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½ February 5, 2018
The film isn't the greatest of its kind but there is a creative side of the film that can't be denied. Coscarelli crafted a fun film that deserves the cult status it has achieved since its release. The film kicks off with one truly weird scene but settles afterward and delivers a crazy adventure. The production values look great and knowing the low budget, you can't help be amazed by what was on the screen. They milked every dollar and there is nothing wasted on the screen, the animals are the true stars and the connection is one of the better aspects of the film. This was never going to win awards but it is not a bad film just one film that couldn't balance the sheer creativeness of the storyline. It was a shame the director didn't come back for a second film as the one that was made killed the franchise, relegating it to straight to video status. 01-02-2018.
½ September 27, 2017
Extra goofy, but basic cable couldn't survive without it.
April 12, 2017
This movie is incredibly special to me, I saw it at the cinema many times when I was younger and found it utterly magical and fascinating. As a piece of art it's incredible, there is nothing quite like it. Of all the sword and sorcery films it has the best hero in my opinion. I think the whole film has incredible imagination. Obviously you have to go in with the right expectation, I saw it again recently and I was still impressed and found it really interesting watching it from an older perspective.
March 24, 2017
Total guilty pleasure, but it's one of the stand outs of the long line of Conan ripoffs that came out. The premise is rad, the creatures are cool, rip torn is great in his hammy glory, and Tanya Roberts... oh boy!
February 3, 2017
a great 80s fantasy movie
½ January 6, 2017
true classic fantasy film from the eighties i loved this film as a kid
½ October 6, 2016
un cheveu du statut de nanar
½ August 17, 2016
Oh, those two crazy ferrets! So I watched this film coming hot off a disappointing viewing of "Red Sonja." Adolescent me really did like "Red Sonja" as well as "The Beastmaster" so I was expecting to be disappointed again with this movie. However, this one was still pretty fun. Marc Singer has a flowy mullet. Rip Torn has big villainous eyebrows and a big fake nose. Tanya Roberts wears hardly anything. John Amos also looks good wielding a sword, but I still felt like he was about to scold Jimmy Walker as any moment. The story is a typical Conan story of revenge, with musclebound Singer looking for some payback. The difference with this film is that he uses his animal friends to help him exact his revenge. All of this goofy fun was directed by inventive low budget director Don Coscarelli, who made the classic Phantasm films and other gems like "Bubba Ho-Tep" and "John Dies at the End." Beastmaster was also photographed by John Alcott who was Stanley Kubrick's regular director of photography from "2001: A Space Odyssey" up until Alcott's death before "Full Metal Jacket." Also, according to IMDB, a before-she-was-famous Janet Jones is in the film as "Witchwoman #3"
February 6, 2016
Sexism at its best, fun but not too serious.
½ October 1, 2015
I'd read that this was one of those "Top Ten Films You've Never Seen You Should See" films...and I can certainly see why. It's vast, and for an early 80s fantasy film it doesn't contain too many of those flimsy stop-motion moments you'd expect. But I slept through most of it.
½ September 29, 2015
Thank you TBS! Thank you for showing me this move 500 times! It has some good points, those bat huger people scared the absolute living shit out of me as a kid. The shot of Dar running with his panther at his side is directly where He-Man was stolen from. The black dude who's laughable fighting skills with a staff are hilarious but he still comes off as endearing. The SMOKIN hot redhead! The fact that everything's shot with a static camera so none of the fight scenes come off as realistic, worse than pro wrestling!!
Again, Thank You TBS!
July 30, 2015
I grew up watching this movie and still love it to this day!
½ June 14, 2015
Another film that is part of a lot of our childhood memories. A total "guilty pleasure" film, but what doesn't it have? A master of beasts, a half naked hottie, a sinister Rip Torn, John Amos in S&M gear, a dyed black tiger, a hawk, 2 ferrets, dead kids, more dudes in S&M gear, Bat-like creatures and THE JUNS. A midnight movie of the highest order.
April 26, 2015
Contrary to some critics opinions born of the current CGI age with no imagination, this is quite entertaining and imaginative for its time.
½ April 3, 2015
Epic sword & sorcery journey for Dar who unknowingly fulfills his destiny of killing Maax, the man who deposed his father as ruler. Plenty of entertainment here from start to finish. More than a few calculated risks taken, it's a good thing the Beastmaster's animal friends are reliable.
March 21, 2015
Great movie all the way around!
February 5, 2015
Often it is better to just reminisce about a favorite movie from your childhood rather than re-watch it.

This was one of many Conan the Barbarian imitators and probably one of the better known ones. Re-watching it tonight wasn't torture and I enjoyed it but this is not a good movie.
February 2, 2015
It's always fun to watch... I miss it coming on randomly on TBS or HBO, so I bought it on iTunes, just to have.
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