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July 28, 2016
Die Hard marks a classic and defining moment for the action thriller genre, and it is largely helped by great suspense, a gripping story, and an outstanding performance from Bruce Willis.
July 28, 2016
The original every man action flick truly shines above the rest, with well fleshed out characters, fantastic direction, nail bitingly tense moments, and a Villian for the ages. (RIP Alan Rickman).
½ July 25, 2016
Great film a classic that made Bruce Willis the action star he is today, Not a original story but it's told well and keeps us gripped from start to finish.
July 25, 2016
Bruce Willis saved the world barefooted which is truly amazing!
July 25, 2016
Great action movie and pop culture references. My only problem: EVERYONE EXCEPT JOHN AND AL! The FBI are idiots, the police are assholes and the terrorists outsmarted them despite knowing everything about Americans from pop culture, which annoyed me everytime Hans based John on movie heroes
½ July 23, 2016
This film glorifies guns and glorifies the armed American hero. I don't support it
½ July 23, 2016
Although The Hunt for Red October might be John McTiernan's Masterpiece, Die Hard is a fun, good action flick.
July 19, 2016
If aliens landed and said "show us one action movie," this would be the movie I'd hand to them (or have them stream).
July 16, 2016
Almost 30 years old, and only now have I got around to watching this well known action film. It's pretty good but not well and truly mind blowing in this day and age. Travelling across America to reunite with his estranged wife, kick ass cop John Maclean soon finds himself battling an unwanted Christmas present as thieves take over a multi million pound company headquarters and take the employees (including his Mrs) hostage. With all the action taking place on the lower levels, John must find a way of manoeuvring himself unnoticed around the higher tier office block which he is trapped in order to pick the team of assailants off one by one. He does a cracking job to be fair, given its a one man army, and the action is spread evenly throughout, despite perhaps needing a greater peak towards the end. Alan Rickman is as solid as he ever has been in his role, albeit a perhaps unfamiliar German crime lord boss. His strength is naturally more mental to Bruce Willis' physical power but the duel is entertaining regardless. It's a blend of fist and gun fights in a cat and mouse style format as the terrorists seek to hunt Maclean down, with an injection of manly slogans such as 'Yippee Ki-Yay Mutha ******' to boot. I hadn't been all that fussed about watching this for several years, but having now given in, I'd be pretty happy to see the sequel, maybe even all 4 of them if they continue at this level.
July 13, 2016
A fun, action packed movie that helped birth the modern action movie into society.
July 12, 2016
One of my favourite movies of all time. Go see it!!!!!
½ July 10, 2016
Even with todays standards, Die Hard is still a fun and entertaining action film with good focus and memorable one liners... making it easy to overlook some of the less believeable moments near the end.
½ June 26, 2016
Parts of it are good, but as a whole for me, I got bored and turned it off.
Super Reviewer
½ June 20, 2016
This is one of the absolute classic action films. One of Willis's best performances. Excellent script written about a New York City cop going to LA for the holidays and terrorists taking over the office building he is at for his estranged wife's holiday party. Many many quotable lines. If a film has many lines and scenes taken from it for parody films, you know it is a well loved classic. If you are a fan of action films and haven't seen this one, then you're not a fan of action films. Action is great and even the "down time" dialogue between Willis and VelJohnson is well written and well acted.
June 20, 2016
Fun action flick with a charismatic Bruce Willis.
June 10, 2016
A holiday and action masterpiece that has memorable characters, moments, and especially lines
June 4, 2016
Not perfect but damn entertaining.
May 31, 2016
One of the greatest action movies, and movies in general.
May 30, 2016
One of my favorite movies ever
May 26, 2016
It's the ultimate action movie, it's what an 'escapism' type movie is supposed to be. This is just a perfect fucking movie.
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