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April 8, 2018
Hahaha got quiet emotional haha..the way the scene are made's a good remake from Warrior...even cried..the movie is inspiring and motivational .. respect
February 15, 2016
this movie is amazing
October 31, 2015
As a NRI viewer I might be among the few to actually appreciate the absence a few 'currently traditional' elements of a usual 'Bollywood' movie...of-course it was under borders because of being a remake of a Hollywood movie but even as that is true you didn't have a character playing the usual 'stupid joker' type instead the principal role was a light touch to the funny element which is needed for a movie like this, you didn't have a 'villain', there weren't lots of songs and the songs that were there had some story elements going in the background, no actor(esp Akshay Kumar) was doing any over-acting like they do in Singh is king or many movies like Om Shanti Om/Bajrangi Bhaijaan (to avoid actor names..) etc or any of the other masalla movies which has sadly become the traditional movie of India. The movie felt at a good pace for a movie going around 'mma/fighting'.

To be true with movies like Singh is king and all in which its recommended to not bring your brains in the theatre to think and instead blindly laugh (which has become the main line movies in Bollywood sadly) i had low hopes for good acting from Akshay Kumar but he still has it and that's good to know as that could also mean that actors like ShahRukh Khan, Salman Khan, etc could still do good acting instead making bling-bling off of over-acted roles in garbage movies and songs that have no good lyrics, music or dancing and are only meant to show actress's watermelons and booty (there was one such song in this movie too alas! but i suppose they wanted at-least some India public to watch the movie too eh!).

with the recent news of WWE and TNA showcasing in India soon here's to hoping that MMA comes to India in the same spectacular way as they show in the movie...which, for a movie, was rather realistic in India in reality MMA is/would be considered a criminal's playground and hence banned which isn't even nearly the case in real MMA..movies have the power to shape future and plus with the appearance of entertainment shows like WWE and TNA maybe real fighting like MMA/UFC could land in India sooner!. :)
October 24, 2015
Day: Thursday
Date: 21 Oct 2015
Time: 10.30 pm
With: No One
August 25, 2015
I have seen the original but this one is not that good. It can be watched for a fair performance of Akshay but there is nothing more to see.
½ August 21, 2015
What A movie that is brilliant acting sidharth is watching akshay is brilliant jaqueline is good jackie is good but the direction is weak brilliant story of two brothers songs are also good its fabulous movie but the item song of kareena is not good overall i give it 4.5 out of 5 a brilliant movie thank you
½ August 21, 2015
Wow what a great movie
August 20, 2015
liked the movie..nice storyline and actions are good
August 19, 2015
awesome movie, picks up slow but gets interesting n entertaining
August 19, 2015
mary to teri he par pichar kaafi thakeli he
½ August 17, 2015
Just don't even wait for the Torrents download. Movie sucks and bores you like a hell.
August 16, 2015
Bloody great movie, don't care what others says but emotion all the way, Bollywood style.
August 16, 2015
The 1st half could have been edited better. Akshay and Sidharth have given the expected performance but I must say the highlight of the movie was Jackie Sharoff. What a brilliant performance by him. One of the best of his career. Hats off to him.
½ August 16, 2015
It is a good take on Warrior and story line is powerful. The movie could have been great but due to bad editing in first half it slows and drags....second half fights are well done. It should have been trimmed by good 20 min in first half.
August 16, 2015
I loved the Gavin O'Connor directed Tom Hardy - Nick Nolte - Joel Edgerton starrer Warrior (2011), a perfect blend of hard core MMA fights & family melodrama. While the movie is very under rated for its own good, I clearly remember thinking this is a kind of film Bollywood could do, well mainly due to the characters being really high on emotions in comparison to other English language movies, & Bollywood being well Bollywood, an expert in creating tear jerkers, the combination was bound to succeed. And who better to produce the film - Karan Johar, the man behind the most well known tear jerker film of out time (I am referring to the multi starrer Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham) & director Karan Malhotra, who remade a film so unfairly forgotten (the 1990's Amitabh Bachchan starrer Agneepath), with perfect gusto. With a perfect star cast & the original producer - Lionsgate Films on board, this film seemed like it was destined to rule. Well definitely it does not stand up to the original too well, on its own its a very good film. Director Karan Malhotra had impressed me with his intense and focus in direction in his first film. It was to the point and he has a knack of extracting great performances from his cast. But there is a self-indulgence in him which he is unable to control in some of the films important junctures. He had plenty of them in Agneepath climax and it is there in plenty all throughout brothers especially in first half. I don't have a problem with slow pace . It helps invest ourselves into the characters. I loved pace of the recently released Drishyam, but I am not a fan of overstretched forced scenes which is the case in a lot of scenes of this film. After a slow start, the film picks up pace post interval for an exciting second half, which director Karan Malhotra nails it! The film is exactly what actor Sidharth Malhotra puts it - 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum meets MMA'! The story follows ex fighter Gary Fernandez (Jackie Shroff), who on completing his sentence finds out that only his younger son Monty (Sidhart Malhotra) is out to pick him up, while his older son David (Akshay Kumar) still holds a grudge against him for accidentally killing his mother Maria Fernandes (Shefali Shah) in a drunk state & also holds his step brother Monty responsible. David, an ex fighter himself is now a physics teacher married to Jenny (Jacqueline Fernandez) with a very ill daughter. In order to over take his money troubles David begins street fighting. Upon the arrival of India's MMA fighting championship known as R2F aka right too fight. Monty joins the tournament in order to take over the resentment of their father's preferred love for David, and David joins in to win the money to finance his daughter cure. Throw in some training montages & some emotional father-son & brother to brother moments, well you have the whole film. The movie is able to set up an emotional back story for the lead up to main events of the film which is the R2F. What this movie does differently to warrior is it provides insight into the history of the the lead characters and the reason behind conflict, it also alters the story to suit a Bollywood audience and try a few things differently. While the story has been readjusted to fit an Indian audience, I do feel the original plot points of Warrior was way more interesting & believable. For example, I do get David's hate for his father, but why so much hate for the young Monty, who was looking for nothing but acceptance. In the original Monty's character seemed more messed up due to the tragedies he had to go through, here he is just a result of bad parenting. Director Karan Malhotra has tweaked the character of Tom Hardy i.e Monty who had a rather coolness about himself that he dint care about any of his family members. here Sid is shown as a "dutiful" son which is filmy and reduces the complexity of the character. No fault of Sid Malhotra who has done very well in is role. The heart of the film lies in R2F ( meant to be UFC of real world) championship. The training montage of Akshay and Sid is awe- inspiring . The action choreography is just brilliant! The real coolness and brain of brothers is thanks to Eric Brown and Micheal Leher, the action choreographers. Thanks to these two talented people that at least each of the fight scenes has a unique personality and attitude in them. Sidharth's fight scenes are about not just about brute force . They reflect a personality of one kind of fighting style. He views his opponents like his brother and thinks of ways to knock him out as fast as possible. While its the reverse for Akshay Kumar. His style is a different personality by itself. His signature moves are about exposing weaknesses of the fighter and then dominating them with technique. In this process, he allows himself to take a few blows if needed. Special mention must be given to Akshay and Sidharth whose training has certainly not gone unnoticed and made the movie all the more engaging. The songs of the movie are good setting up the emotions, back story or the training, however the Mary song pictured on Kareena Kapoor seem forced. The film rests on the performance of three actors & they shine their way through with power packed performances! It seems these three were destined to play this roles. Akshay Kumar portrays the angst of an estranged son/brother very effectively. If he is very good in emotional and dramatic scenes, he is simply splendid in the action sequences. He looks every inch the character he plays. We all have seen Akshay doing martial arts many times before but this time its much bigger and Sidharth also joins him this time. Sidharth Malhotra is very good in a subdued role. He lets his eyes and body do the talking in several scenes - and to good effect. He is excellent in the MMA fights. Jacqueline Fernandez springs a surprise in a non-glamorous role and plays Jenny rather well. Jackie Shroff is absolutely outstanding in a tailor-made role. He is terrific in emotional scenes and may well bag nominations, if not awards, for best supporting actor. Shefali Shah is fantastic as Maria Fernandes. She shows that she is one of the best, in the scene in which she first meets little Monty. Ashutosh Rana is a delight to watch. My suggestion, do not go into this movie wishing to compare it to Warrior because then you are asking yourself to not enjoy this, instead go into this wanting to watch a Bollywood movie that isn't your typical masala film and instead a family drama mixed with sports. On the whole, 'Brothers' is a satisfying remake of 'Warrior', while the over melodramatic scenes tends to bring down the film down at times, its the superb performances & the eye pleasing action scenes which manages to keep us hooked. Worth a watch!
½ August 15, 2015
Great MMA sequences make up for an inadequate script.
August 15, 2015
Umm... This looks exactly like the 2011 movie 'Warrior' with Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, and Nick Nolte but with Indian actors...?!
½ August 14, 2015
Brothers is the official remake of the hollywood blockbuster "Warriors", Lions Gate the producer of the original have come on board to produce the remake , giving Brothers more of an authentic touch. Bothers summed up is pretty much Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum meets MMA. Its an emotional bloody saga. While in the first half the story is set up with a lot of character development ,and emotional scenes that gets your tears rolling. The 2nd half however is full of fast paced,adrenaline pumping, bone crunching action. Brothers is by far the best technical action film ever made in India. We have never seen MMA aka mixed martial arts fighting on screen in India. From Karate, to boxing , to just free style fighting we see it all. And the fight choreography is amazing, making the fights look 100% real. One is left in awe from the fights. You will be left clapping in the 2nd half and climax.

The films story starts of with Gary Fernandez coming out of all jail to realize that only one of his sons Monty is there to pick him up. As the story goes forward we realize that Gary was an ex fighter and so is his younger son Monty. His older son David on the other hand is a physics teacher, who is married and has a daughter who is ill with a kidney disease. David was also an ex fighter and is now strapped for money. When the film goes into a flashback we realize that David doesn't talk to his dad anymore because his dad accidentally killed his mother in a drunk state. We also find out that Monty is his step brother who he also thinks is responsible for his mothers death. Back in the present David who is strapped for cash starts street fighting again,and because of that loses his job. Monty on the other hand is full of anger for his brother, and hates his dads love for his brother. Then comes up the first MMA fighting championship in India R2F aka right too fight. Monty joins the tournament to prove himself,and David joins it to get money to finance his daughter illness so she can get a kidney transplant. This forms the crux of the remaining plot, to know more rush to the theatres.

Acting wise brothers was casted perfectly. Akshay Kumar steals the show as david. He has a restrained performance, but you can see the fire in his eyes. His action scenes leave you in awe. Siddarth Malhotra gets less screen time but he is good, but he doesn't do many complex fights as akki, he transformation is commendable however. Jackie Shroff gets one of his career best roles, and in the emotional scenes he leaves you with tears in your eyes. Jacqueline Fernandez is great in her de glam role, she actual gets a chance to act and does well.Kiran Kumar and Ashtoush Rana are apt.The rest MMA fighter perform amazing action.

Dir Karan Malhotra after Agneepath has made a great film. But where the film lacks is that some points the emotional scenes seem wooden, and does not evoke feeling they should.The films pace could have been better if film had a tighter edit. However a couple of others pluses are the great cinematography, Mumbai looked beautiful and the apt music, especially the blooding pumping brothers anthem.

Overall Brothers is the perfect remake of warriors for the Indian audience, its got solid emotional scenes the will leave you with tears, there is some of best action seen in a Indian film and the acting is just superb. A couple setbacks withstanding, brothers is a winner, a blockbuster in the making!

3.5/5* or 7/10
½ August 14, 2015
Slow and boring movie with crappy screenplay
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