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½ February 14, 2014
Boarding Gate (Olivier Assayas, 2007)

I've been hearing about the wonders of Olivier Assayas for a while now, but never got round to watching one of his films until yesterday. I didn't know Boarding Gate was an Assayas movie, I just cued it up because hey, Asia Argento. Boarding Gate is not the kind of brainless-but-fun action thriller I've been associating with Argento for about fifteen years now (viz. the wonderful Red Siren, for example). That might put some people off; it certainly has based on the movie's current rating at Netflix. I, on the other hand, found it quite a pleasant surprise, a slow-burn talk piece that contains some of the best acting I've seen from some of these principals in many a year.

Plot: Argento plays Sandra, a French expatriate living in China. She is the mistress of Miles (Kill Bill's Michael Madsen) but as we open, Miles is about to give up his old life; he's selling his shares in his high-powered financial firm in order to pay off his debts, retiring, and going back to America with the wife and kids. This includes breaking up with the piece on the side, which leads to two quite extended scenes of nothing but Madsen and Argento talking (and arguing). Miles, however, is not Sandra's only fling, and one of her others is Lester (The Viral Factor's Carl Ng), an import-export professional who moonlights in some shadier business. Sandra goes to him for help in getting rid of Miles permanently; he provides her with the proper tools and tells her that, once it's done, he'll set her up with a new identity and get her out of the country and into Hong Kong before anyone realizes anything is amiss. All seems to be going well, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans.

If the movie has a flaw, it's that it seems to be two different movies grafted onto one another, though I rush to add both are very good and very well-executed. The excruciating extended breakup scenes with Madsen and Argento are sterling; Argento turns in her best work since 1998's b.Monkey, Madsen probably since Reservoir Dogs; in fact, this may be the best performance I've ever seen from him. Once that storyline is...resolved, you've got Sandra-on-the-run, about which I can say very little because the entire plotline is laden with spoilers for the earlier part of the film. It, too, is very good, and the two tie together as pieces of an overarching plot, but thematically they don't quite gel most of the time. They're paced differently, they're different genres (the first half of the film is a drama, the second a thriller), they're about entirely different parts of Sandra's character. That last is not necessarily a bad thing, of course, but they are put together in such a way that Sandra ends up essentially having to rebuild herself as a character. I do have to say that Assayas did come up with an inventive way of making that work, though.

And with all that I have just said, I certainly gave the impression I'm panning this movie, didn't I? I don't mean to, I liked it a great deal. Perhaps it's the fact that I liked it as much as I did that causes me to dwell on its flaws. There is a great deal here to like. The drama part is just spectacular. The thriller part is not as good, but it's still better than probably 75% of the thrillers you've seen out of Hollywood in the past five years. And the conclusion is so very satisfying. Put all that negative stuff I said in the last paragraph aside, as much as you can; it all exists, and you will think about it all once the film is finished, but man, I enjoyed the hell out of this movie, and I think if you like intelligent, slow thrillers, you will too. *** 1/2
November 17, 2013
One line summary: Female agent of crime bosses services her adrenaline addiction while being dogged by treachery.


Sandra and Miles have a long talk about their long, slow dissolve into a permanent breakup. She goes off to work with Sue and Lester Wang. She kills Miles for Lester Wang. Then she's off to yet another gig in Hong Kong under a new identification.

Her friend Lisa goes to Hong Kong as well, but separately. Sandra finally gets to the appointed place, and finds Lisa murdered. Whom to trust? She kills two would-be assassins, then goes on the run.

Sandra talks to Sue, who is also in Hong Kong. Sue says Sandra can meet Lester but Sandra meets Sue instead. They talk about Lester, and his cheating on Sue. They talk as well about Sue's expertise with Beijing versus Lester's being limited to Europe and Hong Kong.

By this time, there is a warrant for Sandra's arrest for her murder of the two assassins she killed. She has no ID that will allow her to fly or register at a hotel. Plus, Sue drugged her. Ah, jealousy.

She awakes in a dwelling that one of Lester's friends owns. She gives Sandra passport, tickets, and money for a trip to Shanghai, where a job awaits her. Lester is not happy with Sue. Sandra sees Lester meet with Andrei, Miles' long time partner. So, she killed Miles for Andrei. Nice. What will she do with this knowledge? Smells like a sequel, but I do not see one in IMDB.


Cinematography: 6/10 A bit blurry and soft in focus for perhaps 80% of the film. The camera work was jumpy for far too many minutes.

Sound: 4/10 Better than the video. However, sound also transmits information; well, sometimes it does. The Netflix version had unacceptable problems. There were dozens of lines in French, with no translation in the subtitles. This was not good. There were five times as many lines in Chinese, also with no English in the subtitles. That was even worse.

Acting: 6/10 I liked the performances of Kelly Lin and Michael Madsen, but Asia Argento was more bizarre than interesting.

Screenplay: 4/10 This is a nice 10 minute short done in 106 minutes. The conversations between Miles and Sandra went on forever. Thirty plus minutes of those conversations could have been cut. The conversations between Sandra and Sue go on forever.
½ September 25, 2013
Terribly disappointing. The acting was horrible, especially from the squinting acrobatics of Michael Madsen who is unbearably miscast. Where was the Brian Eno soundtrack? I hardly heard a note. The only thing that was somewhat tolerable was Asia Argento's capricious performance, full of torrential eroticism and wide-eyed desperation. It isn't perfect, but at least she shows someone cared about making it a decent film.
June 19, 2013
So bad, and outright confusing, I turned it off.
June 1, 2013
I am going to skip this one.
September 24, 2012
Not sure which is worse, watching this or going through US immigation control!
½ March 3, 2012
International intrigue and suspense... that doesn't go anywhere or answer any of its questions.
September 18, 2011
One of those films that I could wait to be over.
June 6, 2011
Boring. Forced. Huge scenes of pointless, sordid dialogue between characters that are supposed to be darkly compelling (I assume) but just come off as drab and irritating. On top of that the whole movie is convoluted and confusing-- and there's just no point to trying to figure it out when you don't give a crap about anything that's happening in the first place.
April 7, 2011
just want to say one single word "disaster".
½ February 9, 2011
Michael Madsen was the only saving grace in this film. Too bad he was only in it for a total of 25 minutes. Way too slow paced for me. The scheme the main character was trying to pull off was interesting at the start. By the end, I was finding myself wishing for the credits to roll lol
November 24, 2010
Am I crazy to really like this movie? Probably so. And good. I am glad I can appreciate movies that most people cannot get into.
November 16, 2010
Underestimated B-movie that's both thrilling and heartbreaking. Boarding Gate is raw, fast paced and often incoherent. The Gritty, blurred style highlights the idea of a soul in transition, a soul that's been transformed and left to rot by the vicious disease that is capitalistic endevour.
½ October 25, 2010
Ugh... didn't care about these awful people, didn't care about the limp plot, didn't care about his limp dick. This is a limp movie.
August 23, 2010
While it is nice to see Asia Argento move out from her famous father's shadow this movie is rather boring with no real character development to speak of.and while Michael Madsen and Asia have the best scenes it's not enough to recommend it.
July 19, 2010
Asia Argento walking around in her bra and panties is really the only thing that is interesting about this movie, maybe the cinematography as well but the story and everythign else wasn't very good.
July 1, 2010
If this is Assayas's worst film, then I can't wait to watch the rest of his oeuvre. Amazing cinematography. A subjective journey along with Asia Argento has she tunnels through a masochistic world, searching for a man to feel something more for her than just turned on. Although it comes off as a gritty and dramatic international thriller, in the end, I think it has something to say about the nature of love. Wonderful.
½ June 30, 2010
so i pretty much rented this because of the cover art hah well all i can say is don't judge a book by its cover, or in this case a dvd. not even all the steamy sex scenes in this could save this disaster, boring boring boring..
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