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½ June 22, 2016
Don't watch this boring piece of shit, it will bore you to tears, there are no scares, no surprises, NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL.
June 17, 2011
After just about everyone putting negative comments I was suprised about this film, The acting was good the story was ok, Not many scary bits and the ending could been done better but I enjoyed the short ride.
April 23, 2016
The biggest problem with this movie is that the "found footage" genre has been done to death at this point which turns most people off to this film. Also seeing it like a home movie does get rather annoying after a while and it does go at a slow pace. For the most part this movie is really tailored toward those who have an active interest in the Apollo space program and NASA as well as any conspiracy theories that goes with it. If you don't fit into that group you really won't like this film. That and moon rock monsters is kinda ridiculous to most.
April 20, 2016
Not my favorite scary movie, nor is it the scariest, but it is quite thought-provoking.
April 8, 2016
The found footage genre is loathed by many people, honestly I can see why. I don't agree with that sentiment, but the shaky camera work, low quality in film, and almost always predictable endings are a big turn off for many. However, I have found myself enjoying many movies within this genre for various reasons. Sometimes a story can suck you in, other times, it's the characters. Apollo 18 has none of those things.

The story is predictable, even by found footage standards and the characters bland. Really nothing new or interesting is offered up and without even watching it, you know exactly what to expect. Which is, shaky cam or not, the worst sin a movie can commit.
½ March 16, 2016
Trailer way better than the actual movie in my opinion. Apollo 18 consists on a silly plot with hardly any suspense making it very boring to watch. To add to that, the movie was filmed with an old fashioned 1960s camera making it annoyingly unclear.
March 10, 2016
This movie was a bit boring, but I actually didn't completely hate it and found it pretty interesting at times
March 2, 2016
I really liked this movie, so glad I never decide if I will see a movie or not based on the reviews, glad to see something different than all those blockbuster hits directed towards the sheeple.
February 22, 2016
I was really excited when this movie came out. And I think overall the story was really good idea. Good idea, not so good execution of the idea. It would've been great as a regular directed movie rather than the 1st person 'Blair Witch' style. Just tell the story normally. Had they done that, it would've been much much better. I actually think the concept was a home run. They just missed.
August 22, 2011
May as well have been titled "Extraterrestrial Activity". The movie simply recycles what it knows has been good before, but doesn't know why it was good to begin with. What a dud.
½ February 1, 2016
Erie and quite intense.
May 23, 2015
BORING AND STUPID!!!! Waste of time!!
½ September 21, 2015
This movie was $4 at Target and I figured night as well buy it instead of rent it at that price. I'll prolly drop it off at goodwill because I'll never watch this movie again. I gave it a chance. Really hard to follow with long drawn out boringness
½ November 24, 2015
Apollo 18 does not scare you or set an intense mood, but rather makes you try to make sense of the garbage rolling across your screen. The only time I jumped was when a rock exploded but that was it.
½ November 17, 2015
This film is generally "accurate" in its consistency with how the lunar missions were carried out, in terms of proper NASA-speak and spacecraft layout. However, these two things by themselves are so heavily relied upon to carry out the story that it becomes mechanical and plodding to anyone not already deeply learned in the Apollo missions.
This film has a good idea behind it, with solid fears rising from being stranded on the moon, abandonment in secrecy by the government running the operation, being overrun by mysterious elusive creatures, to the hopes of returning home only to have them dashed completely.
Unfortunately, its execution was more than lackluster, with hurried character development and unnecessarily lengthy suspense-building for relatively boring outcomes.
Worth a watch for fans of early spaceflight, not so much otherwise.
October 11, 2014
Yeah sure, it has its share of problems, such as trying to hoodwink the audience into believing that this is a real found footage film,(guys, do you honestly think we're that stupid!? Please!)But, I really enjoyed it despite that!
October 24, 2015
A pesar de su falta de originalidad y pesadez en la narración, "Apollo 18", en algunos momentos, entretiene.
October 13, 2015
This movie has a creepy atmosphere, but is a bore and lacks suspense.
½ December 28, 2011
Realmente no era lo q esperaba
September 7, 2011
Yet another unsuccessful attempt at disguising weak film-making as found footage for an easy studio cash-in. [C-]
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