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November 2, 2017
I mean, why are you watching this? Do you want a serious creature feature with great special effects? Look elsewhere. Do you want to laugh at a ridiculous series of bumbling characters and terrible special effects? Welcome to Anaconda, hopefully you've got buns
½ September 2, 2017
Jennifer Lopez leads a documentary film crew down the Amazon River to study an elusive and legendary Indian tribe. What they end up encountering are a whole lot of snakes (both literal and figurative). Jon Voight hams it up to the hilt as the backstabbing local Paul Sarone to a limited amount of effect. There are a few jolts here and there with the creature features but the special effects are stunted and the end is so over-the-top that it diminishes the impact that it could have made on the creature feature genre.
½ August 2, 2017
so many people died, really horrible to see Paul in snake saliva:(
June 19, 2017
Excellent movie. Terrific job by John Voight imitating a New Orleans accent! Bravo! He really made the movie with those facial gestures and accent lol!
½ June 11, 2017
I think the people who see this as second-hand Jaws are missing a point about Voight's amazing performance - the religious element is something that is completely missing from Jaws. Unfortunately they mention the Devil in Anaconda, and Voight gets the cheesy line "there's a devil in all of us", and this is all a blunder: - he is truly a man of god AND the devil, and we should be able to work this out for ourselves. So maybe it has more in common with Moby Dick than with Jaws. Yeah, there are some naff SFX, but I watch this flick every time it's on.
June 4, 2017
Filled with now recognizeable faces, but totally out of control..."Anaconda" is that sad atempt of a monster movie that did have an exciting idea, but that grounded it all on forgotten cliches, you already thought were eatin up, even during the 90s.
March 26, 2017
To be honest, I really love this movie. Anaconda is a horror film that not a lot of people pay attention to condering that it's a very underrated horror film, but I fell in love with this movie the first time I saw it and it inspired me in so many ways.
February 6, 2017
It's good movie to watch
December 10, 2016
Ice Cube, Jennifer Lopez, Jon Voight, Owen Wilson, and Jonathan Hyde star in one of the most insane movies ever! An instant classic for everyone!
September 19, 2016
Like Jaws, but with a giant snake. Set in the Amazon jungle instead of a seaside town.
September 2, 2016
2 stars not because it possesses any technically quality properties (save for maybe some pretty postcards of the jungle), but because it's so aggressively stupid it's good for a few laughs.
July 10, 2016
Great movie overall, great acting and story
Super Reviewer
June 20, 2016
Decent "monster action" film. Pretty sure not too many people knew about these huge jungle snakes until this film came out. Surprised to see Jon Voight in this one, but he does a great job as the "old creepy boat guy." Action is decent and acting around the snake is okay, but at times the effects for the CGI snakes is pretty much crap.
June 17, 2016
It was a enjoyable monster flick. The plot was basic but it had a great cast of actors. The special effects haven't aged well but it was still a fun movie.
June 8, 2016
hoaky, but sceery. I liked it. terrible reviews
April 30, 2016
Anaconda (1997) ???
Hokey but enjoyable creature feature complete with beautiful locations, clunky special effects, amusing Jon Voight performance, and at least a few good scares. Film crew travel to Amazon where one of their team takes control and forces them to capture a mega reptile. A memo to the many critics and audiences who panned this movie: It ain't supposed to be Hamlet. Followed by three sequels.
½ April 9, 2016
Okay, I kinda like this one. It's far away from a clever film, but it's a simple and fairly solid action adventure flick with a decent cast that really know how to inhabit their one dimensional characters. Nobody seems to be under the illusion that their making a serious film, so they play it big and broad ... especially Jon Voight, who miraculously leaves some of the set intact. My one serious complaint is the CGI snake, which looks awful, but is at least used sparingly. I don't know how to dislike a film that has a snake spitting up Voight's half digested corpse, which then winks at Jennifer Lopez.
½ February 21, 2016
Absolutely ridiculous in every sense of the word.. but oh man is it entertaining.
February 16, 2016
It's not the type of movie you enjoy for what they attend it to be it is stupid silly the movie is funny because it's over serious tone John voight is the best part of the film giving an amazingly over the top performances almost at the level of nick cage
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