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½ November 26, 2016
It is fun to see how it updates the trashy quality of Coffin Joe's previous films to modern times, but Marins is a terrible actor (what happened to the guy who used to dub him?) and the movie is a ridiculous mess that also exaggerates in its mindless scenes of violence against women.
June 25, 2016
psycho movie crazy visuals black magic and witchcraft. you have to see it at least once.
April 14, 2013
better that that HALLOWEEN series....
July 29, 2012
Back in the 60s a younger 'Coffin Joe' killed and terrorized people. The cinematography of this is light years from the old black and white movies.

A much older Coffin Joe is released from jail and spends no time recreating his pack. The movie is pretty gruesome, but the people they killed seamed to deserve it a bit more... some of them at least. The older Coffin Joe is a bit regretful now. No longer is everything so easy. He's haunted by the things he's done. This movie is pretty ADD. Sometimes Joe is sad and conflicted and haunted by his past, sometimes he's pretty happy to keep killing and moving on.
February 12, 2012
Uma das muitas facetas do cinema nacional. O melhor do trash. Só José Mojica poderia nos presentear com tal pérola e causar sensações tão diversas no espectador.
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½ September 19, 2011
Very weak and badly made, dispite of a few scary moments. Encarnacao do Demonio, is one of the worst of Mojica and Coffin Joe. Rotten.
½ July 31, 2011
"It's been thirty years since Z (C) do Caixo was locked away in an asylum for the mentally ill, but now the sadistic gravedigger is back and determined to find a woman capable of carrying his demonic seed."

Crazy stuff. More gruesome than most Hollywood slashers... but there isn't enough of it. Strange and tiersome.
April 12, 2011
After forty years in prison, the evil gravedigger Josefel Zanatas a.k.a. Zé do Caixão (José Mojica Marins) is released by the lawyer Lucy Pontes (Cristina Aché) in accordance with the Brazilian Laws. He moves to the slums with his followers that worship him, and he seeks out the perfect woman for his offspring while haunted by the ghosts of his victims. The vigilante brothers Captain Osvaldo Pontes (Adriano Stuart) and his brother Coronel Claudiomiro (Jece Valadão) from the Military Police chase Zé do Caixão in the slums to kill him and they find a track of tortured and mutilated bodies.

The sick and trash "Encarnação do Demônio" impresses first because of the top-notch gruesome make-up and visual effects. However, the graphic violence is not recommended to sensitive viewers. The story, the screenplay and the acting are reasonable and the ham José Mojica Marins with his monologues is quite ridiculous, but funny. This is also the chance to say farewell to the great Brazilian actor Jece Valadão in his penultimate work. The last name of the character Josefel Zanatas means Satan backwards and misspelled in Portuguese (satanás / Sanatas / Zanatas). The result is a movie with potential of cult that works very well on DVD. My vote is seven.
April 12, 2011
Lacks the charm of the earlier Coffin Joe films, but still has it's moments. Only recommended for fans of the other films. Everyone else would likely be horribly confused.
January 12, 2011
40 years has passed since the 2nd film 'This night i'll posses your Corpse' and now comes the final part of the Coffin Joe film series,i have to say Coffin Joe sure has'nt lost his touch he's still as Sadistic and cruel as ever on his quest to conceive the perfect child,some very inventive scenes throughout and Marins mixes Gorey Horror with Flamboyant Art,a great ending to the Coffin Joe Trilogy.
½ January 12, 2011
brazilian b-movie.. cliche and stupid plot..
May 24, 2010
Demented revisiting of a Brazilian cult character some forty years on. Itâ??s not â??goodâ?? by any normal standards, but the relentlessness of its macabre vision does exert a kind of lurid fascination.
April 6, 2010
Though not at all nearly as good as Marins other movies in the series, you have to give the director some credit for giving this movie the extra EXTRA oomph to update Coffin Joe to today's times. I mean, it has been 40 plust years since we saw him last, right? Manns pulls out all the stops, torture, rape, more torture, gallons of blood, and plenty of guts; It really is hard to believe that this movie came from this guy. Perhaps this is what he wanted to make all along, but couldnt, because of the restrictive nature of that time? Anyways, the movie as a whole doesnt make a lick of sense, just come to be severely grossed out.
January 23, 2010
Desculpe Zé, mas é ruim.
January 20, 2010
Missed this at the Wellington Film Festival last year, and I went into it knowing ZERO about "Coffin Joe". Judging from the Black and White footage incorporated into this one I have to say the older films look like some pretty cheeseball stuff, with Joe as a kind of a poor man's Lon Chaney. But as for this telling...

Expecting little, and knowing this was the conclusion to a series of films made 20+ years ago from Brazil I had little idea of what to expect. Having said that I was pleasantly surprised in many ways. Production values, cinematography, and overall inventiveness were MUCH higher than I was expecting from a corner of the globe known more for Soccer and Martial Arts than high end film-making.

In many ways it's still a very Gonzo type film, with some clear 70's era exploitation sensibilities. It's ostensibly about a Mythological, almost Immortal being (Coffin Joe) who is searching for a woman to mother his child and lead him to some kind of Immortal Salvation. In that pursuit he recruits a Manson-like Cult following that kills, rapes, tortures, and enacts mayhem in a Mystical, drug-like series of flashbacks and hallucinations.

Not for everyone, "Evil" features some gritty, realistic violence, lots of naked Brazilian women, and even a bit of Cannabilism. It's almost like a Kindred Brazilian cousin to the Italian Exploitation films of the late 70's like "Cannibal Holocaust" wtih a bit of "Phantasm" thrown in for good measure. I wouldn't say it's a particularly enjoyable film to watch, but for those looking for a creepy Brazilian tale of Immortality, or those who are big fans of the original Coffin Joe it should fit the bill.
November 4, 2009
I'm not a huge horror movie fan, but it was cool how the older films were referenced. I wouldn't see this film again though. Once was enough.
October 4, 2009
Coffin Joe hits the streets after 40 years of incarceration, still looking for the perfect woman to have his child and still popping his filthy fingernails into the eyes of everyone else. Even ol' Joe isn't immune to flashbacks to his evil past though, and his visions of hell and damnatioon make for some of the weirdest images in what is already a pretty damn strange movie. Joe's buddy Bruno limps around after his chin-stroking master and his pop-eyed gurning elicits some of the biggest laughs, though how seriously any of this is meant to be taken is a tantalising mystery. Jolly japes nevertheless and gore a-plenty (VS!!!)
September 24, 2009
He did embody evil rather well, this is true.
September 19, 2009
The latest film from Jose Mojica Marins brings the Coffin Joe (Ce do Caixao) character to the 21st century, and adds several new layers to the mythos surrounding him, with the help of CGI and other modern phenomenons, such as headbanger/goth/fetish culture, which did not exist at least in a subcultural sense back in the 60s when the original Coffin Joe films were made.
The film encapsulates the ideas explored in the two previous entries in the series, most notably the Nietzschean concept of the ubermensch (although that actual word is not used in the film), corruption and the moral codes associated with Latin American Catholicism (this theme is much less prominent in this film than in the earlier coffin joe films).
The fillm mixes surrealism with full blooded Gothic horror and feels a lot more ambitious than the other two entries, there is a particularly operatic sequence when Coffin Joe goes down to hell, which is highly visually flamboyant thanks to CGI. That scene makes Coffin Joe's trip down to hell in This Night I'll posses Your Corpse look almost comical.
Coffin Joe is haunted by psychedelic apparitions of his victims, some of which appear in the nude painted in a blazing silver colour in the middle of the night; a highly visually interesing idea.
The film also features some seriously peachy Brazilian goth/ fetish/ metal babes, which is a big bonus in my book!
This film is way more brutal than the other two Coffin Joe films. Marins revels in the violence, in an almost pornographic way. And even though it is disgusting and the FX are very realistic, it is so bizarre and surreal and delivered with such zeal and passion that you can not help becoming fascinated by it.
September 6, 2009
I thought this was going to be more of a novelty movie never having seen previous Coffin Joe movies and only reading about them. This was more of a true horror film than I expected and kept my interest throughout. It was the epitomy of good vs. evil, the reason I like horror movies in the first place.
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