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September 27, 2017
Buck (short for Buckshot) Brannaman is the real horse whisperer. The oke Robert Redford phoned. What he manages to coax out of a horse never saddled or ridden before in a few minutes is astounding to the owners, onlookers and viewers of this film.

In a nutshell
Buck travels the US nine months out of a year to sort out problems between people and horses, mostly caused by people. His own troubled childhood has given him insight into feeling lost, trapped and afraid for your life.

Mood of the film
Buck is a down-to-earth, what-you-see-is-what-you-get documentary about a young boy who could have gone "bad". His childhood was certainly violent enough to justify some bad choices. Due to an inner strength and a foster family that took him and his brother in, he surprisingly made all the right decisions.

Best performance

Stand-out scene
After a troubled young horse attacks and splits open a trainer's head, Buck gently, but firmly, tells the owner she's to blame, as a horse is a mirror to the owner's soul.


Is the film relevant today?
In a society where people all too often make bad choices and comfortably blame their childhoods, Buck is a fresh breeze.
August 31, 2017
Would have been 4 stars until he blew it badly (SPOILER ALERT!!! STOP!!)--by telling that poor woman to have her gorgeous but crazy stud killed. Some horseman. And no, don't let an assistant threaten & scare him into attacking (that's NOT how you sack out a green horse! Slow & gentle! But no one tried that with this horse.) If they're just going to give up on him, why not geld him, pull his shoes & turn him out with older horses? (Plenty of land.) Wrongly handled thru-out. Next time give him to Hempfling.
August 16, 2017
Not only it's generally insightful on the fresh subject that shows potential in being inspiring, the best aspect is being a captivating titular profile on Buck Brannaman like you're witnessing his gift as a horse whisperer and attending his clinic session, backed-up with depth of his life story that's stretched to his present. (A-)

(Full review TBD)
½ September 2, 2016
Amazing to watch Brannaman work. I'd heard of him long before "The Horse Whisperer", along with Ray Hunt and others who brought kindness and common sense to horse training, because I was a horse-mad kid without a horse, just a subscription to Horse & Rider magazine. Brannaman is so wise, and he passes on his hard-won wisdom to others. There is no greater vocation than teaching, whatever form that teaching takes.
June 12, 2016
2016-06-12 good docu-bio. Hubs lost interest halfway through though.
February 21, 2016
Pretty interesting movie.
October 17, 2015
You learn things that don't just apply to horse training.
½ September 10, 2015
This documentary about the man who inspired The Horse Whisperer doesn't just provide insight on how we treat horses, but also how we treat people. This film most likely panders to horse lovers, but even if you aren't one you will find this documentary enjoyable.

Despite having a rough childhood, Buck grew into an inspiring, caring, and talented adult travelling around the country helping horses with people problems as opposed to helping people with horse problems. This film has as many heartfelt moments as intense ones. Buck is not just a cowboy in this documentary, he's a genius.
½ September 8, 2015
It's clear that Buck Brannaman is not your average horse trainer. In an era where abusive training was/is prevalent, Buck Brannaman challenged that norm. Through love, compassion and unparalleled knowledge Buck paved the way for a new type of training. Buck showed not only riders, but also horses, that horse training didn't have to be another way for humans to assert dominance, but rather gain a friendship. Buck is still a firm trainer, able to keep horses in line, and , but that doesn't come from torturous techniques or abuse. Rather, it comes from a real connection, and trust. " Horses are like children." he says, " so sometimes you have to act like a parent." Its an interesting way of thinking about it, especially considering Buck's past.

As a child, Buck and his brother faced many forms of abusive from their father. A drinker, and one not afraid to get physical, Bucks father instilled a tremendous amount of fear into Buck as a child. Brannaman felt as if his only protection was his mother. When she passed away, Buck felt like all of his protection had disappeared. Buck was eventually moved to foster care when his gym teacher saw the whip marks on his 7 year old back. His foster parents were loving and caring people like his mother and thankfully the abuse ended there.

It's possible that Bucks training style is a reflection of his past, a man who was abused understands the trauma and deep rooted feelings of worthlessness that come with such abuse. Buck knows that humans and horses don't differ too much and is possibly why he treats them the way he does. " Nobody's here to hurt you" he often tells them. He is also a fan of putting the horses first. " Rather than helping people with horse problems, I'm helping horse's with people problems."

The movie Buck is not only informative, but also entertaining. I have never considered myself and animal lover (although not a hater either) but this film really captured my attention and drew me to a topic I never had much interest in. A lot of that has to do with Buck as a person, but also with the way the film was made and the story told. The people he impacted, and the connections he had made through his craft is something to admire and strive for. There is no doubting that it was a journey for Buck, and this film not only highlights that, but inspires journeys for others.
September 8, 2015
This movie makes me admire Buck Brannaman not as a horse trainer, but as a person. Although I do admire the way he handles horses, I can't truly appreciate what he does with the animals due to my lack of knowledge on horses as much as I can appreciate him as a person. Buck believes that a person can be judged on how they handle act around horses, an interesting statement in itself, but definitely a topic that would make one want to see this movie. With that being said, I would for sure recommend this movie to anyone who wants to be inspired.
August 25, 2015
An insight into the psychology of a horse and Buck.
May 22, 2015
Could really see how his difficult childhood impacted his success as a horse trainer. Inspirational.
½ January 11, 2015
A wonderful insight into the daily life of real "house wispher" Buck Brennaman. Told with great sensitivity, this documentary offers some real life lessons as it explains how the behavior of these horses that their owners are trying to change are really reflections of the caretakers themselves.
½ October 9, 2014
A good documentary is entertaining, educational, informative and usually makes you leave the theater thinking long after the movie has ended. While many documentaries have a political or moral stance, it is the rare documentary that fulfills all of the criteria for a good documentary, yet really has no purpose other than to enlighten. "Buck," is the documentary of real-life horse whisperer Buck Brannaman, his path to the life he chose, the lessons he learned as a child and how he took the right path as an adult in spite of his past.

"Buck" was timely for me as it represented what is in my heart at the moment. Wanting to enjoy each moment as they come. Not dwell on the past. Turn the negative things that have happened to me into positive things for the future. While the documentary did serve to tell Buck's story, as well as give insight into the amazing work he does as a horse trainer, it did much more. It displayed immense insight into fatherhood, parenting, patience and living for the positive things in our short lives.

While watching, I frequently thought of my estranged father-in-law, whom I believe would love this movie. Not only as a father, but also as a love for the roots of what makes a good cowboy.

"Buck" is a beautifully shot film with a captivating, heartwarming, as well as heartbreaking, story. I couldn't encourage seeing it more.
½ August 17, 2014
A documentary about a master horse trainer which is also one of the wisest films about human beings I've ever seen.

Buck Brannaman is a quiet, self-effacing hero. After seeing "Buck" and meeting the man briefly at a Q&A after a screening, I wouldn't hesitate to audit one of his training sessions to watch the man at work - and I've never owned a horse.
August 11, 2014
Insightful and moving. If only humans appraoched others with the same compassion and understandinf
January 24, 2014
looks really good...
December 20, 2013
It is such a beautiful thing to see a true artist at work. I have a great respect for animal trainers who can be patient, respectful, and consistent. If only all humans were like that.
½ December 12, 2013
A truly wonderful documentary of this likeable horse-whisperer and his amazing life. D1
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