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½ September 25, 2016
Saw it In 9th Grade And it was fun
½ August 17, 2016
The brainier of the two volcano movies of 1997. I thought it was okay, nothing special though. Strange that after 20 years, RT has failed to aquire a critical consensus on this movie.
August 6, 2016
No matter how many times I see this film is a remedy for sleeplessness and not because of the subject matter as much as the attempted plot with questionable acting.
July 24, 2016
Great exciting adventure movie
July 18, 2016
I advise anyone who doesn't like this movie (the best volcano movie ever made) to rewatch it as a 13-year-old kid.
June 29, 2016
I really enjoyed the movie as a whole.
Super Reviewer
½ June 20, 2016
This is one of the better "disaster films" out there. It is nice because it isn't on a large worldwide scale, but focuses on a small town laying next to a long dormant volcano just named "2nd Most Desirable Place to Live in America" and a volcano expert discovers the volcano may be waking up. The script is very well written and both Hamilton and Brosnan turn in great performances. The action is good and the visuals are great. Underrated film.
May 15, 2016
An underrated disaster movie. It really works, despite using the "Jaws" blueprint.
April 13, 2016
The only legitimately good volcanic disaster movie I could ever recommend anyone.
½ March 27, 2016
½ March 7, 2016
It does a decent job of tightening the suspense for the first hour. I know disaster movies don't review very well, but if you just accept what it is going in and cast unnecessarily high expectations aside, you can have a good time. That's the case here.
½ March 6, 2016
I was surprised how much I liked it. A
Lot oh pop corn fun
March 5, 2016
Adventure, some slow time's.
March 5, 2016
meh the film is good... boring at parts the grandmother was mostly annoying I did like the eruption scenes and the earthquake which was pretty cool I thought it would be just a little bit better but its better then volcano. pierce brossmen... that's about it 3 stars 65%
January 16, 2016
1/17/2016: Meh. A decent cast but nothing great or memorable about this film.
January 9, 2016
Best movie! Favorite disaster movie!
½ December 7, 2015
Although sometimes predictible and slightly over the top. Dante's Peak manages to deliever several consideribly breathtaking moments, which despite beeing a little cliche will keep you thrilled for a short moment. Special effects are also in the plus collumn here, High quality modelwork is especially pleasent for the eye.The Script itself is written well enough to allow the actors to play their roles with straight faces. Moreover The viewer is able to get to know the characters personalities well enough to understand their actions and makes them more belivable, which usually does not happen in a disaster film. Fine performence from Brosnan compensates some of the shortcommings of the movie.
November 16, 2015
I watched this film at school and I loved it it a brilliant film me and my uncle love watching it
November 4, 2015
In a sense, I did in fact kinda like this movie. Especially since it was shown in my geography class. But I do like the story, and SOME of the characters. :P
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