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½ September 19, 2015
Mildly interesting, but lacks focus.

Set in Sydney, Australia, the story of Linh, a Vietnamese-Australian. By day she is studying at University, by night she is a prostitute/escort. Shows her friends, family and relationships and how her work affects these (or doesn't, to the best of her ability).

This is not new territory, the prostitutes-are-everyday-people storyline. However, it is warmly and sincerely told, without fake sentimentality, manipulation or glamourising the subject.

Where the movie does fall over, however, is that it doesn't really have a point. It drifts throughout, though is never dull. Towards the end, what focus it had is thrown away in a series of contrived, implausible or simply random scenes.

This is all a pity, as the plot was reasonably engaging until then.

Solid performance by Nammi Le in the lead role. Supporting cast are mostly not that convincing, however.
December 11, 2014
I really enjoyed this film, the characters were easy to warm to and the cinematography was lovely to look at. The storyline, about a uni student contributing via prostitution to save the parent's home from being repossessed by the bank, is a reality for so many of the world's population, especially in the third world. It is uncomfortable to view in the context of our cushy Australian society. I especially liked the relationship between David Field's character (escort driver/security) and Ivy Mack ( best friend/escort). Thanks for this great Aussie movie!
December 5, 2014
This is a surprisingly good account into the lives of prostitutes in Sydney
½ March 18, 2014
Very human. Well cast. (+10%)
Super Reviewer
½ August 17, 2013
Interesting look at prostitution following the life of Lin, an Australian/Vietnamese uni student. Unknown to her family, she falls into escort work to help them with debt which is about to cause them to lose the family home. She tells them she is doing modeling work.
Along the way she forms a relationship with a fellow student, also hiding from him what she does.
You see many of the clients, but it is not an overly graphic or emotional movie. I'm sure a lot worse happens to a real life hooker, and this is toned down and reasonably pleasant to watch, but there are still consequences and it does eventually hit the fan. Some of the situations Lin finds herself in would have been pretty scary and humiliating, but she handles herself with dignity all the way through.
I very much liked the relationship with Lin and her co-worker. The American client was also an interesting character.
Overall I liked this although it was a little too glossy looking for the subject matter.
July 12, 2013
Pretty good Aussie film
May 23, 2013
A sad, lovely and upsetting story about a young woman who has to sell her body in order to save the family from losing their house. Linh is a Vietnamese/Australian intelligent university student who meets lots of horrible people but also some unexpected relationships that effects her life in a good way. It is a compelling story with interesting twists and a good cast.
½ February 16, 2013
The focus is the lead actress who plays the escort. Her part has a very broad emotional range and calls for great depth in places - if not in most of the film. Nammi Le was pitch perfect in every scene and carries the whole film with what looks like natural grace and elan. It is an award winning performance I thought. The script of the film also stands out for being exceptionally sharp and Nammi Le's character always has good lines which makes the film way above average to listen to. To watch, the pacing of the story is sharp too. The supporting parts, especially Luke the American in Bondi, are well cast. The actor who played Luke had the gravitas and charisma that made him believable. His son who had only a small part was excellent, partly because we are so used to stereotypes in film, because most film we see is American and commercial. Clever here as well was the way that Lyn (or Mai her working name) is covering sex and social values at Uni in Social Anthropology. These scenes provide enriching comment on the film's subject-matter from within it, but the scenes are also realistic as this is the sort of coincidence that is so common in real life, funnily enough. I hadn't heard of this film and picked it up from the video store and in summary while it deals with a serious topical issues of sex and society it also entertains and that is a balance that is hard to get right. A very enjoyable film. Well done to Nammi Le and to the director - it was very thoughtful and well thought out.
October 18, 2012
Really this movie was a not my cup of tea it really shows the difficult choices young people or humanity have to make. The only reason why i say i am not interested is because i can normally handle anything but this i felt was a too hard pill to to swallow. The performances are raw and well done and at times you will feel that you cannot watch anymore but you just have to power through. Not suitable for the kiddies.
Most of them are fresh faces in the Aussie film industry with Peter O'brien as the old timer. If you like Australian Independent Art house films this is your genre but be prepared for something you will not expect.
½ June 18, 2012
Slow moving and complex insight into the life of a Vietnamese girl who works as an escort girl to support her parents back home. At times, some of the dialogue seems forced (particularly when religion is discussed) but, overall, a moving story.
June 2, 2012
Pervy and cheap. In a bad way. Really embarrassing for (almost) all concerned.
May 17, 2012
Engaging, somewhat stilted but overall a quality film.
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