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½ January 2, 2017
I saw this Woody Allen movie for the very first time. It's a breezy flick in the sense that it flows effortlessly from story thread to story thread. There's a depth to the story and the characters, which still resonates after nearly three decades. The entire cast is excellent, especially Michael Caine and Dianne Wiest. Both actors won best supporting Oscars for their performances. Allen also won an Oscar for his script. This is a very satisfying movie that pays off right up to the final shot.
December 31, 2016
There's still this sense he's trying to figure something out rather than making new patterns out of stuff he's already done. I love this film
½ December 29, 2016
This movie has been one of my to - watch for some time. Glad I finally got to watch but not as great as I had hoped it would be. I always love Woody Allen ' extensive dialogue - ful movies though.
Super Reviewer
December 2, 2016
What makes this film so special and unforgettable - right there with its flawless structure, impeccable direction, three-dimensional characters and phenomenal dialogue - is how Woody Allen is won over by such a surprising amount of optimism, and the result is just perfection.
½ November 27, 2016
I believe that some films are made simply to be delightful and insightful in equal measure, and Woody Allen's masterful, yet simple, "Hannah and Her Sisters" is one of those rare films. I couldn't tell you why precisely, but this movie just plain works.
September 19, 2016
I have limited experience with Woody Allen movies, so I had no idea what to expect here. Hannah and Her Sisters delivered a whole bunch of drama. It's family drama, relationship drama, and even health drama. Allen tries to put a humorous spin on some of it, which works only sparingly. I often have frustration with movies of this style because it is seemingly just a bunch of scenes loosely tied together with no plot. Things just happen, people change, and relationships adapt but there seems to be no point to it all. It accurately reflects how real relationships can sometimes work, and I liked that they showed the juxtaposition of what we think versus what we do. The conversations were authentic, and the acting was sincere, but the story was aimless. I think the movie is intended more as a look at what real life is like, and that's why it was both stressful and boring. There are some scenes that kept me engaged, and I did have enough interest in the characters to wonder where they would end up. I think some people will really enjoy Hannah and Her Sisters, but it's not going to be the general public. Sadly, I tend to have a more simplistic, "general public" taste in film. The lack of a cohesive through-line in the script to bind the multitude of subplots together left me cold and uninterested.
July 19, 2016
"-A week ago I bought a rifle, I went to the store - I bought a rifle! I was gonna, you know, if they told me I had a tumor, I was gonna kill myself. The only thing that might-ve stopped me - MIGHT'VE - is that my parents would be devastated. I would have to shoot them also, first. And then I have an aunt and uncle - you know - it would've been a blood bath."
June 4, 2016
Oh boy. This one is tough. People have so many separate lives. Bad things impact good people without them ever knowing sometimes. Great movie, awesome cast!
½ May 3, 2016
I am a massive fan of Woody Allen, because of Woody Allen's creativity and his hysterical characters however, i am not a fan of Woody Allen when he makes a melodramatic, not funny, romance movie about a love-hexagon starring a whole bunch of actors and giving himself a supporting-supporting role.

I love his movies because of him, and ''Hannah and Her Sisters'' (1986) barely had Allen himself in it, and in fact, the only scenes i thorougly enjoyed were the scenes starring Allen. The rest really wasnt that interesting in my opinion, it's just a sappy romance movie about a love-hexagon between 6 people over 2 years, and it is not that funny, nor does it have any interesting characters, except Allen's and Max von Sydow's.

All in all, ''Hannah and Her Sisters'' (1986) is a fine film, but i expected more from Allen. Some consider this one of his finest films, i consider it a big disappointment.

March 15, 2016
The best of the movies where Woody Allen plays his overused neurotic Jew from Brooklyn.
March 9, 2016
I liked this Woody Allen quite a bit. It tells a few different stories that I enjoyed and the cast is great. I think that this older film is very good, but I think it didn't live up to my high expectations as I heard this was one of Woody Allen's best films and it's good, but I didn't love it. Overall this is a very solid Woody Allen film that I enjoyed.
October 30, 2015
Set in Woody Allen's tremendous setting of New York, Hannah and Her Sisters fits the Allen mold perfectly on a level of romance and family dramedy.
October 26, 2015
Another star studded Woody Allen classic.
½ October 25, 2015
Enserio Michael Caine no recibió el oscar que gano por esta película por que estaba ocupado filmando una de las peores películas de la historia ?? Que mal :'I
October 22, 2015
Another fantastic Woody Allen film. Great character study as only he can pull off
October 7, 2015
Love is really unpredictable.

Hannah has a very complex relationship with her sisters. She loves them dearly; however, her current husband has started an affair with her younger sister Lee while her ex-husband has fallen in love with her middle sister, Holly. Everyone tries to keep Hannah from knowing, but as it becomes more obvious, her life may fall apart.

"You just have to masturbate into a little cup."
"I think I can handle that."

Woody Allen, director of Scoop, Bananas, Annie Hall, Midnight in Paris, Alice, Manhattan, Shadows and Fog, Radio Days, Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Love and Death, delivers Hannah and her Sisters. The storyline for this felt a little cliché Allen. The characters were interesting but I almost felt like I had seen this before (I have seen a lot of Allen movies). The acting was first rate and includes Mia Farrow, Michael Caine, Dianne West, Carrie Fisher, and Max von Sydow.

"You want my husband to have a child with you?"

I came across this on cable and had to DVR it. I am a Woody Allen fan and enjoy watching his pictures for the most part. This was pretty good and a well told story but was more straightforward than I anticipated. This was okay and worth a viewing but far from Allen's best film.

"I have a feeling you're in tune with your environment."

Grade: C+
September 5, 2015
Easily one of Allen's most well rounded films, Hannah and her Sisters explores a tight knit dysfunctional family over the course of the two Thanksgivings. Allen combines neurotic fleshed out flawed people, with interesting voice overs and all sorts of problems, and the result is a very nuanced and balanced film that mixes the comedy and drama well.
½ August 9, 2015
Life is one giant human comedy, and Woody Allen understands, and portrays, this fact better than any living American director. I prefer him when he's trying to make a comedy comedy ("Manhattan Murder Mystery", "Sleeper"), but there's no denying just how proficient of a writer, of a director he is when it comes to studying the complex relationships between lovers, friends, family. "Annie Hall" remains immortally wise, "Manhattan" blindsidingly poignant. He hit his stride during his professional (and personal) relationship with Mia Farrow (lasting in the movies from 1982-1992), "Hannah and Her Sisters" acting as the era defining tour-de-force that broadened his horizons as a writer as mischievously observant as his idol, Ingmar Bergman.
Told in three stretches over a two-year period, "Hannah and Her Sisters" begins during Thanksgiving and ends during Thanksgiving, both dinners held at Hannah (Farrow) and her husband, Elliot's (Michael Caine), impressive New York apartment. Acting as a plot device in similar spirit to the Cookie of "Cookie's Fortune" or the Alex of "The Big Chill", the interweaving stories, in some shape or form, connect to the perpetually frazzled blonde.
As the film opens, Hannah, along with her sisters, are facing particularly difficult periods in their lives. Normally happily married, Hannah and Elliot's union begins to hit turbulence when Elliot suddenly finds himself obsessed with his wife's earthy sibling, Lee (Barbara), with whom he begins having an affair. The neurotic Lee, in turn, is currently living with a much older, antisocial artist (Max Von Sydow) she no longer finds physically or mentally arousing.
While Lee's guilt thickens, Hannah, in the meantime, is forced to act as the emotional net for her basket case sister Holly (Dianne Wiest), an ex-cocaine addict who jumps from career to career while attempting to also make it as a Broadway actress. Her failed jabs at a normal life eventually settle, however, when she begins dating Mickey (Woody Allen), Hannah's hypochondriac ex-husband.
"Hannah and Her Sisters" kicks off as warm as any one of Allen's other comedies, but as its observational progression toward character study oblivion becomes more apparent, the film turns voyeuristic - it's as though we're a fly on the wall, catching glimpses of these imperfect people at their most imperfect times. Notice how the vulnerabilities of the characters never lose their prominence even when they're putting on friendly façades for strangers, how Allen draws such subtly profound characterizations that it becomes increasingly effortless to understand these people so well it's as though we've known them since they were children. Long after "Hannah and Her Sisters" closes does one begin to realize just how masterful of a writer Allen is; he can cover up his genius with his neuroses all he wants, but to make a cast of characters feel so multidimensional in the scope of a single film is an astonishingly difficult task - for Allen, it's duck soup. He's the perceptive one in the room.
It's as if he's known people like these before. Hannah is the kindhearted success story whose need to nurture sometimes hinders her own personal growth; Lee is the intellectual who doesn't quite know where to focus her potential. Holly is the type that fantasizes about what her life could be like rather than trying to make much needed changes; Mickey closes himself off in a bubble of fear because he doesn't want to admit that a mundane life is something okay to live. Perfectly cast, the ensemble feels like one large extension of Allen's consciousness.
"Hannah and Her Sisters" is a saga of failed attempts at moviedom happiness, combining comedy and heartfelt drama with startling pathos. The characters here aren't merely characters but people, people with ticks, little confidence, doubts. How Allen so successfully pens them all I can hardly understand - just let the film do the talking instead of me.
July 7, 2015
Woody Allen at his usual witty story telling mixed with complex characters, humor and drama.
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