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September 7, 2017
An odd science fiction film that still doesn't completely make sense to me. It got better as it went on, but I wouldn't call it a classic by any means. It's mind-bending and interesting to see once. (First and only viewing - 9/3/2017)
August 4, 2017
Really disappointed with this movie, given the high rating I found here. The acting is over the top, and the plot confusing - very art house. I found the relationship between Cole & Railly totally implausible which stopped me from really caring about the characters.
½ August 1, 2017
Interesting premise, fine acting and a very different take on the post apocalyptic genre, but it works very well.
½ July 10, 2017
Bruce Willis' finest, and surprisingly great, performance as a violent brute with a vulnerable, noble heart gives us Gilliam's most identifiable hero, add to this a great time travel plot that explores destiny and determinism, Brad Pitt's memorable debut and a sweet love story and you have all the ingredients for a great slice of sci-fi.
July 9, 2017
It's taken me 22 years to properly watch this movie, like most of Terry Gillian's films it's a challenge. But I think it might well be a work of genius, a compelling, jumbled sci fi love story. Who could want for more?
½ July 5, 2017
I remembered this as being really good?! It's an absolute mess with a super annoying performance from Brad Pitt chucked in for good measure. Miles too long and loads of the annoying Gilliam universe stuff, I mean some people love all that but personally I find it really grating.
June 18, 2017
This movie is over the top, strange and disturbing. Brad Pitts performance is unique in this flick. This movie is really worth to see !
May 20, 2017
Terrifyingly dystopian in the most fun way possible. Terry Gilliam's signature wide angle close-ups place us right inside the fear-filled world of "12 Monkeys," and the phenomenal performances and bleak humor carry us through what is possibly the best time travel film of all time. And not only is it a great film about time travel, it actually follows the time travel rules it sets for itself! It doesn't abandon logic twenty minutes in, the screenwriters actually made sure to keep everything accurate and appropriate and logical for what it establishes. It's smart, it's funny, it's thrilling and it's probably Gilliam's best film, I really enjoyed it.
May 15, 2017
Pitt's best performance to date.
May 11, 2017
A little unusual, but entertaining story with a great cast.
½ April 23, 2017
This movie is quite interesting in the paradoxes that it introduces and thrilling in the suspense of how it all plays out, even if you know the end from the beginning. Predestination fiction as a sci-fi mind-bending thriller worth every second.
April 16, 2017
weird ass film. Didn't understand what was going on
½ April 10, 2017
Jennifer just watched this with me for the first time.
½ April 4, 2017
Science Fiction has always been my favorite movie genre. I love seeing the imagination in movies of the genre and many of my favorite films are science fiction movies. This movie has everything which I think is mandatory in time travel movies. It has a great plot which gets you interested in its story line, it has great imagination, and a slightly complex story which requires a couple repeat viewings so you can understand and enjoy the movie more.

In the year 1996, a deadly virus wipes out all humanity and the few survivors live underground to avoid becoming sick themselves. In hopes of finding a cure to the virus, a prisoner named James Cole is sent back in time in order to find a group of people called "The Army of the Twelve Monkeys" who are believed to have started the virus. However, he is sent to the year 1990 by mistake and he meets a few people from that time period who may be able to help him complete his task.

What makes this film so good is that while it can be complex at some times, it keeps you interested and it makes the viewer want to come back for more. The ending kept me thinking about what it meant long after viewing it and I wanted to watch it again after I watched it for my first time. Also, I did like it a lot more on my second viewing. The movie isn't really too complex up until the end, but it does feel a lot different on your second viewing. Also, the airport flashbacks keep on feeling more important every time they are shown. On your second viewing, they have a greater impact on you as you are already aware of what the purpose of them is.

Also, the ending to this film is very well-done. I honestly did not expect that the film was going to end like how it did and it pleasantly surprised me. I'm sure that some were able to predict the ending if they paid close attention to the airport flashbacks, but I didn't notice it because the camera movements during those scenes were really disorienting. Also, the sequences are really hypnotic so it makes it kind of hard to get a clear view of what's happening. When I first watched the movie, I thought that the scene was meant to show numerous people dying from the outbreak since many other people in the background were laying on the floor.

Also, the visuals and production design is up to notch. The unusual camera angles can be impressive at times at hiding big parts to the film (this works exceptionally well in the ending). There are also cleverly timed zooms which demonstrate how small and insignificant our protagonists are. Gilliam's execution in some of these scenes are perfect and they profoundly always win out. Also, the movie does a very great job with the scenes which take place in the future. The scenes which take place in the future feel very top notch and the set design looks high-tech enough to make you convinced that this is actually what the future will look like. Also, the scene where you see how the city above them looks abandoned is pretty good as it looks like the earth has actually been left to rot for several decades.

The performances in Twelve Monkeys are all pretty well-done. Bruce Willis gives his finest performance yet as he displays sensitivity and emotional depth which is not only believable, but it makes the audience aware of his suffering and struggle to find a cure to the virus. Madeleine Stowe manages to show frenzy and energy in her performance without ever overcooking or overdoing it. Those 2 actors carried the movie excellently, but the actor who steals the show is Brad Pitt. He is amazing because he manages to play a convincingly insane and crazy role without ever seeming the slightest bit annoying and he never overacts or overstays his welcome.

Of course, Twelve Monkeys is not for everyone and it isn't perfect. It may be too choppy or jumbled together for some people's tastes. Also, it may take a few viewings for you to be fully entertained by it. However, no movie is objectively perfect and it's easy to overlook these flaws if you run into them. If you're not too impressed with it on your first viewing, you should consider watching it a second time because if you do, you will be in for a great treat which is what happened to me when I re-watched it.

In conclusion, Twelve Monkeys is an outstanding science fiction film which isn't too overly-complicated, but complicated enough to make your 2nd viewing of it feel a lot better and engaging. It also has great acting and great cinematography which convinces you that you are actually in the time periods that the movie takes place in. If you're a huge fan of Christopher Nolan or other complicated films, you will like this movie. There are very few things, if anything, wrong with it and in my opinion, it is one of the best films from the 90's.
March 24, 2017
Amazing sci-fi that makes you think what will happen next.
March 21, 2017
Brilliant movie with Brad Pitt at his finest. This movie was a cult classic as soon as it came out. Highly recommended for those who appreciate the dystopian genre. Involves time travel and a very well put together storyline as well as great acting from Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeline Stowe.
½ March 19, 2017
When we see a time where it all began that changes everything about the future. When we see ourselves in a places, where we are treated like in cages that we need to see to thst we follow procedures while in captivity. When we naturally keen on seeing things deep in art we also oversee in our job when we are psychiatrist. When we don't see what other people see when the facts are all wrong. When we see that they needed to be treated even further. When we meet others and see their point of view we see others blame the system. When we get to see people whom others see where we belong. When we need to make others see when they don't believe the impossible is about to happen. When we see that it is logical in our head but illogical in others. When we see that there are some people more smarter and easier to talk to then others. When we see that we everyone is crazy. When we see a way out to only come up cornered. When we see that some problems need extra eyes on. When we can't see how some people escape. When we see a time that we are sent to along ago and in the future to know what they mean. When we need to see some people for help.When we see ourselves in the news when we are wanted. When all we see are clues in our memory that takes closer to where we need to go. When we see that we are able to put two and two together and find some truth in what we see. When we some things we mention we can recall and see. When we believe what we are seeing is unreal that we begin to accept we are crazy. When we begin to see the impossible and start to believe. When we see what we continue to replay in our head. When the vary thing we see is the window to what others see to give hope that we could change the future when we only got 1 chance but don't know what to look for before it's too late. When we see there is no hope to predicting such outcomes when the vary thought of seeing through time to change futures is impossible.
February 12, 2017
I almost got it. :-( I w as understanding the individual threads with each time travel, but couldn't weave it together in the end... BUMMER.
January 31, 2017
one of the greatest movies of all time in my personal opinion. I saw it young, would say like 7 and it has influenced my imagination and artwork in so many ways. True best sci-fi/cyberpunk movie. Gritty 90s version and the way its shot is just a dream.
½ January 23, 2017
A beautiful and yet gritty sci-fi tale with a cinematic and enthralling ending. I will now join the Sci-fi cult classic fans.
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