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½ January 3, 2017
Painful ... but brilliant.
December 14, 2016
The movie as a whole lacks in places and is trying to be rather profound in its bleakness, sometimes perhaps unnecessarily so. To many the pure angst emanating from every character might be perceived as a demerit, however, I think the human aspect was handled as it was supposed to - with a certain level of raw detachment.

There is anger trembling in the margins of the storytelling, desolation, pain. You needn't always gloss over abuse, abandonment, hate, anguish out of fear of overtaking the viewer's emotions with despair. Life is hard, harder for others. Bad things happen. Here they are. Watch. And if you feel something then consider your time spent successfully.

If anything you get to enjoy stellar acting by the whole ensemble - especially Mr. Brody who is simply breathtaking in this one.
½ September 13, 2016
The emotion that you can get from the movie was direct and strong. Realistic type of scene. It was a great movie if you watch with your heart , you will learn a lot of things. What I like about the movie was that the acting was raw, not faking and you can feel it. Most importantly, it's about the truth of the world we live in.
August 25, 2016
Durísima película pero hermosa. Lo único que necesita, que exige el hombre es una sonrisa, es el amor. Responsabilidad de los padres, se necesitan guías, repite incansablemente el profesor Barthes (Brody).

Una nueva obra del existencialismo (de hecho empieza con una gran frase de A. Camus). Pasar de la indiferencia y de la estupidez aceptada tácitamente, al interés por el otro que es lo único que realmente importa, no sólo por él sino también por uno mismo.
August 18, 2016
the fourth star for the quote de camuoos
August 13, 2016
This one's a mess. Like some of Brody's students, the movie can't really decide what it wants to be.
½ July 7, 2016
One-note atmosphere of despair that keeps piling up more and more as film goes on. But worth watching for the performances, especially Adrien Brody. Oh, if only the animation interludes had been used to take us somewhere away from the dark themes, to show life's joys as well. (Sarah Watts did this in her 2005 movie Look Both Ways to great effect.) Feeling of any hope is missing, only death and decay.
June 30, 2016
Really odd blend of doing some things really well and other things horribly. Some characters were profound and interesting, others shallow and unrealistic. The editing was a joke, the melodrama is consistently too much, and Lucy Liu has one good scene.
April 13, 2016
I saw a complaint that this movie doesn't offer any solutions - that is an unreasonable standard indeed for a piece that addresses issues of enormous complexity. The good news is it does so with realism and passion.
February 25, 2016

La opinión de los críticos en Rotten Tomatoes acerca de esta película muestra precisamente la engañosa ideología utópica que el filme está atacando. Detachment meramente expone una sociedad enferma y dirigida por los medios controlados por la ambición y el consumismo. Revela las vidas de quienes han quedado presas de de esas ideologías enfermizas, a la vez que personas de buen corazón que quisieran ver a la juventud libre de el bombardeo de los medios y una cultura decadente, se encuentran hundidos en la desesperación y el pesimismo del fracaso ante este mal tan generalizado.

"No se ofrece una solución" ESE ES EL PUNTO. Mostrar vidas al límite, ante una sociedad construida sobre premisas utópicas engañonas que no pueden proporcionar verdadera felicidad. No es una "FEEL GOOD MOVIE" (película para sentirse bien). Es una denuncia a la consciencia social. Un verdadero logro, finamente filmado y actuado magistralmente por un elenco de primera.

February 5, 2016
This was a beautiful movie -- sad but beautiful. And it became most beautiful at the end. But it ended just one scene too quickly. The last scene was a disappointment because it had a chance to offer a way out, to show the possibility for an affirmation of life in spite of --the affirmation of life precisely Because Of -- the Suffering that it depicted -- suffering that is all too true and is propagated by the empty consumer society that it depicts -- It had a chance to end on a high note, of this affirmation of the carrying on of the human heart alongside all this suffering. This was the affirmation when he returned to see the girl who he had taken care of, and when he was back in his classroom at the end -- to the audience's surprise. Anyways, we can imagine that this was indeed the case, as it was before the final shot, when suddenly the students weren't there and the chairs were strewn about --

There must still be beauty in this world -- there still is. And that is the thread of hope that still runs through all the tragedy in the world. He was a moral man and he cared about people -- and because of that we had the gift of all the kindness through him, touching the couple of people he managed to help.
½ January 22, 2016
Sad on so many levels. This high school drama focuses on the plight of teachers who have zero parental support, abusive students and who have lost the passion for teaching. Dark and concerning.
Super Reviewer
½ January 20, 2016
So well-paced, well-executed, and helming one of the most needed stories in such a long time, "Detachment" is the type of film that is right up my alley. Although it received mixed reviews, I personally think it is one of the most thought-provoking films of this decade and I highly recommend it, especially to film fans such as myself. It has a screenplay so interesting and deep that I just could not look away from the screen. Adrian Brody is remarkable in this role and I believed every single action taken by his character. "Detachment" follows a troubled and hardened high school teacher as he deals with a new school with arrogant teenagers, a dying grandfather, and a devoted teenage whore. The evolution of the characters throughout this picture felt extremely earned, do to it's devoted script, but I did feel a little let down with the resolution of Adrien Brody's character, which was a bit of a letdown. Overall. this is one of the best films to come from 2011 in my opinion. Terrific film all around and it really makes you think about life in general.
January 15, 2016
Felt like an autobiography. Actually kinda depressing like Johnny got his gun or train spotting. The editing was artsy and the movie in general was very refreshing.
½ December 29, 2015
A movie that was recommended to me by a family member and a movie I thought was gonna be good, but instead it was a preachy, self-pretentious, depressing mess in my opinion. First I will start off with the positives because most of the review will be me trashing the film after I name it's positives. Adrian Brody did give a great performance in the film and I kept wishing throughout it that the film was as good as he was in it. A few more are that James Caan cracked me up in a weird hilarious scene and the young prostitute who hung out with Adrian Brody's character did do good at showing emotions when things got tough with her. Now on with the negatives because there are a ton. First off, the movie has way too many plot lines going on and it has way too many characters including some who are only in a few scenes like Bryan Cranston's, Blythe Danner's, and James Caan's. The movie completely wastes the talents of these fine actors and they did not contribute one memorable thing out of this whole movie. The plot lines could have worked but there was never a clear focus on anything going on and you don't end up caring about anything yu see on screen. First the movie tries to establish a relationship going on between Adrian Brody and the young prostitute, then it tries to show this horrible society that goes on around the school, then it shows these random scenes of teachers gathering around for meetings, also it shows Adrian Brody visiting his father in the hospital, and then lastly, it tries to establish this bond between Adrian Brody and the class he teaches while also trying to be really thought provoking and preachy with it's depressing messages, and it was all very mind boggling and messy for me and I can't imagine any normal person being able to soak all that in on one single viewing because I certainly didn't and I most certainly won't be revisiting this film anymore whatsoever in my lifetime, just because of how pretentious and depressing it got as it went on. I really did want to like this movie and for a little bit I was giving it the benefit of a doubt, but an hour in, I just stopped caring about the whole movie and was just waiting for it to end. If the movie would have been just about Adrian Brody and the relationship with his class and cut out all the pretentious preachy crap and the multiple unmemorable plot lines, the movie wouldn't have been so daunting to sit through and it would have been more effective. Considering that this film comes from the director who had brought us the great effective drama American History X, I expected a hell of a lot more. Overall, I really don't want to talk about this movie anymore because I get upset thinking about it and this movie is just a clear example of wasted potential.
½ November 27, 2015
Severely underrated movies.
½ November 13, 2015
An excellent performance from Brody,and some insightful moments in the script, but seriously the rest is a failed cocktail or poor direction, arty pointless photography and extra baggage of meaningless characters only added to prove the Directors depressed mind set. The story is excellent hence worth to see it from an arm length. Could have been superb.
½ October 28, 2015
well if you'd like to get sucker punched in the face with a dose of reality, this is the movie for you. it's quite profound. the issues brought up in this film are right under our fricken noses and while it may not blanket the entirety of the human race, it's pretty damn close. our generation is failing the generation below us and they will fail the generation after them because of it. our world has turned into a very vicious cycle.
½ September 16, 2015
Tony Kaye is a really talented filmmaker -- you can even see that here. But this is a film so bogged down in cliches, bloated melodrama, and nauseating misery that it baffles me how I could still feel even slightly affectionate. Its sort of a testament to Kaye's talent that a movie this unbelievably bad isn't all that bad. (Does that make sense?)
½ August 24, 2015
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