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½ April 30, 2019
Liked the characters and actors who played them. Story line was a little weak but I thoroughly enjoyed the performance
August 20, 2018
Possibly the manliest movie of all time.

Charles Bronson stars as a trapper in the Yukon, wrongly suspected of a string of vicious murders - killing men for the gold in their teeth. Lee Marvin is the grizzled old Mountie charged with bringing him in, who suspects he is innocent. A posse shows up at Bronson's cabin, and Marvin has him all but talked into surrendering, when Ed Lauter gets an itchy trigger finger and it all goes to hell. A beautifully shot manhunt across the snows of the Canadian Rockies ensues. Bonus: Carl Weathers! 

This is a (literally) stone-cold action classic that has inexplicably disappeared from the pop culture consciousness. I mean, Charles Bronson versus Lee Marvin - need I say more?
May 1, 2017
saw on tv 5-2017. Interesting.
March 20, 2017
Just a great action-chase film, with two of the best movie 'hardmen' ever.
½ December 11, 2016
Pretty cool little manhunt movie with a great cast. Nothing stand out or really unique, but the cast makes up for that, plus there are some beautiful landscapes.
November 2, 2016
Lee Marvin leads a massive manhunt on Charles Bronson in the unforgiving Canadian north. One of the greatest casts ever assembled. Unfortunately they don't seem to make them like this anymore.
October 19, 2016
A better film than I remembered, Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin reunite in this actioned packed violent thriller loosely based on the Mad Trapper of Rat River.
February 5, 2016
The movie "Death Hunt" turns history on its head, but in doing so it manages to deliver an entertaining movie that details the determination of two men in a manhunt across the Canadian tundra. Directed by James Bond veteran Peter Hunt, who after working as an editor on the first few 007 pictures, was promoted to director of the fan favorite "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" in addition to such classics as "Gold" and "Shout at the Devil". The movie "Death Hunt" provides Hunt the opportunity to reteam with his "Shout at the Devil" star Lee Marvin. Marvin plays a world-weary Canadian Mountie who is obligated (I use that word because Marvin's character seems to feel some sympathy for his quarry) to bring in a trapper (played by a quiet brooding Charles Bronsan) who is being harassed by some local thugs. The execution of this story is excellent, the acting first-rate and the shots of the Yukon breathtaking. Where this movie does falter is in purporting to tell history by tying in the story of the Mad Trapper of Rat River into the fabric of the story - and in doing so unraveling all the history books tell us about the real incident. Just type in `Mad Trapper of Rat River" on an Internet search engine to learn all you want to know about the 1931 incident, but everything we know about the real incident tells us that Albert Johnson was the guilty party. But here Johnson is portrayed as an innocent man whose pursuers use the charge of his being the mad trapper as an excuse to mobilize the law enforcement resources of the Yukon to catch him. Given that nobody to this day really knows the identity of Johnson, the filmmakers invent a rather fanciful past for him. The character Marvin plays - Millen - was also shot and killed by Johnson in a shootout midway through the chase, but in the movie "Death Hunt" Marvin's character is in the chase to the very end. Still, taken as a piece of fiction the movie "Death Hunt" is resounding stuff. I saw it on television some years ago and was hoping it would one day be released on DVD. Hunt is an expert at building suspense and a master at drama - and "Death Hunt" have both those elements in plentiful supply. In addition to Marvin and Bronsan the movie also features an impressive supporting cast with young heartthrob of the late 1970s/1980s Andrew Stevens as a young, eager Mountie and Carl Weathers (of Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies fame) as another weary Mountie. Add to the mix Ed Lauter and Angie Dickinsoin and the pedigree of this feature is obvious. So, the overall verdict? This is an entertaining action adventure with plenty of suspense and drama. Just don't expect an accurate history lesson.
½ February 4, 2016
Charles Bronson / Lee Marvin Goodness....
½ November 21, 2015
Pretty cool movie and not just because it is set in the Yukon. Albert Johnson is hunted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a band of blood-thirsty bounty hunters after he is wrongly accused of murder. Johnson should know that the Mounties always get their man. Based on a true story.
September 28, 2015
Despite the star power this one plods through 96 minutes that feel like much more.
½ August 29, 2015
Remember it as ok. ..
½ March 30, 2015
As someone who loves mountain men movies, the stand-off at the log cabin had me laughing like a little kid. So much fun. And as an animal lover I respect his motives. If you like this movie check out Challenge To be Free. It's another movie about the Mad Trapper. Bronson is the most badass Mad Trapper and the guy in Challenge To Be Free is the most crazy. So if you like Death Wish and the smell of animal fur you should definitely watch this one.
½ February 28, 2015
Anti-social and mysterious Albert Johnson frees a husky from a dog fighting ring. The original owner seeks revenge, and a shoot out ends up with someone dead. The dogged and weary Canadian mountie (Marvin) has to bring him in, but it ends up turning into a vicious chase from beginning to end. Based on the true story of the Mad Trapper, the pacing is solid and the cast is decent. Death Hunt is a well directed rural thriller in the cold North.
Super Reviewer
January 1, 2015
This is the first time i saw this movie and i have never heard anything about it before. A cast with Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin and with a genre like this its a must see flick with no doubt. There are a few other good familar actors aswell so the perfomances will not let you down. The story takes places in the 1930's where Albert Johnson , a trapper in the winter mountains kills a man in self defense and will soon have a bunch of men after him for justice.. Quite simple plot and very exciting. I love these kind of movies with beautiful landscapes which im very familar to myself. The movie reminds me of First Blood in a way and Brosnan fits perfect in his role. Its not a superb classic but its a movie worth a closer look if you have totally missed it like i had.
August 15, 2013
I own this in a four movie set along with:
* Cold Sweat (1970)
* Someone Behind The Door (1971)
* Red Sun (1971)
May 30, 2013
Seriously funny movie although it might not be all intentional.
May 12, 2013
Do these mongs not realize, you never ever ever fuck with Bronson. The man is lethal in any environment but when it comes to the wilderness he's at his most deadly. Have they gimps never seen Chato's Land?
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