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September 25, 2017
10/10 Film, Eric Bana flawless character acting with his portrayal of Mark `Chopper` Reid
September 25, 2017
10/10 Film, Eric Bana flawless character acting with his portrayal of Mark `Chopper` Reid
½ August 10, 2017
Eric Bana was great in this.
May 28, 2017
Eric Banas transformation into Mark 'Chopper' Read an Iconic Australian criminal is phenomenal. A spot on representation of the charismatic and intimidating stand-over man.
½ May 16, 2016
Eric Bana is one of the most underrated actors currently working, and he does an incredible job, but the rest of the movie is pointless and doesn't live up to his performance.
April 21, 2016
You don't see Eric Bana playing the protagonist, instead you see a maniacal mad man with a twisted sense of humor and a sadistic approach towards life in this biopic of Australia's notorious Mark Reed. Bana made the character his own only occasionally mimicking the half giggle half laughter that generates so much fear and hostility. While most people who knew Reed and author himself has already claimed that truth was never allowed to come in the way of a good yarn, the writers cleverly placed Reed's habitual lying trait into the story that evokes even more unpredictability confusing the audience as to what to believe as a fact and what is not. It would have made Indian film makers proud or even inspired by the attitude of the protagonist in an initial ambush scene.

Chopper is loosely based on the autobiography 'From the Inside' written by Mark Reed when serving time which is again loosely based on events in his life. This is not a Shawshank's redemption kind of story about survival in the harsh prison conditions for a crime you have never committed, but about one of Australia's notorious criminal who embraces the prison life often being the troublemaker. He claims more crimes than he is accused for, made more enemies than friends (an understatement) and still in the end came out the winner.

Eric Bana must have worked a lot to get his mannerisms right since it does not come naturally to him based on most of the other characters he has played where he comes off as a mild mannered, less talky serious person. Here, he wouldn't shut up. Always up to something, doing bad for someone and habitually lying on every event that takes place. Though the gore and graphic violence is pretty frightening and plays as an advert to stay off prison, the screenplay is very mixed - a lighthearted exchange is followed by an intense cruel episode. A sequence when Reed and some of his acquaintances get high was innovative unlike similar scenarios dealt in other movies. All supporting actors do an excellent job. The cinematography is quite inventive as the visuals are dark and bright at the same time.

An Eric Bana show playing Australia's most notorious showman.
½ September 8, 2015
Chopper. The true story about notorious Australian gangster Mark "Chopper" Reid, who wrote his autobiography well imprisoned a place where he spent a lot of his life. Let me start off by saying how amazing Eric Bana is in this movie he gained a bunch of weight just to get into character, he truly comes off as the no cares in the world psychopath that Chopper truly was. The Directing in this movie is also extremely well done and very stylish by first time director Andrew Dominik, who went on to direct the Assassination of Jesse James and Killing Them Softly. I recommend this to anyone who is a big indie movie fan or a big fan of gangster flicks.

7 / 10
July 31, 2015
Chopper is a fantastic film n a belter of a character.RIP Chop Chop
June 23, 2015
A character portrait that absorbs, but ultimately disappoints. And with good reason: stripping away the cudly, loquacious exterior exposes the madman beneath. Every invitation to identify with the anti-hero protagonist is ultimately frustrated by his lack of coherent moral code. Everything is amorphous in the most self-seeking/ -serving way imaginable. The only discernable pattern is a compulsive desire to recant his own impulses, both good and bad, for better or for worse, usually within seconds. Every brutal act provokes immediate contrition; every apology begets a fresh outpouring of violence. The existence of a man like Chopper, the personification of pure capriciousness, unadulterated by any comforting suspiscion that the whole thing might be just ediface, a constructed and pretentious facade, is deeply unsettling. The viewer will think twice before allowing him or herself become embroiled with the odd beligerant at the bar. You never know who you're dealing with, and Chopper upsets all calculations to the contrary.
May 24, 2015
An unforgettable transformative performance from Eric Bana is what makes this film powerful.
½ March 27, 2015
Awesome Aussie movie, great Eric Bana movie
March 24, 2015
Andrew Dominik's striking visuals work in tandem with a rightfully praised breakthrough lead performance - "Chopper" is a fairly interesting watch.
February 24, 2015
Shit! There was no story to this movie it was all random!
February 1, 2015
With a twisted, pitch black sense of humour and the deliberate blurring of fact and fiction to portray the subject as the often exaggerated storyteller he was, Chopper is like a send up/deconstruction of the criminal biopic while being a stellar example of the genre thanks to a scarily good Eric Bana.
January 29, 2015
A harrowing tale with a great lead performance from Eric Bana. Full review later.
December 31, 2014
I just found this film quite unappealing and uninteresting all the film does is act violent and that is pretty much it
September 17, 2014
This cult classic, with all its fancy camera work to help shift reality, doesn't age as well as you may have thought back in 2001. But Chopper's character work, its strong story and its high taste for visual flair makes it an extremely enjoyable take on the character of Mark "Chopper" Read. Mark is a notorious crook and after spending quite a turbulent time in H block, he is set free among the world. This film highlights how he interacts with modern day life, Mark trying to live a normal life while constantly having to look over his shoulders and of course it touches on his best selling novel. Eric Bana puts in a stormer of a performance here, some would say for the time it paved the way for the aussie actor. He encapsulates the young and old Chopper brilliantly, not just in body mass but in full character embodiment. At no point during this film do you sit and go, Eric Bana is doing a brilliant job, that is because as an audience member you are so invested in his performance you feel like you are watching the real thing. The supporting cast are enjoyable enough, but like many films that contain such an iconic role, they just dont live up to the leads power house performance. The mood is brilliant, this feels like an early Bronson, it has Nicholas Winding Refn all over it and I wouldnt be surprised if he hadn't taken some form of inspiration from this cracker. Set's are lit perfectly for the mood, from cold grey cells to warm fire glow red clubs, visually it captures the mood everywhere Mark Read goes. The camera work is fantastic too, in fact dynamic moves are used sparingly but skillfully to create a real sense of either urgency or fear.The tone of the film is also perfect, it flips between comedy and brutal thriller like a coin tossing in mid air. My gripe would be that there isnt more of this movie, we feel it build and build and then before we know it, the legend just kind of fizzles out. Maybe thats the point but I left feeling just a bit deflated. So aside from Eric Bana running rings round his co stars and a slightly deflating ending, Chopper is a cult classic that you pretty much have to get behind, even if it has dated slightly.
Super Reviewer
August 20, 2014
Although less intelligent and fancy, and a whole lot more insecure, Eric Bana plays aussie career criminal "chopper" as some kind of modern day Alex DeLarge. Joie de vivre, disproportionate ego and paranoia ignite a cinematic cocktail with a brutal, darkly humourous and strangely engrossing taste.
½ July 25, 2014
Entertaining from start to finish. It was reminiscent of Tom Hardy's Bronson
½ June 10, 2014
Eric Bana's shocking and drastic change, with the weight and body art, to portray the most notorious and twisted Australian criminals is only matched with his somewhat alluring and abnormal performance.
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