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February 23, 2018
Really good movie in general, creative, and thoroughly thought out
August 5, 2017
I was in my early 20's in 1998 and thought this movie was funny as hell! Fast forward almost 20 years and it still makes me laugh!
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June 4, 2017
This film came out in the era of Billy Madison, Austin Powers, Happy Gilmore and Waynes World. In this context the film has lived on quite well but it had a backing from the studio that never separated it. The cult films like Slacker and Clerks created an indie comedy movement that swamped these high budgeted type of films. This film can only have an audience in the teenage bracket, I had held this film in high prestige for years but rewatching the film you realise it's not the cult classic once thought. This is much better then the bigger budgeted romantic comedies of that era but it doesn't have smart jokes, it goes for the quick humour and that's the reason why this clever concept never reaches grand heights. 04-06-2017.
May 11, 2017
One of my all time favorite comedy films. Just so good.
January 27, 2017
Undeniably a cult classic. Always a joy to go back and revisit the experience.
September 16, 2016
"I'm somebody's bitch."
September 14, 2016
I forgot about this movie from
the late '90s it's hilariously bad!
September 1, 2016
So bad that it has turned into a cool and legendary 90s comedy, Half-Baked is a fine example of how to make a poor, but ultimately cool movie. Goofy, shallow and definitely sharpless (if compared to similarly themed comedies from nowadays), this is a movie that appeals hugely to viewers who had their pre-teen or teen years in the 90s. Loaded with heavy nostalgia it will certainly destroy a sufficient amount of brain-cells if you see it, but it would also make you laugh out most of the time.
The movie tells the story of 4 childhood friends, whose love for weed has kept them together for years. When one of them is sent to prison, the Thurgood Jenkins (Dave Chappelle), Brian (Jim Breuer) and Scarface (Guillermo Diaz) need to find a way to collect the amount necessary for Kenny's (Harland Williams) release. The best idea they come up with is to start selling marijuana which drags them into series of funny events.
Needless to say, when it comes to plot, story-telling and even technical aspects such as editing, Half-Baked is totally poor delivery. It is so poor and never taking itself seriously that it is truly reaching a cult level. Add-up the marijuana-centered topic and the ridiculously bad acting of the cast and you will get something outrageously funny. Towards the second half and the end, Tamra Davis' delivery loses a serious part of its funny elements, as it becomes more preachy and mushy, but nevertheless the overall enjoyment of watching something that bad and absurd remains until the end.
In conclusion, Half-Baked is one of the examples of movies which are so bad, that they actually receive a cult status due to their specific topic or right moment of release. If you have grown-up in the 90s and find even a small similarity with some of characters or events (if you know what I mean ;) ) you will certainly enjoy it!
June 17, 2016
Feed a horse some food what could go wrong? Its a diabetic and its a cop horse, ouch! This bud (no pun intended :)) is thrown in jails while his homies led by Dave Chappelle slang trees to flee their freind. This Joint (no pun intended :)) funny b!!!!
May 21, 2016
5/18/2016: a dumb, but funny movie.
½ April 23, 2016
Crazy Stoner movie, good for a laff
April 1, 2016
This movie is just downright hilarious. It's about three potheads that have to bail their 4th friend Kenny (Harland Williams) out of jail because he killed a diabetic police horse. Along the way, Thurgood (Dave Chappelle) meets this girl he really likes but she is totally against pot. Jim Breuer, Guillermo Diaz, Harland Williams, and Dave Chappelle are really great at playing stoners. Jim Breuer is totally funny in this movie. I recommended this movie to anyone with a good sense of humor, it will keep you laughing forever! After all, it is the ultimate feel-good movie.
½ March 21, 2016
some funny, clever, interesting and memorable. some stupid, unfunny, dopey, garbo. the brian character was so lame. i kinda hated him. most of the chappelle parts were funny (2 viewings)
½ March 18, 2016
Stupid and , not very funny
½ January 31, 2016
Unlike that pure debacle known as Billy Madison, director Tamra Davis gives a fun, quirky, cartoon-like adventure of everyday stoners. In my opinion this is a stoner flick done right, as the creators used visual gags on the character's drugged-up fantasies, rather than having stoners just sit there and smoke weed. So, with that said, pass the weed and enjoy the show.
January 9, 2016
Not great filmmaking but good for a couple laughs... Probably funnier if you're high.
½ January 8, 2016
movie reviewers give documentaries 100% ratings and have no business criticizing what movie watchers like. this movie is actually funny unlike most comedies.
December 11, 2015
This movie hadn't aged a day. Still just as hilarious in 2015 as it was in college. Great cameos and a reminder of how much of a king Dave Chappelle used to be.
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November 24, 2015
I think when you look up the definition of a dumb movie, this is the first film that would come up. And I don't even mean that in a derisive manner, but it's a film that features not particularly smart or bright characters acting being put in silly situations. But it's dumb by design, the film absolutely has no pretensions or delusions of greatness. I don't think this film ever pretended to be the second coming of Monty Python and the Holy Grail or Life of Brian (also a Python film). I think once people come to terms with that then they'll have an easier time enjoying this. Honestly, I can't believe I waited so long to watch this movie. Not that I thought it was great or anything, but there's so many times I've seen this playing on TV and I never once really sat down and just watched it. Though, to be fair, I'm sure this movie would be shown in heavily edited form and I don't think that's any way to watch a film. But I was also well aware of the film's cult following and yet I was never inclined to sit down and watch it, until last night of course. And, as the score would imply, I definitely had a good time watching this. I'm not even a person who smokes weed, though I could see myself trying it, so I can imagine that I'd probably enjoy it more if I was high while watching it. Then again, you can say that about a lot of films, but this seems like the only one where it seems like a requirement. Still, I found a lot to like about this movie. It's very intentionally goofy and the film benefits from that, because it isn't afraid to just throw whatever out there to see what sticks and what doesn't. Because of that, however, that means that the film isn't really as consistent as it could have been. That's probably the only thing that holds the film back, honestly. It's clearly not a film that is high art, but it's a film that definitely has its place in the stoner comedy lexicon. The film has some memorable characters, like Sir Smoke-a-lot, who only, sadly, appears in a couple of scenes. The cast is solid, they play their roles well, particularly Jim Breuer, but this guy always looks high as fuck, so I don't know how much of his acting was his character and how it was written or how he regularly is. There's a couple of cameos by very famous weed smokers like Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg, so I thought those were fun, and, of course, Tommy Chong, though he plays a more 'important' character to the narrative, as he's the one that keeps Kenny from getting sodomized in jail. And you can't have a movie about weed without Tommy Chong. I digress, long story short, this movie is a fun time. I realize that film criticism means looking at every movie as if they're on the same level, but you can't go into this movie if your favorite movie is Satantango. You will hate this profusely. But I thought it was a good time for while it lasted and I'd recommend it as a Netflix watch or if you can get the DVD for like $5. Fun stuff.
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