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Owen Wilson's charms can't save Drillbit Taylor, an unfunny, overly familiar bullied-teen comedy.



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Two high school freshmen are targeted by the school bully on the first day of school. The boys hire what they think is a low-budget soldier of fortune to protect them, but he turns out to be anything but.

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Owen Wilson
as Drillbit Taylor
Jonathan Lane
as Filkins' Friend
Shane Ryan
as High School Student
Josh Peck
as Ronnie
Alex Frost
as Filkins
Stacy Arnell
as Officer Janero
Meredith Deane
as Bridgette Bond
Blaise Garza
as Romeo Montague
Janet Varney
as Jessica
Joe Wilson
as Homeless Uncle Joe
Rakefet Abergel
as Woman Driver
George Anton
as Police Officer
Steve Bannos
as Computer Owner
Matt Besser
as Pawn Shop Owner
David Bowe
as Male Teacher
Andrew Caldwell
as Large Kid
as Tattooed Bodyguard
Roger Fan
as Guy with Knives
Mo gallini
as Police Officer
Katie Gill
as Hot Girl
Kyle Kaplan
as Teen Blogger
Lisa Lampanelli
as Ronnie's mom
Alison Martin
as Dean's Mom
Eddy Martin
as Random Kid #1
Robert Allen Mukes
as Bonecrusher
Amir Perets
as Mosad Agent
Austin Rogers
as Kid with Bloody Nose
Hynden Walch
as Emmit's Mom
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  • Jul 11, 2012
    Some interesting characters, doesn't make Drillbit Taylor just other bullied-teen comedy.
    Lucas M Super Reviewer
  • Jun 28, 2012
    Decent comedy, but with nothing ever memorable going for it, Drillbit Taylor is fun, mindless entertainment that could have been much better. This movie did have some laughs, but it lacked in some area. One of the films biggest faults was Troy Gentile as Ryan, he was totally annoying, and made me lose interest in this one almost. What made this film fun to watch is seeing the three bullies go nuts on the main three characters. I know bullying is a serious issue, but with their antics here, they really stole the show. The film is a decent comedy to watch, it's fun, with a decent cast (aside from Troy Gentile) and it's definitely worth watching. However don't expect the funniest film ever when watching this, there are parts that sometimes don't work, and the film's humor lacks in some areas where it should be really funny. Though it's imperfect, it's still a decent little film to watch and Owen Wilson is pretty funny here as well. The film is worth seeing, but don't expect something great with the comedy and like I said actor Troy Gentile ruined the film as his character was dreadfully annoying. However for what it is, it'll make you laugh a few times. I enjoyed the film, but felt it could have been better. This is a fun little comedy that needed a little bit more thought out comedic material to make it work better, and they could have written out the fat Eminem wannabe, which brought the film down a notch because he was so annoying. Aside from those minor things, Drillbit Taylor is mindless decent fun.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Mar 18, 2012
    "Drillbit Taylor" is one of those movies that's just kind of there. There's nothing about that's really all that great. The story line is conventional, the characters are shallow and 2-D, and there are very few jokes that actually hit home. For the most part, it's remained forgotten to most of the public.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Dec 03, 2011
    Drillbit Taylor is basically about two high-school freshmen who are being bullied and harassed at their new school. They make an appointment through the internet, looking for an inexpensive bodyguard. And of course, they find Drillbit Taylor. He claims to be trained by the military, and he also claims to protect them. But what they don't know about him is that he is actually a homeless man, looking for money. And so the story begins... The movie is meant to be a Comedy, and at some parts you might let out a chuckle or two. But what this film really attempts to make you laugh at is it's bullying scenes. There is nothing funny about these scenes, because they are overly violent, rude, and tragic. So, unless you like kids getting hurt then you will most certainly laugh at this movie. Now, Owen Wilson is actually quite likeable in this movie. I mean he doesn't give out a GREAT performance or anything like that, but he is somehow likeable in here. It's probably because he actually starts to grow a love for these kids, and no he is not a pedophile. He's actually able to teach these kids a thing or two about standing up against bullies, without having to be so violent. But still not even Owen Wilson's likable character can save such a foolish movie. And another thing, is this movie meant for adults or kids? Because if kid's DO watch this movie, then they will just end up being afraid of High-School. Especially if they are too skinny, fat, or nerdy. Because this is what the film does. It bullies the nerds, fatty's, and skinny kids. But hey, if You are a fan of "America's Funniest Home Videos" which offers a variety of people getting injured, then this might just be the movie for you. And if you're a bully then even better!
    Emmanuel T Super Reviewer

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