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15 Minutes

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As critical as it is about sensationalism in the media, 15 Minutes itself indulges in lurid violence, and its satire is too heavy-handed to be effective.



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An action drama centering on the media circus, 15 Minutes focuses on a New York homicide detective named Eddie Flemming (Robert De Niro), a famous figure known for his heroic on-the-job manner. A tabloid news anchor (Kelsey Grammer) attempts to get the scoop on Flemming's latest beat when a pair of Eastern European criminals (Karel Roden and Oleg Taktarov) find a way to manipulate the media by filming their exploits, which they believe they can sell to bloodthirsty journalists and make themselves rich. In the wake of a double murder, Flemming teams up with Jordy Warsaw (Edward Burns), an arson investigator assigned to help locate the murderous pair. Meanwhile, Flemming must contend with his news reporter girlfriend Nicolette (Melina Kanakaredes) as he and Jordy find themselves enveloped in a lurid series of events that threatens to jeopardize their safety. Kim Cattrall, Avery Brooks, and Vera Farmiga are also featured in the cast.


Robert De Niro
as Eddie Fleming
Edward Burns
as Jordy Warsaw
Kelsey Grammer
as Robert Hawkins
Avery Brooks
as Leon Jackson
Melina Kanakaredes
as Nicolette Karas
Karel Roden
as Emil Slovak
John DiResta
as Bobby Korfin
Kim Cattrall
as Cassandra
Oleg Taktarov
as Oleg Razgul
Vera Farmiga
as Daphne Handlova
James Handy
as Capt. Duffy
Darius McCrary
as Tommy Cullen
Bruce Cutler
as Himself
Charlize Theron
as Rose Hearn
Christine Claibourne
as Maggie's Assistant
Joe Lisi
as Police Captain
Louis F. Garcia
as Fire Chief
Mike Camello
as Fireman Camello
Tygh Runyan
as Stephen Geller
Barry Blueian
as Immigration Supervisor
Ritchie Coster
as Newsstand Vendor
Ashton Dane
as Talkshow Father
Gail Greaves
as Talk Show Wife
Bobby Fields
as Talk Show Son
Anton Yelchin
as Boy in Burning Building
Lynette Ruiz
as Sketch Artist
Kurt Andon
as Pizza Man
Rikki J. Klieman
as Daphne's Lawyer
Kata Dobó
as Redhead at Ludwig's
Elma Vann
as Linda
Olga Morgounova
as Escort Service Woman
Dorit Sauer
as Escort Service Woman
Hiak Garibyan
as Emigrant
Marco Kahn
as Emigrant
Toni Kalem
as Woman at Planet Hollywood
Lennox Brown
as Lookout Guy
George Poulos
as Greek Waiter
Peter Arnett
as Himself
Bryan Foster
as Hawkins' Cameraman
Alan Cohen
as Hawkins' Sound Man
Spiros Stamboulis
as Nicolette's Cameraman
Barry Primus
as Cab Driver
Julieta Espinoza
as Unique's Girlfriend
Macy Merced
as Paramedic
Tracey Mulqueen
as Paramedic
Scotty Dillin
as Battery Park Policeman
Dominic Maylione
as Police Officer
Ron Wall
as Police Officer
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Audience Reviews for 15 Minutes

  • Jul 03, 2011
    Interesting film but the overall story is a little thin
    Brendan N Super Reviewer
  • Jul 12, 2010
    15 Minutes is a piece of crap. This film was boring, uninspired garbage, some cast members were very bad, and couldn't act for shit. I'm refering to Karel Rode, terrible actor. I also feel that Deniro was misplaced in this. Almost every actor tries his best to elevate this piece of shit film, but to no avail. With terrible actors such as Roden, this film doesn't elevate itself out of it's mediocrity level. It worsens. 15 Minutes was a terrible film, one to avoid.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jul 05, 2010
    The underlying "message" of 15 Minutes is that everyone wants what the title suggests - fifteen minutes of fame. Robert De Niro did a phenomenal job. He plays veteran New York City detective Eddie Flemming (Robert De Niro), who enjoys a certain celebrity due to the fact that many of his cases have been featured on `Top Story,' the `news' show hosted by Robert Hawkins (Kelsey Grammer). The bad guys did a pretty good job playing two psychos who plan on videotaping a murder and selling it to be shown on TV. They know the unethical TV anchorman that will buy their movie, now they just need a high-profile target. And they plan to get off on an insanity plea. The point of the film is to satirize our cultural obsession with violence and celebrity, whereby people will do anything to become famous. The usually suave Kelsey Grammer is sleazy and smarmy as a low life TV station manager willing to do anything for the story and a video tape of a murder.
    Deb S Super Reviewer
  • Jul 05, 2010
    A very good murder-thriller. A fantastic satire. Admittedly, it's probably not for everybody, but if you love a good thriller, you can't go wrong with "15 Minutes".
    John M Super Reviewer

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