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½ November 27, 2016
Pro-cop and pro-government propaganda, but still a decently-told story.
½ October 19, 2016
Raw and ruthless. Clint Eastwood in his right element, dont giving a fuck about the bosses when they are doing it wrong. Capable, enjoyable and clean cutting. Pure as they come.
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October 1, 2016
I have never seen this series before and I have to say I enjoyed this. I can see why it is a classic and helped make Clint Eastwood a household name.
September 26, 2016
The Villian Definately Makes This A Memorable Watch As Every Hero Needs A Nemisis. Some Of The Wide-Angle Photography Adds To The Feeling Of Fear Instilled Across The City. Really Liked This Classic Gangsta Flick.
½ August 27, 2016
"Dirty Harry" is a classic action flick with a great lead performance from Clint Eastwood, some really cool action sequences, and a killer villain.
August 20, 2016
A good action thriller about Cop who hates the law, Dirty Harry sees Clint Eastwood kick ass like usual
August 16, 2016
awsome, keeps you thrilled till the phrase.
August 14, 2016
Recently I've considered drastically negatively re-appraising Clint Eastwood's work, both directorially and as a thespian, as a knee-jerk reaction to his constant defense of the more racially-bigoted face of conservative America, but because of what his work has meant to me as a cinephile over the years, plus in tribute to everyone else's work involved in this film, particularly director Don Siegel's, that simply wouldn't be fair.

As well, you're basically getting, boiled down in its 103-minute timespan, 45 years after the fact, the main dilemma facing the USA. Whose rights are more important--the good guys' or the bad guys'? If they're equal, should they be considered equal, and what does that mean to the law enforcement and judicial systems?

Quite simply, THE most important American-made film of the past 50 years. NOT my very favourite (that's '2001: A Space Odyssey'), but the most significant.

And it hasn't aged a single day because of it.
August 9, 2016
This is one of those genre films that was so influential it essentially created it's own sub-genre. Almost every cop film produced during the 70's owed some debt to this film. That's as it should be, since this is a minor masterpiece. Like most of Siegel's films, it's not a ferociously ambitious film, but it's an incredibly well-oiled genre machine ... and Eastwood is the perfect actor to star in it. His performance as Harry Callahan is so iconic that it's difficult to see how different it is from what came before it.
½ July 23, 2016
Through no fault of its own, I was unable to enjoy it simply because so many movies have copied it that I found the whole thing tame and predictable.
½ July 15, 2016
The most gangster cop movie i think ive ever seen. Clint eastwood plays a terrific hardass hero who doesnt give a shit what other ppl think. It shows how hard cops jobs are esp when politics come into play. Movie moves fast and it mostly a cat and mouse chasing game btw cop and murderer. I liked the suspenseful jazz score and how the movie was edited to be quick and smooth. Also u could totally feel a cool 70s vibe from this film. Movie isnt esp grand as far as plot and its cliches but btw the style, acting and directing its pretty good. Now i know where that famous line "do u feel lucky punk?" Comes from.
July 12, 2016
Classic cop drama with Eastwood as tough cop Harry Callahan trying to track down a sniper in San Francisco.
July 2, 2016
Done dirty by a coddling judiciary that takes the constitution too seriously our hero is forced to finally break all the rules to bring down his man monster.
½ June 13, 2016
The scene where the DA's telling Harry that they can't prosecute Scorpio because of all the **** he pulled getting him is all that I wanted to see Ice Cube blast at Schmidt and Jenko in 21 Jump Street. Just because you read him his Miranda Rights doesn't excuse all the damage, explosions, recklessness, murder, death of undercovers, and all kinds of other bull they did. Good movie regardless, and I can't imagine how both scary the real Zodiac killer was and maybe what schadenfreude relief or hope this movie gave to people who were living in that time.
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June 5, 2016
Clint Eastwood is the hard, play-by-my-rules inspector Harry Callahan who frequently takes the law into his own hands. This is a pretty unrealistic depiction of cop life. But who cares? Dirty Harry is a great, entertaining watch not to be taken too seriously.
May 17, 2016
A man's got to know his limitations!
½ April 22, 2016
Dirty Harry is one of the most legendary and popular characters which has spawned numerous imitations not just in Hollywood but different movie industries across the world. Who else better to pull this off than Clint Eastwood who is flawless and effortless in portraying the role.

Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is a trigger happy unconventional cop but always brings results. When the city is threatened by a sniper aka Scorpio Killer (Andrew Robinson) who keeps putting down random victims holds the city police for ransom to stop his rampage. Harry is assigned for the task and they come up with a plan. The sniper gives them a slip after repeated plans lure him to their cage. This time the Scorpio killer takes it personal and asks Harry to deliver the ransom for a final showdown.

Follows a textbook story telling process which later becomes a formula for the genre. A detailed introduction of the antagonist followed by the protagonist only after which the plot surfaces (as wafer thin as it might be) slowly building up to a final showdown. Though the Scorpio killer initially comes off as weak and mad, his character progresses steadily during the course of the story giving multiple dimensions and levels to his character. It is not comprehensible how the police department misses the sniper even multiple sightings with all the man power, pre-planning and technology. But the star is undoubtedly Clint Eastwood who carries the entire weight of the movie and even gives it a considerable boost with an uninterested look on his face, the hype surrounding him because of his volatile trigger happy nature and sharp one-liners.

Simple yet captivating screenplay allows Clint Eastwood to drive the star vehicle
½ March 19, 2016
Deliciously cheesy and plays out almost like a parody of cop movies. The movie itself is slow and the ending is unfocused but it is altogether a fun ride.
½ March 17, 2016
"Dirty" Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) is a widowed cop who dispenses rough justice by his own set of rules. He's tasked with stopping the rampage of a crazed serial killer (Andrew Robinson), but he's hobbled by incompetent superiors who protect criminal scum with ridiculous things such as the Bill Of Rights. Loosely derived from the real-life slayings of the Zodiac Killer, Dirty Harry tapped into American fears regarding urban crime and, coupled with Eastwood's iconic performance, this was enough to make the film into a lucrative property. While effective as a tautly-paced thriller, this picture's main contribution to American cinema is that its success led to four direct sequels and an onslaught of "loose cannon" cop movies that crib directly from Dirty Harry's playbook.
March 4, 2016
The directing is remarkable but, the most interesting side of this film is the character created by Eastwood, a policeman who decides to take the law by his hand disregarding any kind of right or procedure.

Quite like his characters in the far west ... but in nowadays U.S.

The story itself is, plainly, bad and grotesque.
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