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October 10, 2016
Probably one of the best satires ever produced, featuring Peter Sellers at what is arguably his best. This film is highly entertaining, though-provoking and laugh inducing, and 52 years later is still relevant. Not only one of, if not the best, satires ever made, but one of the best movies ever made, period.
September 20, 2016
A work of perfection.
½ September 19, 2016
It's always nice when you can watch a highly-regarded film and instantly appreciate why people love it so much. Dr. Strangelove is downright hilarious while also making a strong statement about the dangers of nuclear weapons. I love movies like this where most of the cast plays it straight, and allows the great script to provide the comedy. In fact, aside from some physical comedy from Peter Sellers, everyone behaves as if this is a serious drama. The cast is off-the-charts with awesome actors. I could go through and compliment each and every one, but let's just say they are all marvelous. Sellers obviously deserves a little extra credit because he plays 3 different characters with such skill that I never even thought about whether it would be better with separate actors in the roles. Some of the aerial footage looked extremely artificial, probably because of the limited techniques they had available to them at that time, but it's a pretty minor quibble in an excellent film. Perhaps my favorite aspect of Dr. Strangelove is how it constantly offers a ray of hope, as if everything might get fixed. Then, once your hopes are high, it pulls the rug out from under you and a series of mistakes keep things escalating. Perhaps my biggest complaint about this film is that it's not long enough. I know that's crazy, but I was having such a good time that I wanted the fun to continue and there were a few characters who needed a little more screen-time to completely flesh out their part in the story. However, this is a superb film that takes a stand, but also has enough humor to entertain people who don't care at all about that standpoint. Highly recommended!
September 18, 2016
A clever and biting satire of the Cold War era. A rare example of brilliant wit.
September 18, 2016
10 out of 10:

Dr Strangelove offers an intelligent look at the Cold War by having really funny moments, great directing, and great performances.
September 9, 2016
one of the best movies ever!
½ September 7, 2016
A film that studies the human psyche in a elegant manner, with a great comedic punch and grade A entertainment value.
September 6, 2016
A masterful satire on the story of the Cold War and the conflict between USA and Russia by master director Stanley Kubrick, combining humor with a strange realism and great performances lead by the always great Peter Sellers.
September 3, 2016
Dr Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) C-93m. [4 Stars] D: Stanley Kubrick. Peter Sellers, George C. Scott, Sterling Hayden, Slim Peckins, Keenan Wynn, Peter Bull, James Earl Jones. Perhaps Kubrick's best film is painfully funny black comedy satire with Sellers playing three roles: "serious" British captain, irritated U.S. president, and mad creator of "the bomb"; Hayden is outstanding as whacked-out, sexually-fueled general, and Scott as bomb-loving major stealing the picture. Never runs out of gags, or laughs. The "War Room" is quite possibly the most famous movie set in film history; Peckin's death scene equally memorable. One of the all-time classics. And who could ever forget that final scene?
August 27, 2016
In my original review of Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove," I gave the film 4 1/2 Stars, calling it "an outrageous black comedy." Having given the film a proper re-watch, I have now realized that, while not retracting from my earlier statements, that this 1964 satire is one of cinema's most obliviously perfect movies.
August 24, 2016
It's simple, if you don't know every line by heart, you ain't.
August 23, 2016
Kubrick is such a remarkable director that only he could make a movie so revolutionarily hilarious about the Cold War and yet it's so difficult to even place it in my Top 5 of his works (and yes, his next film, '2001: A Space Odyssey' would be my favourite movie ever made), though for Peter Sellers, a rare actor whom Kubrick would work with more than once, this would have to be up there with 'Being There' and 'The Party' in terms of my favourite works of his.

Slim Pickens often noted that this film established his career. Unfortunately, many so-called film aficionados of today won't bother either with black-and-white movies or films made before 1970, which is a shame, because this is clearly a wonderful work that more people today should see.

Do yourself a favour and watch it if you haven't already done so.
August 11, 2016
Just too strange for me.
August 7, 2016
Kubrick puts the cold war into a soup and sets the dish on fire. Egosentric madness with nuclear intentions. A cowboy riding a nuclear missle to a mutilated ex-nazi sub-third-reich wetdream planning. Razor sharp and brilliant.
½ August 4, 2016
''Senhores, no briguem aqui isto uma sala de guerra''
August 2, 2016
Just the best satire. Some metaphors too.
½ July 18, 2016
Genial Kubrick. Innovador y audaz.
July 18, 2016
Meu amor por este filme infinito.
½ July 11, 2016
A classic hilarious dark satire of the Cold War.
July 6, 2016
Peter Sellers is amazing.
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