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October 14, 2017
The 80's action film that changed the face of action movies forever, great story, great action scenes, probably a fun Christmas movie too, Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman killed it in this film !
October 4, 2017
It's the blueprint for a perfect action film. Involving characters, consistently great action, spectacular performances, and a brilliant script.

There's nothing else to say. It's perfect.
½ October 1, 2017
Die Hard is an absolute classic, one of the best Christmas movies ever made. Despite not being about Christmas. Bruce Willis' best work in my opinion, accompanied by a brilliant performance from Alan Rickman as the villain and Reginald VelJohnson as his buddy cop. Reginald and Bruce have a great back and forth, you really feel the bond between the two. The story is gripping, which is surprising, considering it all takes place in one building.

Die hard 2 and 3 are also worth mentioning, both doing something similar, but in different scenarios. As stand alone's they don't even come close to the first, but they're pretty entertaining if you ever find the time and want to see more of John Mclane, which of course, you do.

As a stand alone film it can't be faulted, what me and I'm sure everyone included learnt, was that John Mclane is not to be fucked with.
September 25, 2017
It's almost Christmas in December and is now the time for me to review this bad ass movie. This is the film that I've heard about years ago because the fourth film has come out in 2007. Many people consider this the memorable film of the decade and many people have watched this, my mum, dad and the teachers Pam, Simon and Helen. The film takes place in Nakatomi Plaza. Trust me, if I ever go there, I would go and have a look around and that John and the terrorists have been. I think it doesn't even capture the spirit of Christmas but for me, it just isn't Christmas until I've seen this film. I overall love this film and this is why I consider this one of my favourite films and I could never get tired of this. It's classy, it's action packed, it's quiet, it's loud, it's suspenseful, it's well paced, it's settle, it's explosive, it's everything you want in the movie. John McClane is played by Bruce Willis and what we have here is the terrorists. One is Hans Gruber played by everyone's favourite Alan Rickman, second is his savage henchman, third who looks like Huey Lewis, fourth is the nerdy scientist and the others are German. Gesundheit. John McClane goes to Nakatomi Plaza to meet his wife Holly McClane but all of the sudden, the terrorists are here to take over so John has to kill the terrorists before they kill all the hostages including Holly. The action scenes are really awesome and you will be thrilled by the suspense and it's like if you were in the roller coaster. Bruce Willis really does bring his character to the big screen. Alan Rickman is great as the villain Hans Gruber. Everybody remember him playing Professor Snape from the Harry Potter franchise and it's a shame that he died last year because he had pancreatic cancer. This movie is amazing, really is just stunning all the way through, very enjoyable and action packed thrilling experience. Years ago when I checked it out, I just realize that Bruce Willis says a memorable line in this memorable movie. He says "Yippie-ki-yay, motherf%^ker!'' Any movie has a one-liner and the one-liners have always been the actual favourite for the die hard fans who says those memorable lines. John McTiernan has able to manipulate the story that the characters is going through. There are some flaws in this like the one with the hospital van. When the truck of terrorists have arrived, when they come out of the truck, the van is gone and when Theo is in the back of the truck, the van has appeared. I mean, how does that make any goddamn sense. Maybe it's just a movie mistake but who f$%ing cares, I still enjoy it. The music is composed by Michael Kamen. It's good to hear his music in Lethal Weapon before this. And I gotta say, listening to his music in Die Hard and Lethal Weapon is the most similar thing than watching these two movies together and the sequels. When I ever heard his music, I gotta say, Michael Kamen is one of my favourite music composers along with Hans Zimmer, John Williams and David Foster. I love this movie with the vengeance, it has some explosives, awesome action scenes, great suspense and iconic pacing. Every person know that Die Hard is the most awesome 80's action film made for the Die Hard fans and myself. I love every single second of this and this is why I enjoyed it and I'm the only one who is obsessed with this for many generations. For many people who haven't seen this, I genuinely recommend that you watch it. For many fans out there who love this, Congratulations. If you don't like it then I suggest that you go to hell. For many people who says those lines from the movies that had one-liners, they're always be the ones with the highlight from the characters. People who quote the lines like myself quoting these lines forever and ever like in animation from Disney, Dreamworks and videogames with my friends. This movie is a must-see for many who haven't seen it. I've seen a million times and I will definitely watch it a million times again. Die Hard is one of my favourite films of all time.
September 24, 2017
Can't really think of any flaw that this movie has other than being responsible for a gazillion imitators and a few bad sequels none of which seem to understand that the action and pure suspense is remarkable but it's the vulnerablility of our protagonist and villain and the chemistry they have that makes this movie stand the test of time.
September 18, 2017
Tense action, tight direction, hilarious comedy and a top notch cast, Die Hard is a true blast form start to finish and the best Christmas movie ever made. 'Nuff said.
September 2, 2017
Absolute thrill watching it the first time. I've only watched it once and need to watch it again.
½ September 2, 2017
Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman go head-to-head as a rogue detective and a sophisticated terrorist in this hard-edged action thriller. Rickman and his henchmen take over the skyscraper where Willis's estranged wife works and hold an entire floor worth of hostages. Willis becomes the thorn in their side as he infiltrates the rest of the building and works to track them down one by one. Rickman makes for a truly indelible villain and Willis shows how he can kick ass and take names in a better fashion that Chuck Norris or Charles Bronson as John McClane. Great effects and nail-biting suspense make up for the sometimes thin storyline.
August 25, 2017
This movie was so good it catapulted Bruce Willis in to superstardom and he never looked back setting Bruce up for a line of blockbuster films.
I remember watching this movie at the theater back in 1988, and have vivid memories of the movie watchers that night being on the edge of their seats 30 minutes into the movie until the end.
Great plot, great acting and highly recommend this movie to all!
Yippee-ki-yay, *******!!
August 18, 2017
This Movie Turned 25 Years Old In 2013 When 2009 Was 4 Years Old.
August 14, 2017
Die Hard is THE go to 80s action movie. It is badass, intense, and well shot. It is hard to top it.
August 10, 2017
Die Hard is one of the best action movies of all time. Bruce Willis becomes the legendary John McLane as he fights a 12 man group by himself.
July 26, 2017
Die Hard, Great Movies
"Die Hard" is the prototype type for the modern action film. Since it's also one of the best action films ever made, that happens to be a very good thing.
"Die Hard" is lean, mean, and doesn't contain a single second of wasted screen time. The direction, the action, the story, the acting . . . every aspect of this film comes close to big-budget action movie perfection. Since "Die Hard" was first released in 1988, it's difficult to think of a blockbuster action film that doesn't follow the basic structure and format of "Die Hard" . . . or, for that matter, is better than "Die Hard".
"Die Hard" is about John McClane (Bruce Willis, in one of his all-time best film performances), a basically good, honest New York cop with a penchant for annoying authority figures. Traveling to Los Angeles in a last ditch attempt to patch things up with his estranged wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), John McClane suddenly finds himself involved in a hostage situation. Terrorists, led by the enigmatic Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), have taken over the office building in which Holly is working, and with Gruber holding the upper hand over the LAPD and FBI forces in Los Angeles, it's up to John McClane to save the day . . . .
Kudos should be given to both director John McTiernan and screenwriters Jeb Stuart and Steven DeSouza -- the film is tight, electrifying, and clever, which is something few action films can ever claim. The story isn't completely believable, but it's believable enough, and it manages to move along at a quick enough pace to where the most glaring plotholes can easily be glossed over. There's also enough twists and wrinkles thrown into the story to keep the audience guessing as to what's going to happen next . . . and the surprises don't come out of left field, but are actually clever and well thought-out. (The fact that McClane often relies on his brains instead of his bullets to get out of his predicaments is also a big plus.) Simply put, "Die Hard" is one of the smartest and savviest action screenplays ever written. McTiernan holds up his end of the film admirably as well -- he uses the claustrophobic nature of the office building to great effect (particularly in any scene involving an elevator shaft), and he keeps the film rolling at a rollercoaster pace, building up the anticipation of the audience before unleashing the action. A lot of recent action films just fly along at a mindless, breakneck pace, without ever allowing the story to breathe or the suspense to build . . . unlike those films, "Die Hard" knows how to maximize the impact of each and every scene, and that's why it stands out so clearly from them all. With "Die Hard", John McTiernan puts on a perfect clinic as to how to pace an action movie.
As for the acting, it's darn near close to perfect. Bruce Willis is awesome as John McClane. As played by Willis, McClane's a smartass with a distinct disdain for being given orders . . . but McClane's also clever, and knows how to keep cool under pressure. There's more to McClane than the stereotypical tough guy hero. Fortunately, the role was given to Bruce Willis, who infuses McClane with the perfect mix of cocky arrogance and stone-cold heroism. The fact that Willis plays McClane as a man often in disbelief of his own situation, and who struggles in his fight against bad guys instead of just killing bad guys with ease, like most stereotypical action heroes -- well, not only does it make the character much more believable, it's darn brilliant. (The fact that Willis also knows how to deliver a deadpan one-liner better than anybody else in Hollywood makes the character all the better.) There's only a handful of movies where both character and actor are a completely perfect match; Bruce Willis as John McClane is one such perfect match.
Also worthy of mention is Alan Rickman's performance as the villain Hans Gruber. The Machiavellian Gruber would've been an easy villain to turn into little more than a scenery-chewing Bond villain . . . fortunately, Rickman doesn't travel the easy route. Gruber, as played by Rickman, is cold and calculating, and actually acts smart, instead of merely claiming to be smart and then being thoroughly outwitted by the hero. He always appears to have an ace hidden up his sleeve, and is so convincing at giving this impression, it's hard to tell throughout the film whether he or McClane truly have the upper hand. Other actors probably could've played Gruber fairly well, but Rickman makes Gruber one of the all-time great villains. As for the rest of the cast, they're all pretty good. Bonnie Bedelia does a nice job as John's soon-to-be-ex-wife Holly -- she plays her with enough smarts and feistiness to break the usual "damsel in distress" mold. It's also worth mentioning that Paul Gleason, who plays the obstinate police chief Robinson, pretty much sets up the modern action movie stereotype of the authority figure who refuses to heed the advice of the maverick hero. The character is stupid to a fault, and he's wonderful because of it.
"Die Hard" is a terrific example of what happens when all the pieces of a film fall together perfectly. There simply are no weak spots or dull moments in the film. Is "Die Hard" one of the best overall movies ever made? Probably not. But it's undeniably one of the best action movies ever made, and it just might well be the perfect modern action film. Grade: A
July 19, 2017
Die hard is a true classic. It came out at a time where every action movie had a star that looked like an action figure. The leading man was a nobody and the story is about a nobody. What more can you ask for, an average cop taking on German terrorists without shoes. I do have issues with this film but that's based on my own opinion. I also feel that with time the movie has been put on a pedestal. It is a great action film and there's a reason why it is so loved, however, I do feel that there are a few better action movies out there. But at the same time you cannot go through life without watching DIE HARD!!!!!!!
July 15, 2017
A perfect protagonist, perfect villain, perfect humor and a perfect action movie
July 13, 2017
Bloody shootouts, a brilliant villain as portrayed by Allan Rickman and a solid premise help raise this holiday spectacle above many others.
July 12, 2017
Excellent movie. Exciting to the end. I'd watch it again.
July 10, 2017
Many movies have tried to replicate its story, but none have come close to what Die Hard did for 80's action movies and action movies in general. It is thrilling, exciting, and Bruce Willis gives a strong performance as one of the most awesome action movie heroes John McClane. Also a good movie to watch around the holiday season.
½ June 23, 2017
Still the best Christmas movie ever.
June 5, 2017
The film that redefined the action movie genre !!!
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