Nov 3, 2020
...a genuine classic that holds up remarkably well all these years later.
Sep 6, 2020
A thrilling anti-Christmas product, effectively mocking other no-nonsense evil alien endeavors to become a staple of the horror comedy subgenre.
Jun 22, 2020
GREMLINS is definitely a product of its time, but it's got a lot of heart.
May 24, 2020
Joe Dante's Gremlins quickly fixes itself as a rare Christmas horror movie classic
May 8, 2020
A film that knows how to masterfully combine terror with humor, family spirit and countless winks to moviegoers, without ever spoiling the mix. [Full Review in Spanish]
Feb 20, 2020
Unlike the fabrication of the gremlins, the rest of the movie, with its terrible first part, is clumsier. [Full Review in Spanish]
Feb 6, 2020
As a black comedy, a satirical look at consumerism, and a movie bursting with Christmas cheer, no matter the descriptor- Joe Dante's Gremlins is a classic.
Dec 28, 2019
Benefits from one of the most underappreciated musical scores of the 1980s.
Dec 6, 2019
It is a wacky, satirical spectacle of chaos.
Oct 5, 2019
The visual effects are imaginative, yet the jokey tone too often throws the entire film off.
Sep 30, 2019
If you grew up in the '80's and remember a simpler time without cell phones or you want to introduce your kids to the "magic" of 1980's films then Gremlins is a great place to start.
Dec 21, 2017
The film showcases Dante's two cinematic loves: 1950's era sci-fi/horror and The Looney Tunes. The two forms merge together to create a cautionary tale of Christmas gifts gone awry.
Oct 3, 2017
Spoof horror doesn't horrify, it sickens. Spoof comedy doesn't amuse, it annoys. Spoof comic horror is for the stuffed birds.
Dec 7, 2014
There is satire here: a sense of silly but thoughtful consideration on the Christmas traditions and how easily all the relatable facades crumble as a consequence of simple illusions being so easily shattered.
Oct 19, 2014
An entertaining and original horror film with top notch effects, a great villain, and a brilliant score...
Jun 10, 2014
Dante thrives in the spaces between comfort and terror: that mischievous place where you're never quite sure if the monsters are kidding or not.
Dec 6, 2013
A wildly original roller-coaster ride of hilarious mischief.
Dec 6, 2013
Here's the season's most delicious and unexpected surprise. Despite the horror-flick title, Gremlins is a movie of wicked wit and startling invention, and it has a heart that's at least a match for the special effects.
Dec 6, 2013
Think of A Christmas Carol visited by The Birds. Think of The Muppet Movie run amok. Imagine a berserk film editor splicing It's a Wonderful Life to Invasion of the Body Snatchers, with quoting from Snow White and a nod to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Dec 4, 2013
A horror-comedy about cute little Christmas toy/pets who turn into murderous monsters wreaking havoc on a Norman Rockwellian town.