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½ June 12, 2016
Not as good as Gandhi.
June 9, 2016
Long! Not bad, nut not particularly great, either. Gandhi's story is obviously one that needs to be told and remembered - he basically created modern India - but the film is far too slow and drawn-out and skips all over the shop. Watching a man starve himself in protest is not a very gripping 'action' scene. Still, it deals with the politics and issues Gandhi (Kingsley) faced in the early 1900s quite well and has a good support cast. I wished it showed more of India's nice scenery - and needed more cricket!
May 5, 2016
Such a tremendous movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 2, 2016
Gandhi is a stupendous achievement of a film that needs to be seen, and while it's not as technically brilliant as the David Lean films it attempts to emulate, Kingsley's performance is rightly legendary. Gandhi's life and achievements alone would be remarkable enough by themselves to propel a film to a higher realm.
April 10, 2016
Broderic S. Bowman Mosley
Gandhi Movie Review
In the movie Gandhi, the beginning showed him as an attorney traveling by train, first class. He gets thrown off of the train because of the "color" of his skin. This event, that took place, was a catalyst for a non-violent protest in the center of town to burn permits that non-African descents are required to carry and show when police demand for it. During the protest he was repeatedly beat on by the police and eventually falls and was arrested. After his release from jail, Gandhi decided that he should protest against Britain, and expected to have millions of followers. He first protested against the British textile industry but it went terribly wrong. A second protest was in the garden against an unfair town curfew. During this protest, a lot of people were killed. A trial was held against the general that ordered him and his troops to kill those people as well. After World War two, Britain finally had given India Independence. The country of India ended up dividing by religion and Gandhi did not like it. He carried out a hunger strike against the nationwide violence between Hinduism and Muslim cultures. Gandhi is eventually shot and killed out of Anger.
The Movie Gandhi relates to "chapter 4: Hinduism through Dharma" in our world religion books. As Dharma can be seen as the order that upholds the universe by dictating the duties and obligations of all beings, Gandhi did exactly the same thing, if not something similar. Gandhi upheld Dharma by standing up, not only for his personal rights, but for the moral values and the laws of everyone. Gandhi stood up overall for the country of India. He also upheld the Sadharana Dharma, which is the Dharma of ethical action and engagement in a universal sense.
½ March 9, 2016
If you were to rank all the biopics to win Best Picture, this one would be somewhere in the middle. It's OK, I guess.
February 28, 2016
... quite honestly one of the greatest films I have ever seen in my life.
½ February 21, 2016
A great performance by Ben and a interesting beginning but SUPER BORING and kinda over long
½ January 13, 2016
Beautiful movie about Mr. Gandhi's life, about how an ordinary educated stubborn enlightened man can change history, with determination and wit. The film is long enough and simple enough to show the brilliant story while allowing the characters to grow. Very beautiful!
January 11, 2016
Brilliantly performed by Ben Kingsley as Gandhi and no one can outperform him in my opinion. If the dialogues in the movies are really spoken by Gandhi, then he is really a very intelligent person. I could not see the British conspiracy giving independence to India while splitting it into 3 nations in the movie though. Only reluctance.
½ January 3, 2016
This biopic is perfect in most ways, except for demonizing Muhammad Ali Jinnah a bit. But remember, there is only one Gandhi, whose achievements can never be copied under any other historical and cultural contexts.
½ December 31, 2015
Still powerful, despite its lengthiness, after all these years.
½ December 12, 2015
A determined and distinguished epic, Ben Kingsley's captivating performance and Richard Attenborough's sharp direction combine to create a beautifully shot and fascinating tale of the man who led India's liberation from British rule.
November 15, 2015
The film about Mohandas Gandhi's life follows the most important parts of his struggles, and it begins with Gandhi as a Hindu lawyer in South Africa. After being subject to racism, he begins to assemble nonviolent campaigns of resistance with some of his fellow countrymen. Gandhi returns to India as the leader of the passive, nonviolent movement of protest against the British government, eventually leading India to liberate themselves from Great Britain. However, Gandhi could not rely solely on charisma to solve the growing division between India's Hindu and Muslim populations, which led to Pakistan declaring independence from India. As Gandhi tried to end the bloodshed between India and Pakistan, he was shot and killed by a Hindu nationalist.
This movie cinematically was a good portrayal of the struggles of Gandhi, and Ben Kingsley did an amazing job at playing Mohandas Gandhi. Ravi Shankar composed the music for this film, and it adds to the film's value overall. This movie beat E.T. to win Best Picture in 1982, so it is highly received by critics. Some of the scenes were visually very striking, and the camerawork is superbly choreographed.
This movie shows how the aspects of nonviolent protest that Gandhi practiced and promoted display the Hindu aspects of nonviolence, which eventually led to India's independence. However, the conflicts between the Muslim population (Pakistan) and the majority Hindu population of the rest of the country created war between the two territories. A lot of positive religious tones can be taken from this movie in regards to the nonviolent protest movement, but the years of war between Hindus and Muslims and the assassination of Gandhi by a Hindu nationalist clearly show the unfortunate realities when people close their minds to another's beliefs and pick up weapons instead of dialogue with one another.
Super Reviewer
½ September 29, 2015
A sincere biopic about a most admirable man and enriched by Ben Kingsley's exceptional performance - even if the story is in fact more didactic than really compelling and with Gandhi not as fascinating as a character as the strength of his convictions and accomplishments.
September 27, 2015
There's some truly remarkable sequences here, and Kingsley is brilliant. I wish it took just a few more chances though - while the scope has some breathtaking parts, it's still fairly by the numbers, if occasionally heartbreaking and encouraging for the human spirit.
½ September 20, 2015
Decent biopic of someone I knew little about.
Kingsley is great, but Gandhi is no Trevor Slattery.
August 7, 2015
Like him or hate him. You simply cannot ignore him
½ August 5, 2015
This is a fantastic story that anyone who loves biopics must see. It is an amazing story about one of the most influential people in history. Your enjoyment of the film will depend on your interest in the subject matter, which luckily for me wasn't an issue because I was interested and fascinated from start to finish. Ben Kingsley delivers the best performance from his career and it may even be one of the best performances I've ever seen on screen from any actor. This is a timeless story that displays the power of tolerance and nonviolence and it is a must see, especially if you are Indian.
½ July 28, 2015
Heart-rending and emotional with Ben Kingsley in his most ambitious role, Gandhi is a timeless classic based on the life of the great Mahatma Gandhi, brilliantly portraying his journey for peace through non-violence and compassion!
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