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March 2, 2018
Jason Statham kicks the crap out of people; that's as much of a reason to watch a movie since Bruce Willis kills bad guys
½ February 20, 2018
This was a fun romp. Better than I expected.
January 18, 2018
Best Jason Statham movie period!
January 5, 2018
This film is actually genius. It should be a complete mess but Statham is in outstanding form in the lead role.
With more of a concept than a plot, the film starts with a bang and never lets up. Filled with over the top stupidity, this film is an exhilarating ride until its climax.
I am still surprised this movie was made, scenes are truly unbelievable. If you can turn your brain off...sit back and enjoy!
October 7, 2017
A genre masterpiece. A very polarizing movie obviously but for me A+++++
September 5, 2017
Crank is loud, crass, childish, vulgar and dumb. It's everything I should hate in a film but despite this, I still enjoyed it.

The plot is paper thin. Jason Statham's character wakes up to find he's been injected with a drug that will kill him if his adrenaline levels drop. As a result, he goes off on a mad rampage across LA seeking revenge. There really isn't much to it but the fast paced action and juvenile (but more often than not) funny jokes do a good job of covering up the lack of plot. Unfortunately, Crank does run out of steam towards the end and as a result, the final act does drag a little but overall, Crank is a fun way to kill 90 minutes.
½ July 21, 2017
90 minutes of pure adrenalin filled stupidity! I liked it!!
½ March 25, 2017
"Crank" seemed pretty mindless to me. It's exactly the opposite of what I call a "Good Movie."
It needs more story. more depth. Not just stuff blowing up, gratuitous violence and idiotic sex scenes. However, I did like the concept though.
One of the few positive factors of this movie was its use of very effective music. Jefferson Starship's "Miracles" is an interesting example. As Statham was falling to his "death," the music helped make the scene look more alive.
So basically, this is not only a ridiculous action movie with lots of unrealistic violence, but also with a weak plot that makes it all seem kinda pointless.
March 9, 2017
A ridiculous but entertaining movie.
February 26, 2017
fun and ridiculous movie with a ridiculous premise. not meant to be taken seriously at all. i liked that it had a video game style to it. lots of very unique scenes lol (2 viewings)
February 26, 2017
Interesting premise. Cheap thrills and a lot of ass-kicking.
January 6, 2017
He has to stay alive by punching things
January 5, 2017
It's good movie to watch
½ January 3, 2017
What a piece of shit.
December 29, 2016
This movie had lots of action and suspense. Decent acting and a decent plot. Very entertaining at times.
½ December 17, 2016
The basis of the true action: violent and brazen, mix well as a film-style the game Grand Theft Auto
½ November 30, 2016
I'm not much of a fan of Jason Statham's films, but the film that I wanted to see that kind of stands out from his films, is Crank which I was a bit excited to see how insane it can by, and it definitely exceeds my expectations for the good and crazy side. Jason Statham is really good in this, and it's cool to see that even he knows how crazy this film is which then he goes kind of over the top. The plot is ridiculous, but the film knows that and tries to have a lot of fun with it which if it took itself seriously, the film would've failed. The characters are enjoyable to watch, and the action is over the top fun. The movie takes a break for a few moments which is good and would allow the viewers to take a breather. It had a sweet chemistry between Jason Statham and Amy Smart, and even the film goes over the top with the chemistry that brings out a lot of laughs. There never comes a moment that was boring as it brings a lot of good jokes that would get the fans laughing. The villain is pretty funny of how he is basically a whining guy that wants Jason Statham's character to die, and the film gives enough backstory that actually makes me care for the main character. Crank is definitely not for everybody as it can get a bit graphic or just too fast paced for viewers to probably handle, but Crank is surprisingly a great time for fans and non-fans that I actually want to see the sequel, and I want to see more films like this with Jason Statham in it.
November 29, 2016
Zany, fast paced, self aware, and incredibly entertaining.
Grade: B+
½ November 26, 2016
ridiculous action movie. Lots of action, but the weak plot line made it all seem kinda pointless.
November 21, 2016
There is clearly a market for these kinds of movies, but I don't fall into that category. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor can do some pretty creative things to get some insane shots, but their movies are just too mindless for me. I need more story. More depth. Not just stuff blowing up, gratuitous violence and idiotic sex scenes. The biggest positive to this movie is its very effective use of music for its scenes. Jefferson Starship's "Miracles" as Statham is falling to his "death" was probably the most interesting moment in the film. Judging by IMDB, much of the industry has figured out not to give these guys much more work, though. After the idiotic "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" and the box office disaster, "Jonah Hex," I guess studios realized people actually like stories. I hope Lexi Alexander takes a cue from them.
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