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June 6, 2016
Gripping and fly-on-the-wall and peaceful. Very much up my alley.
½ August 5, 2013
Explores the world of a boxing gym in Austin, Texas, dwelling on the discipline of training as people from all walks of life aspire to reach their personal best. The film examines what violence looks like when it's a controlled outlet, as opposed to a spontaneous one. The only word of caution is that Boxing Gym is all without comment, letting the rhythm of the place tell the story, so be prepared to pay attention to everything you see and hear. One critic said of Boxing Gym: 'The soundscape is endlessly fascinating, a layer cake of squeaks, grunts, gasps, and rattling chains that, combined, catches a rhythm that sounds an awful lot like song'.
December 2, 2011
A simple premise, the interworkings of a boxing gym in Ausin, Texas. Just you and the people in the gym, but intriguing, poetic, and real.
May 20, 2011
When a documentary is able to show the beauty, the art behind a sport, it's already worth seeing it. But when through the sport we have a glimpse of the state of the American society, its culture, its way of life, its values, its dysfunctions, then, a "mere" documentary becomes an artistic master-work, on par with the greatest films of fiction. Really gripping and moving.
Super Reviewer
March 27, 2011
Reflective and trancelike. Brilliant.
½ March 21, 2011
a documentary without any commentaries, interviews, or information references. it only captured the people, the actions, the chatting, the life of the boxing gym itself. many beautiful long takes of boxing foot-steps / boxing bag practising with nice rhythm. I have never seen boxing so rhythmic. To reach your best - let's get into a boxing gym now!
½ January 28, 2011
Minor Wiseman is still pretty major. There's an image near the end of a male and female boxers feet shuffling past one another that's one of my favorites he's ever captured.
½ January 9, 2011
Frederick Wiseman goes to the boxing gym. The rhythm of the pounding and the dance-like movement and Wiseman's choice to linger on it, and refusal to inject it with a story arc give it a meditative beauty, such that 90 minutes in a boxing gym begins to feel like 90 minutes in a cathedral or a monastery. It's something of a study of violence (the Virginia Tech shootings happened to take place while they were filming, and are mentioned in conversation by some of the gym's patrons) and non-violence (the emphasis in the gym is not on fighting, but on training and rigorous exercise regiments), and, as is often the case, Wiseman's observational, fly-on-the-wall, non-narrative style is so direct and literal that pretty soon it paradoxically finds itself in the realm of the utterly abstract.
January 7, 2011
A simple premise, the interworkings of a boxing gym in Ausin, Texas. Just you and the people in the gym, but intriguing, poetic, and real.
January 1, 2011
Reviews were great, want to go check this movie out.
½ September 13, 2010
This is exactly what it says it is, a boxing gym. Wiseman just films and edits, there is little to no direct interaction with the camera. It's fascinating to see people so dedicated. I had no idea boxing was this much work. It's also fascinating to see the breadth of people, both in terms of sex and ethnicity, and in terms of temperment: we get both very humble and very conceded people. It's slightly too long, but I think the idea was to emphasize how long these people are committing to this process. Interesting stuff.
June 11, 2010
Documentario su una piccola palestra di box americana, con i suoi rumori ricorrenti, i discorsi del giorno, e tanta umanità.
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