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December 9, 2017
Great film. Critics are way off!
½ October 26, 2015
A movie that just never ever gets going.
½ July 27, 2015
Where do I start with this?! Peculiar plot line would be an understatement. When I envisage what the director of this film was thinking, I'm imagining a half stoned middle aged man that is sex starved enough to create a pornographic introduction that contributes very little to the purpose of this film, other than to shock its audience as a way of getting their attention. It then progresses into a tale of a failed actor trying desperately to regain success of his career as opposed to delving further into the depths of drugs and alcohol, potentially how the producer of this film sees himself given the scandalous direction this movie has. All of a sudden, we then flashback several years into a period drama style setting, suggesting the writer has now awoken from his wild night out, and tries to inject some serious story and emotion into this spectacle by way of a coastal wartime scenario surrounding several families. At first it's all very confusing and far fetched to follow but gradually all pieces together into a relatively sweet conclusion that leaves a comforting taste in the mouth. As to the point of all this, I'm still trying to work that one out; is it suggesting we should never run away from our problems and it's better to face up to who we are, and who we really care for before it's too late? In any case, this ones definitely an open book with lots for one to interpret. It's not a real thrill seekers type as it's fairly slow paced, with quite a depressive undertone running throughout. The acting is bordering monotone, with Daniel Craig not exactly sparkling anything into life, but that sort of fits with the whole dynamic of this one really. As you can probably tell, I wasn't sold into being its biggest fan on first impressions but I can appreciate the hidden depths this may hold for the over analytical types to really get their teeth into.
½ November 7, 2014
Despite Daniel Craig's good performance, this movie fails on so many levels that include a boring script and dragging dull events.
½ May 3, 2014
A really uniquely paced somewhat frustrating drama staring Daniel Craig. I really see why many actors avoid James Bond or Mega Mainstream series you definitely became typecast.

I didn't hate the film but I found it frustrating the tempo was sombre & the mood very melancholy.

The film ties up nicely but it drags mid way something fierce. It had some beautiful shots but failed to grab me overall...
April 28, 2014
Oh I loved it. go to hell with your underdeveloped script.
½ January 8, 2014
Super lame. Avoid this one at all costs.
November 28, 2013
If you are comparing this to James Bond (as many of the reviews seem to do), then I'm not sure you can call yourself a film critic. This is actually an extremely well done film, though subtle. The use of music and cinematography work together in amazing ways to build on an emotional theme that is engaging and uniquely subtle for films these days.
½ May 23, 2013
A drama that demands you find sympathy in its characters yet fails to convince you to actually care for them. Falls very flat. Beautifully shot, though.
May 15, 2013
Great in some parts, but too British in some...
March 27, 2013
strong drama, fantastic acting. must see for all those Daniel Craig fans.
½ March 4, 2013
There's no reason to know this unknown Daniel Craig drama, so off you go, then.
½ February 18, 2013
I really enjoyed this film. The storyline is...slightly lacking, but the mystique and distinct feel that this is a memory rather than just a script is there. I love how the soundtrack is key to the storyline too. It's a shame that because Daniel Craig is in it, it seems to be compared almost juxtapositionally. However I am confident this will become a cult classic in the years to come.
January 13, 2013
great movie... love harry eden
½ December 12, 2012
A very interestingly told story with great performances from both time periods of the film. Daniel Craig plays a character easy to see his faults and failures of his early life and missed opportunities, and his embracing of these errors through reminiscing and nostalgia makes a very powerful movie.
September 22, 2012
So glad to see that I'm not alone in rating this film as poor. it's hard to put a finger on what's wrong with it: in theory it's interesting, and it's well shot. However it has poor characterisation, wooden acting and an implausible plot working against it. Not worth the time spent watching it.
September 20, 2012
Unless you fancy Daniel Craig's backside and that of Harry Eden who plays his younger self, there is little reason to see this. Craig plays the titular Fool, who thinks with his penis. Supposedly Joe Scott has an ephiphany of sorts when his possible suicide attempt fails, but why this should change him when the horrific result of his lust in the Flashback didn't is beyond me.

The cast is decent, including Craig. The standouts are Eve, as Scott's sassy housekeeper; Miriam Rogers as the knarly Mrs. Rogers; and Felicity Jones as the young Ruth.
August 28, 2012
Although Flashbacks of a Fool is Daniel Craig's pet project " he's the film's executive producer as well as its star " it actually contains surprisingly little of the blonde hunk (also ladies and gay boys you get to see his sexy arse).

Craig plays Joe Scott, a movie star who has plenty of money and sexual satisfaction in his life, one which - when he is not indulging in coke-addled rumpy pumpy at least - is mostly spent looking out to the sea from his minimalist cliff-top pad.

Yet he has no real friends and seemingly no real future " "there's no role for you ANYWHERE," his agent tells Joe, a moment after he has seen his client throw his prized mobile phone out of a restaurant window.

As Joe begins to wonder what has happened to his life, we are taken back to his adolescent days of first love on the quiet English seaside, to discover what this Brit has in fact been trying to hide from with a life of debauchery and excess in LA.

Even a fan of this film should be able see why some might find it slow and slightly dull, as it does rely on the viewer sharing in a sense of glory in the mystical power of great records, the tragic romance of nostalgia and regret, and the theme of washed-up stardom.

Perhaps that provides limited scope for the film to garner a wide audience, but for those who can find true enjoyment from subtle portrayals of youth and humanity as much as from the more obvious merits of rapid plot progression that will matter little. The direction is superb, the script never feels rushed, and the wistful tone of someone looking back to their yesterdays to get on with their today is rare in its realisation of artistic vision.

There's no big finale, but that's not to say that the conclusion is anything less than perfect in its mood and its timing. A literate film that is there to relish on a quiet afternoon, Flashbacks of a Fool feels more typical of a book by Ian McEwan (though thankfully it bears little in common to the cinematic version of Atonement) than a film starring the current Bond. It could also have you listening to Roxy Music for the rest of your weekend, even if you've never before had the urge to sing along to Bryan Ferry in the bath - a pleasing added bonus.

There is nothing foolish about this film " watch it accordingly.
August 27, 2012
this was a very good flick i watched on bbc one and craig was great 6/10
½ August 26, 2012
watching on BBC1 - every time it comes on i do enjoy it, Daniel Craig is amazing!
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