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Jennifer Garner inhabits her role with earnest gusto, but Elektra's tone deaf script is too self-serious and bereft of intelligent dialogue to provide engaging thrills.



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Ordered to assassinate Mark Miller, the deadly female ninja Elektra opts instead to defy her orders and defends both Mark and his daughter Abby against all comers.


Goran Visnjic
as Mark Miller
Kirsten Prout
as Abby Miller
Bob Sapp
as Stone
Jason Isaacs
as DeMarco (Uncredited)
Laura Ward
as Young Elektra
Kurt Max Runte
as Nikolas Natchios
Nathaniel Arcand
as Hand Ninja #1
Aaron Au
as Hand Ninja #2
Kevan Ohtsji
as Roshi Servant
Ian Tracey
as Pool Shark
Jana Mitsoula
as Young Elektra's Mother
Sean Akira
as Glowering Ikuren
Taku Kawai
as Glowering Ikuren
Kendall Cross
as First Paramedic
Ty Olsson
as Second Paramedic
Nancy Wetzel
as Third Paramedic
Paul Wu
as Fight Instructor
Marke Driesschen
as Weatherman
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  • Nov 25, 2013
    Spin-off/quasi-sequel to 2003's Daredevil is Elektra; the 2005 Marvel film that successfully crushed the potential franchise. Despite having the same actor play the same character in a movie where she has flashbacks to her original film, Elektra couldn't be more different from Daredevil. While the latter may have had a couple of problems trying to figure out whether it was going for realism or fantasy, Elektra completely drops the ball and just gets fucking weird. The storyline makes of itself to be the ultimate struggle between good and evil, but ends up being little more than an angst-y, CGI-ridden chase-thriller (sans thrills). Plenty of critics say that Jennifer Garner's screen presence was enough to charm the film into a positive place. Personally I disagree. No actor, not even my beloved Ray Stevenson, could have saved this shocker. And as a side-note; I personally don't think that highly at all of Mrs. Garner. The film sets up the cannon-fodder (see the villainous "Tattoo" above) quite nicely, and seeing them taken out is akin to Ghost Rider. But in reality, this band of baddies ("The Hand", as they're known) and their executions are really the only worthwhile part in the film, from beginning to end. Though I personally panned Daredevil, I think the fact that Elektra basically ignored her once-love's existence was pretty rough. The film is ridiculous, and yet takes itself so seriously that there's no way to enjoy it as just a bit of dumb fun. Jumping off from the success of Daredevil, a huge budget and a total plethora of ready-to-pick characters to choose from, it's crazy to think of how Elektra managed to miss the mark so completely. Riddled with cliches and plot-holes, I can't see why they bothered to get this film off the ground, when so many brilliant ideas linger in Development Hell forever. Finally, I don't know if any other Marvel film to date has so whole-heartedly raped its source material as Elektra did. Not the issue with the film itself, but I don't see how creator Frank Miller could ever have let this shit slide. 20% -Gimly
    Gimly M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 10, 2012
    Truly atrocious, Elektra is an awful film that's poorly made and poorly excused. Based on the Marvel comic, the story follows Elektra, a professional assassin, who takes on a mission to protect a child prodigy from the deadly Hand clan. The plot's just terrible, makes no sense, and is incongruent with the Daredevil origin. Jennifer Garner returns to reprise the role of Elektra; however her performance is dreadful (as is the rest of the cast). Additionally, the special effects are pathetic and the fight sequences are pitiful. One of the worst superhero films ever made, Elektra is an appalling piece of garbage.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • May 05, 2012
    By far, the absolute worst Marvel movie to date. "Elektra" is a spin off of "Daredevil" and completely goes off the tracks with a bad story, and horrible acting. Jennifer Garner stars as "Elektra" a hired assassin who has come back from the dead and reunited with her old sensei Stick(Terence Stamp). She's hired to kill a father and daughter, but her conscience kicks in and she protects them instead of killing them. "Daredevil" is a superhero movie that is over the top, but in a lot of ways based in reality. Here, "Elektra" just moves into this supernatural-esque world, that doesn't make any sense. There's a guy with tattoos that come to life, a woman who turns people to stone(kind of) with a kiss, it just seemed so fake and ridiculous, it's hard to take any of this movie seriously. I know, I know, how can you say this is fake when you love a movie like "Thor?" Watch both of them, and tell me which seems more realistic. Garner may be hot, but my god she can't act in this movie. She just has this pouty look on her face the whole time, and the father/daughter duo, I was hoping like hell they would die. Skip this absolute turd of a movie, and watch "Daredevil" again, or any other movie for that matter.
    Everett J Super Reviewer
  • Sep 12, 2011
    People are so monumentally stupid. I'm angry that such great movies are trashed time and time again by our overly negative culture ...and I'm angry that I listened to the masses for this long. I just watched this movie and I was blown away by how much it differed from my expectations. This isn't the trash that most people think that it is -- "Elektra" is far more entertaining than most of the films I have seen in a good long while. I long for the days when comic-book movies were made like this. Why must the world be filled with such children?
    Michael R Super Reviewer

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