some of the phrases - and the liberal usage of the F word which is a delight. Isn't it funny how 30 years ago, we seemed to be a lot more cutting edge in relation to film and television, I mean a lot of the stuff churned out back then was commonplace and would shock and embarrass most if it were peddled these days (a great example is full frontal male nudity - almost a pre-requisite in the 70s and now, it might get you an X-rating. Equal opportunity nude scenes people...everyone should have the fair and equitable right to get their gear off on camera. In fact, I think my next film is going to feature a little nudity, just for the hell of it.
½ September 3, 2009
long drawn out biker movie with occasional halusegenic vision! occasional violence ,sex, language ,drugs, waddya expect its an aussie grind-sploitation movie all the girls have names that would make feminists turn red with anger! some of the characters are interesting , and some of the drug scenes are bad on the eyes it just blurs and twists the screen , its like easyrider but more in your face .....
November 28, 2008
Good old 70's bike fun. the best line in the movie was (who ever got you is gunner get got too!)
½ September 13, 2008
Good Aussie CULT movie
August 10, 2008
one of the best bike movies around,
August 6, 2008
My fist Biker-movie:-)
August 3, 2008
Things I learned from this movie

Sidecars make great hearses.

Satanic Funerals are really lame, tho, somewhat loud.

Pros use crossbows. A what?!! A CROSS BEW!

Scene around the pinball machine with the arrow bolt sticking up at 28 minutes in is priceless.

"Being a criminal means being against pigs, and that means strict one jacket one vote democracy. you dig, pig?"

Satanic Ear piercing and wardrobe ceremonies are really lame too.

why wouldn't david letterman give toad a kiss?

Conspiracies can only happen in semi-dark rooms and in large lapel suits.


"its particular, but when you have been conditioned into believing something and you blow it - i mean you really blow it - you get this incredible sense of shame, its funny, because you can always recognize fellow travelers. And when you ride bikes, man, I mean when you REALLY ride bikes, I suppose its inevitable." - Dr. Death.

awww. toady was frightened of gettin a kickin.

I thought the movie should have ended with the blood on the angel, but then I am a satanist.
May 23, 2008
help me where can i get a copy of this movie..... been tryin to find it for years but no luck....... watched it when i was a kid thought it great..... hope it still good now
May 18, 2008
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May 10, 2008
Def. a 70's movie. YOU gotta love it. Those bikes were sweet Kawaz Z900's . I wish I could find one in good condition.
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