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September 2, 2015
Duplass's fantastically unhinged performance establishes what Brice fails to convey ...
September 1, 2015
The film is remarkable, considering its minimal means and surprising lack of bloodshed, given the genre. Does it stay with you? A little.
March 20, 2014
A slow-burning found-footage suspenser with some mildly clever twists and a knockout payoff.
March 20, 2014
Funny quasi-horror pic keeps viewers guessing.
November 10, 2018 edge-of-your-seat chiller that does not necessarily need to overwhelm the audience's nervous system with grotesque tactics of torture to bring along the bloody chase of a detached thrill.
October 24, 2018
[Creep] simply has a few too many scenes stuffed with clichés when the general mood would have served the film much stronger.
May 27, 2016
Within its commercial framework, they're taking real chances - and 'Creep' is, in many ways, a puzzling character study in a found-footage horror movie's clothing.
April 9, 2016
Funny and scary and surprising and everything found footage horror should be.
March 26, 2016
Though lean in running time, scale, and budget, Creep demonstrates its makers' masterful resourcefulness and spirited direction.
February 24, 2016
The chilling final stretch ultimately confirms Creep's place as a better-than-average horror effort...
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