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July 29, 2016
Good movie. Well acted. Lots of story.
July 3, 2016
One of the best movies ever made for people who want something intelligent yet pop, dramatic yet comedic, effortless yet heartfelt. Extremely easy to watch, yet still exceptionally well written and literate. A must watch.
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June 22, 2016
One of the best "music movies" ever made and one of my favorite movies of all time. It must've been pretty easy for Cameron Crowe to write this film as it is loosely based on his experiences as a young writer on the road with the Allman Brothers Band in the 1960s-1970s. Film has arguably one of the best assembled soundtracks of all time. Billy Crudup is amazing as guitarist Russell Hammond and Jason Lee, who is known more for comedic roles, turns in an excellent dramatic performance as well. This movie is a must see even if you aren't a huge music fan as it is also an excellent coming-of-age film as well.
½ June 19, 2016
Almost Famous is everything. An enjoyable ride, a fun story, a tribute to 70s - 80s bands, a tribute to rock and roll, a movie about music journalism, a movie about a growing up and being cool. It makes you think, laugh, it's unexpected and it leaves you with a good taste of mouth. I didn't particularly like Kate Hudson's character, but not because I think she should be different, but in the sense she acted really annoying like she was supposed to and thus was very successful.
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½ June 17, 2016
It is almost impossible not to fall in love with this wonderful autobiographical delight that has a wonderful soundtrack - oh man, isn't the soundtrack just wonderful! - and a wonderful ensemble cast that makes everything so funny, sweet, moving and tremendously charming.
June 16, 2016
Heartwarming with great music and fantastic performances.
Shane Sackman
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½ June 13, 2016
It is difficult to pinpoint exactly why this movie works so well, an excellent blend of drama, romance and crisp believable dialogue. The cast is deep and deliver strong performances. A captivating look into rock and roll circa 1970. The film is not really about any one particular theme be it young love, discovery or friendship. It is really more of a trip, a road trip, discovering and probing all of these things and more. I like to think of it as a look into the nature of basic human relationships (in their many forms) tested by the turmoil of sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. Sometimes people do noble things, sometimes selfish thing, but always believable things.

All of these elements create a very warm film that is surprisingly human in its approach. The sound track is also very strong and paired well with each scene. One scene was particularly memorable: a simple sing-a-long on a bus against the back drop of a classic song. Most people have at least one strong memory of this simple true Americana pleasure from their childhood and this scene taps into that emotion.

This was, in my humble opinion, Cameron Crowe's last really strong movie after a number of hits (including Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Say Anything and Singles). These movies all share a common bond in that they were crafted with care, attention and a sharp eye for detail creating engrossing time capsules of these time periods (or places) and the social relationships of the characters.

My small critique of this film, and most of Crowe's work, is that he can be heavy handed with the sitcom one-liners. While some of these lines pay off really well, others are a bit jarring.
June 5, 2016
May 28, 2016

Nikki's house

Nikki Oberholtzer
May 24, 2016
With a story that draws you in instantly, supported by a great ensemble of performances and calm, controlled directing style to handle the this wild story, Cameron Crowes part fiction part autobiographical picture, Almost Famous is a great coming of age tale and a great film at that.
May 22, 2016
This movie will make you hug and love yourself while you're watching it, even if you hate yourself.
½ May 20, 2016
Watched this movie again. I had forgotten what a great movie this was and enjoyed Cameron Crowe's adventures as a teenage rock journalist. Sometimes its fun to look at the older movies again (2000).
½ May 18, 2016
A captivating coming of age drama about growing up, finding yourself, and chasing your dreams. Paints a great picture of the culture and lifestyle of rock and rollers of the late 60s and early 70s.
½ May 15, 2016
One of my favorites, without doubts. One of the reasons why i'm studying journalism today
May 7, 2016
It is everything we love about music.
½ April 19, 2016
A suberb cast, strong script, and warm-heart allow 'Almost Famous' to live up its (quite substantial) level of hype.

A classic rock n' roll film mixed with a complex teen drama/romance- 'Almost Famous' hits all of the right spots and never wastes a minute of its 2 hour runtime. It feels legitimate, both aesthetically, as well as emotionally and it works perfectly well as a coming-of-age flick and a drama. Further, it has some laughs to keep you going and, overall, it just manages to be a sweet film without being sickening. There's a nostalgia that surrounds this whole movie, so much so that I doubt I'll ever forget when I watched it. I look forward to watching it ten years from now and being nostalgic of when I first saw it.

It may bore those who aren't particularly passionate about the music industry, but it still has enough interesting and complex characters to be worth anyone's time.
April 16, 2016
This was my favorite film for years after I saw it. It is pure magic. It is insufficient to call it an all-time coming of age, adventure or rock movie. It is a wondrous evocation of an extended moment, a living reflection of a dream (if you will) seen through starry eyes. It is an imagining and depiction of the beautiful futility of finding and holding on to a moment and its afterglow, the sustain after the guitar solo, or if you will, the empty auditorium. And finally, the clarity to let it be a wrinkle in time.

Cameron Crowe did something here no one else could do or will do. More than any other respected filmmaker, he fearlessly dances with sentimentality, striving for poignance, even if it ends up as schmaltz. This has yielded uneven results in his prior catalogue, but In Almost Famous, it is always the former and never the latter. He dares to find innocent love, of more than one variety, at the peak of 70's rock and roll greatness, before all that was left was druggy burnout. He dares to make the most easily caricatured fixture, the groupie (err....bandaid), a stunning embodiment of vulnerability, confusion, curiosity and sparkle. Penny Lane, brought to incandescent life by Kate Hudson, is one of the all-time great characters in cinema, because she is everything she appears to be yet so much more. That is the secret to the indelible characters in this movie. They seem like flesh and blood visions of the mythical haze of early 70's rock culture, which they are, but they're also earthy and recognizable, in their hopes and vulnerabilities.

This movie is a lovely paean to the pop-American experience, a snapshot of the collective trip of 70's rock culture as a vision of the American Dream, mythical yet frozen in memory, yearned for and felt if never entirely realized.
February 21, 2016
Truly sincere and lovingly made. You can feel how personal this movie was to Crowe.
February 20, 2016
"Man, we're just not cool. But do you think any of the greats got their by being cool?"

This movie coming of age film about a teen who got to go on a tour with a band, AND get too write about them for Rolling Stones Magazine was phenomenal.
It contains amazing performances from the leads, excellent dialogue, and an amazing soundtrack that fits in perfectly. By far my favorite movie. Bravo Cameron Crowe, bravo.
½ February 17, 2016
Back to 70's, olipas hyvä ja sympaattinen bändileffa! <3 (y) (Suom. Melkein julkkis)
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