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September 6, 2017
Wednesday night movie... I like Basquiat's work ....A lot of big stars in the movie including Bowie, Christopher Walken, Willem Dafoe, Benicio Del Toro ....
May 26, 2017
Hate to burst any of your pretentious bubbles, but Basquiat was a no-talent junkie whose "art" was nothing more that drug-induced grafitti, like particularly childish vandalism. Andy Warhol was another such dull, overrated hack on the 1970s and 80s New York "art scene," glorified by adoring and equally-untalented groupies with more money and drugs than brains. Granted, Warhol acquired a few actual mundane pre-press production skills in his short life, while Basquiat remained what he always was: an unskilled, uninspired maker of messes. Surprisingly, this biopic portrays Basquiat and Warhol as they actually were: Vacant, vacuous, and void. Which makes for a particularly shallow flick that does not glorify the "legends" so much as throws them under the bus.
February 19, 2017
Intriguing and stylish but ultimately it's too sad to be enjoyable. I would have appreciated a closer look at his artwork. Best bits are when David Bowie is on screen playing Andy Warhol quite brilliantly.
January 6, 2017
A compelling and almost psychedelic story of an iconic artist's rise and fall that fittingly is a work of art itself.
October 24, 2016
Love how they nail Warhol and use Hopper to maximum effect in a CREEPY offbeat way.
½ September 19, 2016
as obviously flawed and ham-handed as it is, i still sort of love this movie. the general story and the factual esotericia sprinkled throughout overrides most of the awkwardness. showed it to the kids this weekend, which worked out much better than I feared.
June 4, 2016
One of the more unique films I've seen; it's a movie about an artist and art in general, that genuinely feels like art.
May 25, 2016
Una mirada de cerca a un genio del arte. Hay que verla por David Bowie en el papel del iconico Andy Warhol.
May 14, 2016
awesome bio-pic of sorts of the talented artist played spot on by Jeffrey Wright
½ January 25, 2016
Oh, the 90s. A time when being insufferably self-righteous about your art in lieu of all else was the only way to be. "Basquiat" over simplifies some very human issues in favor of deifying the plight of the struggling artist. A ham-fisted and emotionally simplistic takedown of fame and success. Bowie and Del Toro are great, though.
Super Reviewer
January 11, 2016
Basquiat the movie has such a great cast telling the story of my favourite artist of all time. The best thing is that a lot of the actors knew Basquiat, Warhol and the other characters in real life, so you know you?re getting an authentic portrayal of real events! Brilliant!
½ April 27, 2015
Wright carries this film and he carries it well.
April 8, 2015
Shallow, disappointing treatment with great cameos and supporting roles; as with other American biopics, seems to be obsessed with the process of becoming famous, and mostly disinterested in the subject itself or the art world. Just chunks through plot points mechanically without a strong perspective. I understand this director hasn't done many films like this but it reminded me of other overrated and horribly underdeveloped films like "Chaplin."
November 9, 2014
A captivating portrait of one of americas greatest artists. David Bowies performances with Dennis Hopper are legendary.
October 26, 2014
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½ March 11, 2014
A compelling tales of my favorite painter with a cast of the artist's friends along for the ride. The transition from rags to riches is evident during the gallery scene where famous spectators move in and old friends seem to deteriorate. Great storytelling that deserved a more elaborate ending.
January 31, 2014
My problem with this movie is art. People rave about what a genius the artists are, but it is so open to interpretation. Seeing the art in the movie I didn't really notice any genius to it. Which made me care less about the character. I found his tragedy no more moving than many I've seen.
January 16, 2014
A good film about the young & unpolished artist Jean Michel Basquiat. It's well done, well acted & beautifully shot. Good film.
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