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September 18, 2014
A gritty Urban Drama, where environment and reactions depict the plot. Walters is has always been a pretty natural Actor and the film has a realistic feel with harsh reality
June 1, 2014
Having not watched many crime/ gangster films, I perhaps don't have much to compare 'bullet boy' to, however one thing that I felt was lacking was a real sense of tension. This led to the ultimate conclusion being somewhat underwhelming, yet unexpected. Some nice scenes did exist; particularly the hide and seek sequence, although I would have liked more to complement what was potentially an exciting storyline. Underlying themes and issues of morality are present, although a less explicit representation of them would have been welcome. Impressive and believable acting considerably save this tale, so much so that it could be a recreational documentary or something.
May 17, 2014
½ January 18, 2014
Rather predictable and contrived. No good performance in my opinion but I like the genre enough to have watched it.
April 9, 2012
Gritty urban London drama, makes me glad I got out of the council estates.
½ April 7, 2012
gota rate it cos its shot inda hood plus my cusins r in it
½ March 8, 2012
Grim urban tale about two brothers caught in a cycle of violence. Saul Dibb's calm direction and some strong, natural performances make this a realistic portrayal innit.
½ January 24, 2012
I watched this film for a piece of coursework for my A-level film studies and whilst it's not really my type of movie, I really enjoyed it. It seems to start like any other film about gangs and youths and the like, except it seems to actually having a gripping story and you can really see the characters develop throughout the film. The film is the story of Ricky Gordon, a male in his early Twentys, he has just come out of jail and he decides to make a new start with his family, however his best friend Wisdom just wants to go round causing trouble with other gangs and when he gets Ricky involved they end up both getting into trouble.
If I were to pick one fault with the film it would be that at some points, it can become slightly predictable, and without spoiling it, when Ricky's brother and his friend were playing in the woods, I think we could all see what was coming, but other than that, you should definitely consider watching this film, even if you don't think it is your kind of film.
July 27, 2011
A cliched plot that's trying to get away with calling itself unique.
½ December 2, 2010
Impressive acting, but too boring too keep me entertained, if I wasn't made to watch it all the way through I would've walked out to be honest. It may be realistic indeed, but the cinematography dosen't cut it with me, and for that reason I found it confusing to watch. Also, though my opinion may differ to others, I found this film a bit racist, why does the film portray the majority of black people in a black community to be criminals?
October 18, 2010
Awesome! Another great gritty UK street film. They have a formula over there that just works. Ashley Walters did an awesome job as always. He has an authenticity to him. Seems to have a real street mentality that comes across well on screen.
½ October 13, 2010
Ricky is just getting out after serving time, but things tends to turn out for the worse when a small incident like breaking someones mirror with your car escalates into increasingly more serious confrontations. Great acting and realistic storytelling makes "Bullet Boy" a memorable and enjoyable film.
June 24, 2010
Acceptable low-key, redemptive gangster fable. Unengaging; cool becomes just plain cold.
April 12, 2010
i was disspointed by this film was expecting a lot
February 13, 2010
"The English accent kills all credibility for a black gangster movie."

That must be the stupidest comment I have ever read in my entire life.
October 31, 2009
I just couldn't get into this one. But it was better than 'Bomb the System'.
Super Reviewer
October 14, 2009
Realistic acting and a harsh reflection of the gun culture amongst Britain?s youth in this time.

The realism perhaps made the film lack a little excitement and as a result was failry slow moving at times, so although this is more of an average rating, it's acting is perhaps much better than that.
September 6, 2009
realistic but poorly acted and hard to get emotionally attatched to even with the strong themes
½ August 22, 2009
I'm sorry to say, this is a bit of a typical drama, and has the same feeling as dozens of other movies. Yet, it still worth watching, and a massive attack score to match it became worth the while.
August 16, 2009
good film 6.5 out of 10
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