Eleven Men Out (Strakarnir okkar) Reviews

April 8, 2008
A too-thin dramedy with good intentions but poor results.
November 16, 2007
If you detect anything fresh or original in terms of character or story development, you're probably not watching this movie.
November 16, 2007
November 15, 2007
Douglas addresses rather serious issues with warmth and humour in this engaging football comedy, which doesn't actually show much football action.
January 24, 2007
While Eleven Men Out is an interesting look at how Icelandic society deals with homosexuality, it doesn't hold together as solid entertainment for U.S. audiences.
May 20, 2006
[Eleven Men Out] thoughtful and funny characters, something that should give this droll drama appeal beyond a niche gay audience.
March 26, 2006
Although a very serious subject, it is often approached with comedy. This one is more successful than a lot of television sitcoms have been in conveying the challenge and the rewards of the spiritual practice of openness.
March 10, 2006
There's at least a half dozen movies fighting for attention here, none of them particularly appealing.
February 21, 2006
The film might be trying to push boundaries in terms of male nudity, but no amount of penises can save this wannabe comedy that is just not funny.
September 26, 2005
A non-pandering crowd-pleaser whose character quirks and small stabs at poignancy feel refreshingly earned.
September 10, 2005
Nothing particularly subtle or different here.