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March 8, 2018
It's a gamble. SEEING john travolta fighting Nicolas cage is badass
½ March 1, 2018
Great fantastic phenomenal movie starring john travolta and nic cage. The story is really interesting switching faces and they are trying to kill each other. John travolta and nic cage are too good, and they really have a range of character.
½ February 14, 2018
After winning an Oscar for a career high and realistic performance, Cage followed that up with The Rock, Con Air and the absurd Face/Off. You have to admire Cage's quirky direction but this is a mis-step.
I hated this film. It does not just ask you to suspend disbelief but to remove all thought and consciousness! The plot of this film is ridiculous beyond belief but the real letdown is the run of the mill direction.
John Woo was given the keys to Hollywood and never really delivered anything groundbreaking.
This film takes lots of predictable turns and the action is nothing new or particularly exciting.
Coming around the time of The Matrix. You can see why the Matrix was such a game changer, using the big budget to full effect.
In Face/off the big budget is wasted
February 11, 2018
Volte/Face n'a aucun droit d'être aussi intelligent, efficace et virtuose qu'il est. Pourtant, John Woo décida de transgresser les règles et de livrer un film d'action particulièrement réussi, entre son high concept complètement crétin mais joué au premier degré et sa montée crescendo vers l'actioner 90s ultime. Entre idées de mise en scène (la séquence des miroirs) et performances d'acteurs quasi-parfaites (John Travolta imitant Nicolas Cage qui imite John Travolta n'a jamais été aussi bon), Volte/Face est une gemme, un rare joyau qui n'existe que pour faire plaisir à son spectateur. Même au bout de 2h20, on en demanderait encore si le tout n'était pas parfaitement calibré pour être le petit chef d'oeuvre d'action des années 90.
January 23, 2018
Another masterpiece of bad film-making by John Travolta.
January 13, 2018
so why don't we trade back..


The concept will take its time to let it sink in but before you do, you find yourself already enjoying these characters of John Woo which offers kick back to the movie and bursts it out of the door.
January 6, 2018
Two hours of your life matter to see this movie.
Action packed shit with bullets everywhere and explosions
½ December 28, 2017
Currently watching this on TV. This is probably the 20th time I've seen this movie, and it never gets old. Lead performances are great, and the whole concept is just silly enough to work. Pure entertainment from start to finish.
½ December 24, 2017
For the fact that I'm getting really giddy about laughing at somebody's reactions I decided that I'm really am giddy about laughing my @$$ off reviewing this Looney Tuney action flick Face/Off. That's right. It's about as over-the-top as it gets and many people in the world don't care because they enjoyed it and loved it for it's perfect cheesy action and intense violence. To me, I love everything about it and John Travolta and Nicolas Cage done really well in this. The premise I know what y'all thinking. It's ridiculous but who f£$king cares? They literally playing each other by putting their faces on each other after Sean Archer captures Castor Troy. John Travolta and Nicolas Cage played hilarious in their roles and I come to the point of laughing my f£$king @$$ at Castor Troy played by Nicolas Cage and yes, John Travolta. It's like I've been teasing my stepdad about Piggy Bear which Crunch Bandicoot says and saying what Sam the Eagle from The Muppets saying "The mussal's of this messal has refuse to touch my feet. Would you please rub my tudsies? Thank you." just to tease my friends. The hospital scene where Sean's and Castor's faces get switched over doesn't bother me at all cause I got over it much like the broken bones and when people don't know that Sean and Castor had switched identities they'll be confused. That's how over-the-top this movie really is. The best thing about this movie is the speedboat chase at the end and when people are on the edge of their seats through the scene they are gripped for how amazing this scene really is. Now that is just awesome despite the stuntmen showing. Face/Off is a fantastically made action film for it's beautiful shots with intense violence and intense action and hilarious moments with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage. Now I know that you think it's a science fiction action flick but I don't see why it's sci-fi. Well, it just isn't science fiction until I've seen these two changing their faces. This is the kind of film that you don't have to think, you just enjoy. It's a film that will make you thrilled and laugh and don't care how ridiculous the story is and just enjoy it for it's entirety. Give it a watch and see if you wanna take it's face... off.
November 16, 2017
The movie keeps you interested since the beginning till the end. How the protagonist handle all the pain a terrorist caused him is fenomenal...
November 4, 2017
This is over-the-top, nonsensical, awesomeness! It's beautifully stylized and again I just love the extreme overreactive-ness it has. Great job Travolta, great job Cage, and great job director John Woo!
November 2, 2017
Good action movie, ridiculous plot, but entertaining.
October 29, 2017
Woo crafts incredible action sequences and Cage and Travolta play each other convincingly.
October 8, 2017
Fred Flintstone And His Friend And Partner Barney Rubble Did See This At The Bedrock Multiplex On 6/30/97.
September 22, 2017
Could a better film even exist? the premise is nothing but pure genius. The way that John Travolta plays Nicholas Cage blows my mindhole. 10/10 Movie. *Palms face*
September 6, 2017
Not only is this a great action film, Cage and Travolta both give great performances. You can see Cage "figuring out" how to play himself and Travolta reads lines exactly how Cage would have. Pair this with John Woo's stylized directing, and you have one fantastic action film.
August 19, 2017
the best intense non-stop action film I have ever seen
July 24, 2017
Utterly outrageous from inception to final product, never failing to entertain its audience with sheer over the top action and storytelling. Cage and Travolta are both let loose by Woo but miraculously steered into strong emotional performances with fantastic intensity throughout. It hasn't all aged very well with its special effects and Woo's little nods, while held back are still noticeable. The first hour isn't necessarily paced very well, it's slow and rather bloated but does add a great deal of weight for the final act.
July 21, 2017
While it would be easy to point out each glaring flaw in the movie, John Travolta (Saturday Night Live, Pulp Fiction) and Nicolas Cage (Gone in 60 Seconds, Raising Arizona) do more than enough to overcome the main flaws, with both of them delivering great, if not over-the-top performances, to match with the unique concept, where after the discovery that a time bomb would be going off soon, the two end up playing each other in an attempt to outwit the other until the end. Accompanied by a score that can touch your heart strings, and wonderful direction by John Woo, and you have a movie that could get through virtually any flaw if executed properly, like surgery. And executed properly, it is.
July 11, 2017
Possibly the best bat-sh*t crazy movie ever made. Watching it again 20 years after its release I can't believe my then-girlfriend, now-wife agreed to marry me after taking her to see this film and being TOTALLY blown away by it.

This is TRULY a Thank God This Got Made classic!!!
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