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½ June 4, 2018
Thoroughly cloying, with a ridiculous surplus of "cute kid" that does not hold up nearly as well as it did back only a few years after Jerry Maguire did it much much better. However! Big Daddy is still significantly more effective than most of Sandler's earlier or later work, thanks mainly to what I would argue is truly his best performance. He's able to marry his heartfelt character with his zany, "ill tempered" character better than he has before or since, which is the best thing about the movie. Otherwise, it has the same problems as the rest: homophobia, racism, sexism, lighthearted sexual assault or harassment, etc.
March 30, 2018
One of the few watchable Adam Sandler films.
March 2, 2018
great humor some of the best days of adam sandler now lets all remember adam sanders crap now
Super Reviewer
January 30, 2018
Rewatched 2017 as part of a big dvd cull.
Half half on whether I like this movie or not.
On the plus side, enjoyed some of the cast including Joey Lauren Adams, Kristy Swanson and Leslie Mann. Plus it's a light 90's comedy. I have been enjoying revisiting those lately.
What I hated - the whole long running "Hooters" gag and the humiliation of strong women by reducing them to a body part. I loathed that. Leslie Mann's character is now a doctor, but because Adam's character finds her unpleasant, she can be cut down to size by a quick reminder of a previous job she had.
Ditto to Kristy Swanson's Vanessa, rejected Adam Sandler, so of course her fate is to mind up in Hooters. Really, really skeezy writing as far as I'm concerned.
I did appreciate that it was fairly accepting of the gay male pair - surprising with that other train wreck Adam Sandler released which was highly offensive and homophobic.
It was also kind of strange that the kid never once pines for or asks about his mother,but again, light comedy, not particularly deep.
The parenting stuff was also pretty gross - peeing on people's shops etc.
I did decide to keep the movie for now as I can't decide if the good out weighs the bad or not. I suspect in the future it will move on.
November 10, 2017
sauce real sauce all sauce not gmo love this movie
½ October 16, 2017
One of my favourite Adam sander films it's very funny and a lot of heart
½ September 24, 2017
Terrible Adam Sandler movie.
½ September 17, 2017
Note that my reviews are primarily targeted towards the movie, not the actors themselves. I didn't dislike Snow White and the Huntsman because Kristen Stewart was in it, despite a sluggish performance from her. Meaning that, being a guy who is a lot nicer towards Adam Sandler than most people, I liked this movie a lot more than I probably should've. I don't blindly hate this movie simply because Sandy Wexler felt more like a torture device to be used on criminals to me than an actual comedy. And this criticism is coming from the same person who liked Little Nicky. While I thought I was going to hate it because protagonist was an asshole, I found myself liking it as the story progressed. The film wasn't ashamed to be crude and since that's kind of my type of humour, I laughed when the movie expected me to laugh. And I give credit towards how in the climax it reverses what the audience usually comes to expect from these types of movies. And Sandler becomes more charming and a more likable father-figure character as the film goes on. If you don't like Big Daddy, fine by me, that's your opinion even if it's a stereotypical "It stars Adam Sandler, therefore it's bad" negative opinion. But Big Daddy helped me forgive Sandler for that Sandy Wexler torture device I sat through OF MY OWN ACCORD a couple of months ago.
½ September 16, 2017
Big Daddy was kind of a let down to me. It just wasn't that funny. There were some jokes that made me laugh but most of them were jokes I had already seen many times. Some of the jokes even seem like they are trying too hard to get you to laugh. Other than that I really liked the cast. I thought Adam Sandler and the Sprouse twins had down good chemistry. I actually got down emotional feelings from this movie. This movie has a good heart. This movie is better than recent Sandler movies but I feel like this movie was the beginning of the end to funny Adam Sandler movies. Overall Big Daddy just isn't that funny. It has a good heart and some good chemistry but that's the only good thing about this movie. C+
May 24, 2017
This would be hilarious if the flamboyant gay couple was not forced into this so called "comedy"!
May 11, 2017
Adam Sandler is a good actor at he is One of my favorite actors. I find him to be good in in most movies and this would be one of them when I saw this movie I was laughing a lot a good movie to enjoy!
April 13, 2017
The favored Comedy gem that I always will cherish.
½ March 31, 2017
"Big Daddy" has its charming moments, but never finds a consistent tone between its manipulative sentimentality and crude humour. Even though its humour sometimes hits and some scenes are lovingly emotional, its attempts at both comedy and drama don't go well together.
March 20, 2017
crap and unfunny. One lesson can be learned from this film: don't have kids if you like Adam Sandler movies as your kids will grow up to be stupid and horrible human beings.
½ March 15, 2017
2017-03-15 missed the first ~half, didn't seem to matter
½ March 14, 2017
You can't go wrong with Adam Sandler he is the man! He makes good movies! It's a funny movie.
February 12, 2017
Very funny with a sweet side. One of my favorite Adam Sandler movies! (First viewing - August 1999 in theaters)
January 1, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ December 26, 2016
however its not pure entertainment its certainly quite funny its at its stupidest, funniest and charming i think it does a good a message about friendship between Sunny and Julian however its not his best or even close to his worst. if you are getting to Adam sandler this one could warm your heart as well as its humor. if it doesn't you might not really like Adam sandler unless you like a diff rent movie of his. although there is better and funnier sandler flicks this one is quite touching. 3 1/2 stars 75%
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