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In part I, the reason Wes Craven's "hills had eyes" was because the cannibals that lived there were lying in wait for their next meal which happened to be a family from Cleveland. In this sequel filmed in 1983, the only survivor of the family is trying to overcome his nightmares (which allow for flashbacks to the first film). Meanwhile, an escapee from the cannibal family is taking some motorcycle racers on a bus ride to a competition when they cross through the same desert locale that she once called home. Sure enough, hunger strikes again. The soft-spoken Craven's sense of humor and perspective has an outlet in one scene when even the dog has flashbacks. This less satisfactory horror film was released almost simultaneously with Craven's hugely popular Nightmare on Elm Street.


Critic Reviews for The Hills Have Eyes, Part 2

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What could have inspired such lazy filmmaking?

Mar 23, 2012 | Full Review…

Might be the only film in cinema history to feature a flashback sequence ... by a DOG!

Apr 3, 2005 | Rating: 1/5

The original was a minor classic. This is just minor.

Jun 16, 2003 | Rating: 0/5

Craven throws away most of what made the first film shocking and relevant.

May 14, 2003 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for The Hills Have Eyes, Part 2

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 is a poorly constructed horror film that is absolutely pointless. This film lacks anything that made the first film so good. This is one of those films that never should have been made. The film has an uninteresting plot, one that doesn't satisfy. Wes Craven really delivered something original with his original film, but with this one, he misses the mark. The problem with this film is the plot and the poor acting. It's no wonder that Wes Craven disowned this film years later; it's one of his worst along with My Soul to Take. This film fails to build on the success of the first, and it becomes tiresome. The films ends up being without any form of direction or entertaining value and it just ends up being one of those sequels that fails to deliver the entertaining aspects that fans of the first are looking for. I wasn't thrilled with this film, and overall it's a bad film with a poor plot. This is a film that is a poorly constructed film that is all over the pl\ace and you just don't end up being entertained whatsoever by this film. This film was bad and the original film should have been left alone, in my opinion it did not need a sequel. The only thing that this film proves is that some classics don't need a second sequel to cash in on the reputation of the first. Watch the original Craven Cult hit, and avoid this film. This is one of the first bad films by director Wes Craven, and it shows that he didn't put much effort into making a consistent, thrilling and ultimately engaging film. This film fails to deliver in all respects.

Alex roy
Alex roy

Super Reviewer


The Hills Have Eyes Part II starts with Bobby (Robert Houston returning from the original) having a session with a psychiatrist (David Nichols) as he is still haunted by the events of 8 years earlier. Since those events Bobby has created a brand new type of fuel named 'Super Formula' that he & some friends are going to test out in the desert in a dirt-bike race. However he gets cold feet & decides to stay behind, so it's down to riders Roy (Kevin Spirtas as Kevin Blair) his blind girlfriend Cass (Tamara Stafford), Harry (Peter Frechette) who turns out to be the practical joker, Hulk (John Laughlin), the mechanic Foster (Willard E. Pugh) & his girlfriend Sue (Penny Johnson) who also double us as the obligatory token black characters & finally Bobby's friend Rachel (Janus Blythe, another returnee from the original) who was Ruby from the first film but has now turned civilised to drive out deep into the desert for the race. Unfortunately after a mix-up with the time it appears that they won't make the start in time, in time that is unless they take a shortcut across the open desert where they damage their bus & become stranded at a abandoned house. It's not long before they come under attack from more cannibal cavemen including Pluto (Michael Berryman) who actually survived the original after all... Written & directed by Wes Craven this sequel to his original The Hills Have Eyes (1977) is probably not as good & has a bad reputation but despite this I actually found it an alright way to pass 85 minutes. The script has a decent set-up, I surprisingly quite liked the characters even if they were stereotypes & I thought it moved along at a fair pace. The one thing I didn't like about The Hills have Eyes Part II is the slow middle section which started to drag after a promising set-up & not a lot of thought was put into it's reasoning. It descends into standard slasher film mode towards the end but I thought it handled itself reasonably well although it could have done with a slightly better bad guy rather than an ugly fat drunk looking bloke who can't even run properly. I personally don't think the flashbacks from the original harm The Hills Have Eyes Part II much, they are few in number & are all over before the halfway mark despite what you may have read elsewhere. Director Craven manages to create some decent scenes & good atmosphere which he is aided immensely by the Californian desert locations as they add a unique picturesque bleakness & beauty to the film & make for a perfect isolated location that many horror films rely on. The cinematography by David Lewis capture these locations pretty well & as a whole The Hills Have Eyes Part II is well made with some OK bike stunts & considering it supposedly only had a budget of $1,000,000 I didn't think it turned out so bad. The gore is somewhat tame but more plentiful than the original, someone is impaled, there is a slit throat, some severed limbs & dead bodies & a hatchet stuck in someone's head. The acting is OK for what it's worth, which isn't much. While I can't say The Hills Have Eyes Part II is a particularly good film I can't say it's a bad one either, I found it quite watchable & to an extent entertaining. If your stuck for something to watch for 85 minutes than I think you could do a lot worse than this, worth a watch at least.

Cassandra Maples
Cassandra Maples

Super Reviewer

Yep... even worse than the first. I just couldn't help but laugh at how lame it was. Maybe (if I were old enough at the time) I should have watched it back then to see what kind of thrill factor it left, but in these days it's just boring and dumb.

Leigh Ryan
Leigh Ryan

Super Reviewer

I hope Wes Craven got paid well for this craptatstic dequel from the 1980's. The one plus: Michael Berryman's return as Pluto.

Chris Garman
Chris Garman

Super Reviewer

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