Beyond Re-Animator Reviews

August 4, 2008
This director's work has varied from the sublime ("The Dentist") to the awful ("Faust"). This lies somewhere in between, more toward the good than the bad.
January 30, 2008
Combs is still cool but the suroundings don't do it for me.
July 13, 2004
February 2, 2004
January 3, 2004
On the bright side, Yuzna brings back special effects maestro Screaming Mad George.
December 31, 2003
[Director Brian] Yuzna is clearly having a lot of fun with this admittedly absurd material, and makes the smart decision of having his actors play things straight.
November 3, 2003
If you ever wanted to see a rodent engaged in a boxing match with a severed zombie penis, then this is the movie for you . . .
October 6, 2003
A tired retread that doesn't maximize on the novelty of its prison setting.
September 12, 2003
Suggests what porn might be like if it existed only to make you feel viciously ill.
August 27, 2003
Incredibly stupid but mercilessly funny.
April 15, 2003
A follow-up that pays homage to its lineage while marking a little new territory of its own.