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November 30, 2016
It is always interesting to see how Jodorowsky wanted to push the cinematic envelope with this provocative surrealist film of striking visuals - which, even if notably amateurish and flawed, already showed that he was an artist full of ideas and promising talent.
November 23, 2016
Mr. Jodorowsky would go on to make ambitious and visionary films about the eccentric, the curious, and the corrupt, but his early work Fando and Lis is nothing more than disagreeably quirky.
September 5, 2014
The gateway film into the intensely surreal realm that is his repertoire, Jodorowsky's Fando Y Lis experiments with what would later become his trademark visual style. The real gem in this picture is the silent film-esque opening credits, in which black and white biblical images play over a surreal narration.
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½ July 18, 2014
Surrealistic, raw and engrossing, Alejandro Jodorowsky's Fando y Lis is a film that has striking images of brutal violence, images that will stick with you long after you've seen. As a film, this is quite an interesting picture for what it is, and it's a film that is more for a specific type of audience as the film will surely polarize more mainstream viewers. Jodorowsky is one of those filmmakers where he crafts a film that reaches for the most bizarre aspects of cinema. He pushes the boundaries of what art is supposed to be, and this film is for the most shock art. Jodorowsky manages to craft a film that shocks and makes you question what you're watching. As a matter of fact, due to its content, it caused riots in Mexico upon release and the film was banned. I guess by today's standards the film is pretty tame, but back then, this was something else. I liked the fact that the film tried to do something quite different with how it presents us with an idea, and with that being said, it's a surreal picture that pulls you in a nightmare, one that you can't look away. Alejandro Jodorowsky picture is a captivating fantasy that is entertaining for viewer that enjoy obscured, midnight movie cult cinema. The film is not something that I would recommend for viewers who are new to his work, as it's quite bizarre, shocking and at time astounding with what happens in the film. For viewers of cult picture, you'll surely find exactly what you're looking for with Fando Y Lis, and it's a well crafted picture, even if it's not that coherent in its meaning. You'll still be trying to find what the film was about after you've seen, kind of like David Lynch's Eraserhead, which I think that like Lynch, Alejandro Jodorowsky left it up to the viewer to find meaning within the film.
April 17, 2014
Indistinguible belleza.
½ October 9, 2013
Alejandro Jodorowsky ei voi olla täysipäinen. Kukaan täysipäinen ei pysty tekemään tällaista leffaa.
June 2, 2013
"Fando y Lis' can be characterised by many adjectives. Shocking, pretentious, grotesque, violent, profound, thought provocative the list could go on for hours. The only thing that I can add to its undeniable cult status is that it's like nothing I 've ever seen. Actually that's a lie.I could easily compare this film to "Un Chien Andalou". Truth is that like all surrealistic movies "Fando y Lis" owes a great deal to Buñuel's masterpiece. The dreamlike-eerie atmosphere, the non existent plot device, a tricking story-like premise, the weird and the absurd in general. Still a comparison between the two would be uneven because they both stand as extraordinary cinematic milestones of their own.After this history break, back to our feature presentation, "Fando y Lis', except from all the above, is also Alejandro Jodorowsky first feature film. It was also the first to show a shape of things to come from Jodorowsky's mind. Truly back in '68 even if, by some crazy coincidence, you 've seen Jodorowsky's short film "La Cravate" you would still be taken aback by "Fando y Lis". Jodorowsky steps away from miming in this film and stars his assault on any thing civilised. He attacks religion, politics, family, show bussiness and women. All this happen with the use of extreme symbolic visuals in a noncoherent narative style that in could not be called a plot in any way.His directing style is taking its babysteps. It hasn't reached its full potential yet and it shows. But rest assured this is no student film. Quite on the contrary, the camerawork is frantic often going into overdrive putting an exhilarating underline to the perversions shown on screen. Yet, the movie also has gentler moments with precision framing and slow drags of the camera. In general Jodorowsky's guerilla, hand-held directing fits both the utterly violent, crazy, perversive moments of the film and the simply disturbing moments.All these are fuelled by the craziness of crude sounds like mosquitos and sirens.I got carried away there with imagery and directing therefore I forgot to mention the film's story. While the film has no plot it does have a story. It is the story of Fando and Lis, two damned lovers, searching for the mythical city of Tar that represents happiness, utter bliss, love and inner calm. They are both proud offsprings of their decomposing surroundings. Their main problem is that they don't stand up for themselves. Fando throughout the course of the film is completely destroyed by patriarch and matriarch figures alike, egged by old ladies, manhandled by travesties and tricked by bourgeois gentlemen. He takes it all out on poor, handicaped, depended solely on him, Lis. But she just sits there and takes it. That's the kind of ladies we see in these movie. Either Lise's passive stance or the cunning manipulation the all other women in the film pose upon every man walking around. Misogynistic indeed.The funniest thing about the characters is that, as Lis points out at some point, they are still in the same spot. Nowhere closer or further from Tar. Sadly for our heroes this is true. Because happiness, love, inner calm, self realization and all other divine things symbolised by Tar can be found only inside one's self and the odyssey one must undertake to find them is one's own life.
½ April 7, 2013
Visually, it's painful to look at, with washed-out, over-exposed black and white (mostly white) photography and a majority of scenes shot in quarries reminiscent of Z-grade monster pictures, and it gets progressively more depressing and difficult to watch as it goes along, until I was practically begging for it to end. As a whole it's a bit of a creaking eyesore, but individually remarkable sequences make it worth watching, such as the amazing body-painting scene, and Fando's terrifying memories of his mother dying.
February 9, 2013
More than just a Love story. One of the greatest films ever. Fando y Lis" is totally underrated by most Jorodowsky fans. I think is Jorodowsky´s best film, and that´s really saying something! Most likely any other Jorodowsky film. It is SHOCKING, DISTURBING; MYSTICAL, POWERFUL, SURREAL, GROTESQUE, and its full of symbolism. Words really cannot describe jorodowsky films at all, and obviously, I don´t tend to give any spoilers. It caused a riot when it premiered in Mexico back in 1968 - Now I understand why. I will get to TAR soon...A MASTERPIECE!
September 8, 2012
Entre lo surrealista y lo absurdo hay una linea muy tenue, y que se cruza con facilidad en esta pelicula. De lo rescatable, algunas tomas que nos hacen evocar el Satyricon de Fellini, filmado despues...entonces, no pueden ser fellinescas.
August 18, 2012
This is definitely one for the surrealist art house crowd. There's a story here about trying to reach a mythical city where things will be better, but that seems to serve as a device to string together some really bizarre, dream-like imagery. More hallucinogenic than plot-driven, it's a bit like watching a Dali painting animated in black and white. Add a star if you intend to significantly alter your neurochemistry while watching it.
July 25, 2012
Esse filme é genial do início ao fim. É cheio de simbolismos, e abre brecha pra diversos entendimentos. Completamente surrealista e louco, não se fazem mais filmes assim. Jodorowsky rules!
July 20, 2012
Fando! Fando! Fando... I am paralysed. Wow the most surreal thing you will ever set eyes on. Love it!
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½ February 21, 2012
When a film is based on surreal, head-flick imagery but has limited budget and the washed-out quality of a '40s stag reel, it's probably in trouble. This brings us to the overambitious "Fando y Lis," the first feature of Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky. Similar in concept to his better known "El Topo" and "The Holy Mountain," "Fando y Lis" depicts another arduous quest for spiritual enlightenment -- in this case, represented by a mystical city of bliss called "Tar."

Fando and Lis are a young couple. Fando has shaggy sideburns and mercurial, childlike temperament. Lis is a petite, crippled, emotionally needy blonde. Fando pushes her around on a bulky cart, along with an old-fashioned gramophone, her doll and his beloved drum. He recurrently loses patience with Lis and turns cruel, but soon regrets his abuse.

The two hope to find Tar, but never get beyond what appears to be the bottom of an abandoned rock quarry. Along the way, they encounter a bounty of strange people and sights that include drag queens, a dominatrix with a whip, a jazz cat with a flaming piano, a naked clan who lives in a mudhole, card-playing crones who bet with peaches, an old man lording over a pile of cow skulls, women who use bowling balls as weapons, gluttons feasting with funnels on their heads and Fando's grotesque mother. Oh, and here's an image Freud would love: a man viciously stabbing a hole in a doll's crotch and then draping tiny snakes over the gash.

Meanwhile, Fando and Lis strike poses in a graveyard, dabble in cross-dressing and splash their names across each other's bodies in dark paint. Fando lights a large spider on fire, and stumbles around an auto junkyard with seductive trollops. Lis gets molested, gives birth to piglets and lets a blind man drink her blood. Where Luis Bunuel left off, this film begins.

If "Fando y Lis" is anything like "El Topo" and "The Holy Mountain," Jodorowsky carefully chose all these images to illustrate various metaphysical obstacles that the couple must hurdle. But his symbolism is so personal that one needs Cliff's Notes (or at least a DVD commentary track) to understand. And unfortunately, the film can be quite grating even without visuals. Sound effects are often jacked up to an abrasive volume, and even everyday activities like eating and walking are unrealistically noisy (the opening scene with Lis chewing a crunchy flower might be enough to send some viewers running from the room). The background for one scene resembles a din of rusty door hinges, and another segment even has what World Cup fans may identify as a chorus of angry vuvuzelas.

Epileptics should avoid this film at all costs. Movie buffs? Proceed with caution.
½ February 1, 2012
Except the ending scene which is really something..well... the cinematic language is non-existent, symbols are gathered and thrown almost randomly and all of this has a feeling of a wacky circus out of control we are forced to witness: at the beginning is fun, but than it grows more and more exhausting
½ December 22, 2011
Alexandro Jodorowsky film always special movie.
December 18, 2011
artsi bourtzi kai loulas!
December 2, 2011
Bizarre but incredibly beautiful, it's symbology could represent everything or nothing and could be talked about for ages, but it surely reminds the watcher of fairy tales before they were adultered and butchered to make for good children films
July 26, 2011
A surreal and fascinating trip through the wasteland of the human soul.
April 8, 2011
Alejandro Jodorowsky first feature film, which tell us the surrealistic story about two lovers on their dangeous journey to paradise. It's still isn't that good as El Topo nor any of Jodorowsky but it's a start. Some of the scenes in this film are grotesque, deals with such themes as love and hate, simply human.
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