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August 5, 2013
An adrenaline-filled path of destruction. The Neveldine-Taylor combination presents pointless entertainment and hardcore mentality. With Jason Statham at the focal point of all the damage, the film is wildly out of control and is yet able to provide for a very different kind of action film. 4/5
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September 22, 2006
This movie was really well made, but I saw a really crappy version, so some parts were indecipherable. Jason Statham is great no matter what he's in, and the soundtrack and pace of this flick were exhilerating. I guess they'd have to be, given the subject matter. It kind of fell flat by the end though, and Amy Smart's character was disappointing.

To quote Cracked: Jason Statham has to keep doing awesome things or it's all over, making this Jason Statham's Career: The Movie.
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June 11, 2011
Crank is a self adreneline rush. Jason Statham is a freaking badass in every movie he does, and this might be his best to date. You feel like there is a story in this movie somewhere, but truly I didn't care, its never boring and always stays cool. The action was well done and freaking cool, you gotta have respect for that. I guess if I had any problem it was the asians were hard to understand and I have a pet peve about shaky cameras. But I felt like our heart was gonna stop if he stopped, and we follow him through it.
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September 4, 2007
A very enjoyable Jason Statham movie.
As usual he's brilliant as the action man,fast past, wise cracking, sex driven man.
Its funny, exciting and adrenelin pumping fun movie thats very enjoyable.
However i would advise to only watch this one and not the second crank as it just gets rubbish and ruins the movie.
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January 22, 2011
The most badass movie ever. I'm not gonna write a if review but I wanna say that this was a really great action movie with no stopping moments that any guy would love.
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March 26, 2011
An unpretentious, uncensored and unforgiving assault on the senses (and morals) that you will either absolutely love - or loathe. I loved it.
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November 29, 2010
Crank the music up.... That's what he should have said...He should have used Zacks best line. No but I was a fun movie...And a lot of fun backstage making of facts...I though both Jason and Amy did good jobs
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November 18, 2009
The most over the top action movie since the 80s and it's perfect. It knows exactly what it wants to do, has a great sense of humor and has one outrages plot device after another. The sharp and tinted film quality makes it look even more bizarre, matched with the dialogue and illogical scenarios. Jason Statham does it all in this: cracks jokes, kills, punches, has sex in public, smashes, kicks and rules the city of LA. He also proves to be un-killable in the end. Now you might think that this would be nothing but a dumb action movie, but in no way is it dumb at all. In fact, it's one of the few action movies to acknowledge the genre flaws and make them somehow awesome. It takes adrenaline to a new level.
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½ June 24, 2010
I love this movie. it's really badass. I recommend this to people who want to be entertained and have a lot of fun and less of a story and just a simple straight foward plot. A-
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½ June 10, 2010
Crank is an insane action film. Everything about the film is over the top. The film is very extreme in what it does, and by what I've heard it plays out like a B movie. Anyhow it does a terrific at delivering solid action with often hilarious consequences. The film has over the top violence and situation which only adds to this films sense of fun. It's a totally different type of action film, which most film goers will not understand or appreciate, but for those who do, you're in for one helluva wild ride.
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March 26, 2007
Dumb actioner that is okay for a while but devolves into idiocy and ridiculousness by the end.
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½ January 24, 2010
This film was given to me by a friend, and is not usually a genre I spend a lot of time with; but that being said, I took Crank at face value and enjoyed it.
It is so much a video game on steroids, but what's wrong with that?
The plot is simplistic, stay pumped to stay alive; so the action is pretty much non-stop, but it isn't just all mindless shoot em up - there are enough inventive scenes, nice camera work, and some truly hilarious moments (boffing in chinatown is priceless).

All the stop action photography and split screen stuff makes the film come off very slick and now, however it's not something you'd want to do with Shakespeare; but since this isn't even a distant cousin to the bard, no worries!

Jason Stratham delivers a very solid performance, and since he's in every single frame of the film, it's his performance that carries it. Amy Smart is also spot on as the vapid valley girl girlfriend who the film uses for comic relief.

There are too many implausabilities, but if you just ignore them and go with the flow, you'll be entertained (all of Stratham's change of clothes, and how he keeps getting cash to pay for all the cab rides, and this after escaping from the hospital with only a gown and his cell phone).

No happy ending here, which makes a statement about mob life and goes counter to the glorification of violence that films of this ilk seem to revel in- a nice touch.

I also am in love with the 69 Buick Riviera - what a beautiful car - I hated to see it abandoned so soon.
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½ January 11, 2010
The idea is cool, but it lacks in almost ever category!
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October 18, 2006
I have to say I was much more impressed with this film than I had expected to be, a better role for Statham, quirky camera shots, interesting plot and comical scenarious as a result to the main storyline.
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August 28, 2006
Pretty much a live-action video game. Crank is way over the top and doesn't take itself too seriously, and even though it is just mindless fun, it's great! Entertaining as Hell, creative, and this film is just one of the many that prove that Statham is the #1 go-to guy for modern day action films. Amy Smart is also pretty good as the slightly annoying but very funny ditsy girlfriend. Turn off your brain, turn this on, and enjoy.
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½ August 17, 2007
"Poison in his veins. Vengeance in his heart."

Professional assassin Chev Chelios learns his rival has injected him with a poison that will kill him if his heart rate drops.

It's the plot of the century, and rookie directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor pull it off all the way. Retired hit-man Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) has been injected with a vicious drug, The Beijing Cocktail. It will kill him if he slows down, so he has to do all he can to stay excited. Shouldn't be so hard when you're an ex-assassin with half the LA underworld at your heels, but Chelios makes a real mission of it. The excitement sure rubs off on the audience: "Crank" is visually intense, an all-around big dipper at supersonic pace. Chev's initially clueless girlfriend Eve (Amy Smart) is the saucy icing on this racy cake of an action flick. I have loved Amy Smart ever since she took it out on Charlene in "Rat Race", possibly the most gripping portrayal of a jealous girlfriend in motion picture history. But the public coitus interruptus, interrupted by, of all things, a wayward cell phone call, is out of this world. Go see "Crank" for the Chinatown sex scene alone. Quote Amy Smart: "It's the kind of scene where you just have to go for it. You can't hold back or it's just not going to work."
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January 22, 2007
I enjoy brainless action movies as much as the next person, but this was just stupid beyond belief. While the main idea isn't all bad and has potential and one could say that the film at least doesn't take itself too seriously, it's still pretty lame. Sure, it's fast, but the action isn't even all that spectacular or fun, just brutal, silly and inhuman. Maybe this just wasn't my sense of humor, but not even the more or less cool camera tricks could keep me interested. I hardly made it through. And the fact that there is a second part doesn't make the ending less of an impudence. What horrid crap. And I used to like Statham for his work with Guy Ritchie.
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½ April 5, 2009
Pretty good, very frantic as you would imagine. The whole thing is really stupid but its good hard rocking fun with a kick ass sound track and plenty of computer game style nonsense, almost GTA the movie, adults only all the way. Look out for the sex scene in the street ;) and lots of Robocop style gun violence, possibly Stathams best so far (as far as his over the top action movies go) although Death Race was a good Statham violence vehicle hehe
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