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½ July 17, 2016
8.4 on 10

Like a car that was lit on fire and pushed down a hill.. It is awesome.
July 16, 2016
Visually stunning, "Children of Men" counts with amazing performances and a masterful direction, its final act left me without words and made me tear up in a reflection about what humanity and hope is. Truly a modern sci-fi master piece.
½ July 12, 2016
It brings you into the story and makes you feel like you're along for the journey
July 8, 2016
I wanted to give this movie a standing ovation after I saw it. It was brilliant. I loved the filming, the concept and the depiction of the whole story. The cinematography was spot on and the long one shots were a precursor to what a great director Alfonso would become. In particular, I love the subtleties in the movie - the carefully placed photographs, off-hand dialogues and fleeting expressions. Somehow I caught most of it and I loved it. This is a must see movie for all kind of movie goers!
July 4, 2016
OMG...what can I say, from horrific to sublime. I've known about this film since it came out and heard all the praise heaped on it. But, my eyes are so red. Maybe I'll finish this some other time.
June 26, 2016
I'm not gonna be cliche.  I'm not gonna say "IF YOU SEE ONE MOVIE THIS YEAR, MAKE IT CHILDREN OF MEN!"  Except it's true.  Many movies today lack real merit.  They are mindless tripe made to kill two hours of our precious time. Children of Men paints a shockingly realistic vision of the future.  From the ashen gray and brown skies to the littered waters no part of the world it seems is unsullied.  Anyone who is not born in London and attempts to get in is relegated to cages or even worse refugee camps.  The movie begins in 2027 with the death of Baby Diego who was at eighteen years of age the youngest human on the planet.  Women have become infertile and a world without children is a desolate place indeed.  Through the assistance of his former love, Julian, our protagonist Theo stumbles upon Kee, a miraculously pregnant refugee.  Because of her pregnancy she is an asset to the world and Julian's goal is to get her to The Human Project where she will be safe.

I haven't felt this affected by a movie in some time.  I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.
June 25, 2016
Better get ready for of the best one one shots you'll ever see.
June 20, 2016
Great movie, one of my favourite movies of all time.
The reason is simple, it's a intense, urgent tale with a world to explore, it felt real as I was watching it and it was really thoughtful on the way it was recorded, one of the things I like the most is the way sometimes the camera explores the world by itself, not always following the main character. Well acted and well directed this movie it's great to watch paying attention.
½ May 31, 2016
Pretty strange apocolyptic film about a society struggling to survive due to no one being able to give birth. The society is in decay, morale is low, and conditions are worsening. Clive Owen plays a mysterious character who used to hold some job of importance. When finding a mysterious girl who is somehow pregnant, his job is to protect her throughout the movie as she would be extremely valuable to those who could find her. The movie does a good job of keeping you guessing, and it creates a dark world that is just unpleasant. It takes you to another place and that is what creates the movies uniquness. Owen has a nice subtle mood about him during the movie and is steadfast in what he must do. A very good film that won't but you in the best mood, but creates a wild universe.
May 26, 2016
A bit hard to follow, but after reading, fantastic plot, great political thriller and scary relavent for today
May 26, 2016
Amazingly awesome, a perfectly made film. The single shot battle sequences are jaw-dropping, and after the first 20 minutes you're completely hooked on the story.
½ May 23, 2016
3.5/5 Children of Men is technically wondrous with great cinematography and superb world-building. The action is exciting and the story is fairly interesting. However, some performances are lacking and the script could use some work. I was also left very unsatisfied by the ending and felt a but underwhelmed by the expectations the film had set up. It's a good film but I feel like Children of Men has some excellent pieces that were unable to form an equally excellent whole.
May 20, 2016
In my nearly 50 years, this is definitely one of the top 10 movies I have seen. I did not see it until 9 years after it came out. It seems now quite prescient.
½ May 15, 2016
I have to admit, I was highly suspicious of the potential of this film when I first heard about it. I have grown tired of Moore's endless Oscar bait appearances in recent years and was having a tough time connecting her to this film in a positive way. Nevertheless, I sat down and watched and boy was I stunned. Children of Men has a few flaws, namely some awkward opera bumps in the score where an abstract instrumental approach would have been better along with some really interesting exposition type questions that remain unanswered (likely for the better but I am a curious filmgoer, especially when it comes to science-fiction/post-apocalyptic stuff). Other than that however, Children of Men is a surprising, multi-faceted, well cast and extremely thoughtful thriller that is very likely the current pinnacle of Cuaron's career (Gravity doesn't even register on the radar). Despite the fact that he always gives the same performance, I have always appreciated Clive Owen for his consistently excellent composure and he doesn't disappoint here. Moore is used sparingly, which works perfectly for the film. The supporting cast is strong as well but the emotion of Owen drives this movie to the finish, although nothing could have been accomplished without the fantastic adapted screenplay and incredible world-building. In addition to a scathing and timely critique of America's arcane immigration systems and conservative party policies, the film is clearly targeting some broader human concepts as well, addressing ideas such as human rights and the importance of hope in emotional stability. On the way to this goal, the movie manages to surprise again with one of the most impressive urban warfare scenes of the 21st century along with particularly detailed post-apocalyptic Briton landscaping that really took the cake. The result is a well done film that hits in all the right places and surprises in a number of others. Well worth repeated watches.
May 15, 2016
Grim, well acted and with thought provoking ideas on the future of human society, "Children Of Men" earns its place among this century's top tier science fiction films.
½ May 13, 2016
This was an awful movie. Does a horrible job of explaining the plot. I was confused most of the way through. At some point it starts making sense, but still way too gloomy and uninteresting. Can not overstate how bad this movie was. Only watched it because it got good ratings on here. Thanks a lot people!
May 13, 2016
Post apocalyptic childless world. Down to earth realism, with its tight and frustrated economy and military police-state. Tumbling onto a quest of life. Entertaining and sharp, with some lunacy.
½ May 3, 2016
This movie is boring and full of nonsense talking. Stopped movie after 40 mins watching both me and my sister think it's bad. I don't know who can like this stupid movie
½ April 26, 2016
Children of Men (2006) ??? 1/2
Riveting thriller about 2027 chaotic future in which women have been unable to produce offspring until a small girl proves otherwise; she's escorted by Owen to reach sanction. Alternately powerful and engrossing, anchored by a great performance by Clive Owen and unrelenting final thirty minutes. An audacious feature from the always dependable Alfonso Cuarón and a top film of the decade.
April 21, 2016
Excellent story telling - science fiction as it should be told: relevant, thought provoking, engaging.
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