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½ July 19, 2015
The Carry On films had been declining in popularity for some years now. Carry On Behind (1975) was the last good Carry On but it bombed at the box office charts as did the truly awful Carry On England (1976). Times had changed and the saucy seaside postcard humour of the Carry On's had become old-fashioned, especially as the smutty and far more explicit Confessions Of A... and Adventures Of A... films were scoring favourably in the Box Office ratings.

In one last blatant attempt to revive the series flagging momentum, producer Peter Rodgers and director Gerald Thomas turned to the subject of the French soft-porn film series, Emanuelle. A lot of the regulars such as Hattie Jaques, Charles Hawtrey and Barbara Windsor had left the series some years before whilst the late, great Sid James died in 1976, therefore leaving a big gap in the series that couldn't and never will be filled.

The regulars that are present for this final installment of the series are the outrageously camp Kenneth Williams (who delivers a dire French accent throughout), the ever reliable Joan Sims, as well as Kenneth Connor, Peter Butterworth and Jack Douglas (who became a regular in the series in the early seventies) and they all look a noticeably lot older. Suzanne Danielle is in the title role as the promiscuous Emmanuelle and is fairly engaging in her role but not even having the sheer brilliance of Kenneth Williams manages to save this completely awful film. Interest wanes after just fifteen minutes as the film falls flat on its face with no sense of direction. The capable cast all struggle against a script that is awash with juvenile smut and jokes that all had been heard countless times in previous entries.

The only scene that manages to ignite and raise a chuckle is when the gang are all discussing their most amorous experiences. Joan Sims recalls hers being in a laundrette where she spots a man she is immediately attracted to. They then use their laundry to act out their sexual fantasies. This scene is played out to perfection and you really have to see it to understand what I mean. But one good scene is hardly enough reason to watch this! The film was an unsurprising flop at cinemas and it served as the final nail in the coffin. The cast all seem to be on auto-pilot and probably wished they were doing something better. This film is the one that barley anybody had seen until it was released on video in the early 1990's, whilst on TV it has only been shown late at night. An absolute mess and one that is best forgotten! A sad end to a much-loved series.
July 8, 2014
Exploits of Emmanuelle begin in flight on the Concorde and carry on in the French Ambassadors house. The humour tops out at Emmanuelle's oft-repeated mispronunciation of the Butler's name 'Lyons' as 'Loins'. The 'adventures' such as the football team taking turns in the locker room with Emmanuelle are often even less appealing. Effectively halted the 'Carry On' British film series for several years.
January 9, 2014
Doesn't really have the right to have the words Carry On in the title. Rubbish, not funny, just lame
April 10, 2013
Categorically awful British rip off of the Emmanuelle series (note the difference in spelling with two n's to avoid copyright issues). I have never found British humour from the 70's very amusing and this one is less so than most. The 90 minute run time couldn't expire soon enough for me.
November 20, 2012
It was ok but not one of my favourite carry on films, this film wasn't as funny as some other carry ons, it stars Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor, Joan Sims and Jack Douglas, I don't want this film on DVD
March 16, 2012
No wait!! It came to this. The 30th Carry On film, and with the series facing competition from the adult Confessions of and Adventures of series of films that were doing well at the UK Box office, Peter Rogers and Gerald Thomas decided to go in that direction as well in an attempt to draw the punters in. It killed the series, almost well and truly. Emmannuelle Prevert (Suzanne Danielle) has arrived in London to see her husband Emile Prevert (Kenneth Williams) who is the French Ambassador in London. Her presence and sensuous nature ruffles the features of the household staff, including butler Lyons (Jack Douglas), chauffeur Leyland (Kenneth Connor), housekeeper Mrs Dangle (Joan Sims) and old boot boy Richmond (Peter Butterworth). Meanwhile timid Mummy's boy Theodore Valentine (Larry Dann) tries to tell his mother (Beryl Reid) about Emmannuelle seducing him on a Concorde flight, and that he has to see her again, much to his mother's annoyance. But, by this point, Emmannuelle has been seeing more men, while her poor husband Emile can't get sexually aroused by his wife, even while she's chasing other men. It's a shame the Carry On films were resorting to doing this, it was a quick and sad death for such a beloved series, only to be revived 14 years later by Carry On Columbus (1992), which also sank without trace. The Carry On's should be remembered for the good old days, not what they became.
½ July 23, 2011
The last of the real Carry On -movies in a row of 29 movies from the start in 1958.

This last time it's about a spoof of the at the times popular soft-porn movies about Emanuelle.

This move is generally thrashed by the audience and to talk bluntely, it's not really a good movie in any sence.

However is the critizism of not having so many regular actors of the cast present in Emmannuelle a bit out of order since many of them had died at this point or where close to do so, secondly has the cast always changed from movie to movie. There is not one Carry On that have the exact cast as the prevoius movie in this series of films.

In the movie we do meet Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims, Kenneth Connor and Jack Douglas and they're still in a good mood. They deserved a better script than this to work with, there were good potential to make at least one more decent film.
October 8, 2010
By far the best way to view this film is ignore the fact that it's supposed to be a Carry On, forget the comedy legends who are lowering themselves and overlook that it's possibly the worst parody EVER. Just enjoy Suzanne Danielle in various states of undress. It's not much but it's all this movie's got.
August 1, 2010
One of the few Carry On's I don't really like to talk about - whilst the nudity is limited to a couple of bums the jokes are more rude than cheeky and as a result ends up not as funny - some good lines though and a good theme tune, so not all bad!
March 17, 2010
Undoubtably the worst of the Carry On series.
Super Reviewer
½ February 10, 2010
All of the Carry On films get 4 or 5 stars from me.
They have been a much-loved part of my life ever since I can remember.
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June 28, 2009
Carry On Emmanuel This movie was made in 1978 and is part of the Grindhouse Experience 2 Collection (A collection of 20 Films). Its about a French Ambassador and his French Wife, who just finished traveling the world, get some. and is now back do live with her husband. Well the ole Brit doesn't give it up, so she seeks her pleasure else where. She hits the bathroom with a Nerd before landing back home, of course the nerd getting his first falls in love with her. But she isn't interested in him, she is interested in everyone else including the soccer team, the whole soccer team. I am told this is part of a film group called Carry On from Britain, but I can find no info on that film series. The Wife Emmanuelle Pervert is played by Suzanne Danielle, Very Attractive and roled in about 20 movies from 1978 - 1987. This is pure Grindhouse Sleaze, I have the 20 Film collection, so its a must review for me. I wouldn't go pick it off the shelf. 2 stars on this one.

Anyone who has a list of the 30 Carry On Movies please e-mail it to me.
March 17, 2009
need to see all the carry on films still.
½ February 21, 2009
Cruelly slated. It isn't a Carry On classic... but a piece that, at times, is comedically joyous and rich in healthy double-entendre-driven vulgarity.
½ October 26, 2008
Heartbreakingly awful, gives 1978 a bad name.
October 19, 2008
Possibly the worst film ever made. Not just misguided, but excruciatingly inappopriate. It's lost even what mild charm the "classic" Carry On flicks had, the actors all look absolutely knackered. Everything that could be wrong about mainstream British films of the Seventies - sub-"Confessions Of A Window Cleaner" even. "Sacre bleu - I forgot I wasn't wearing a dress!" etc. And Kenneth Williams' arse? (gags reflexively)
½ June 25, 2008
Not as bad as is often said.
½ May 9, 2008
Not one of the best Carry On films but Suzanne Danielle is HOT!
April 21, 2008
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