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July 25, 2016
Great holiday fun for the whole family! This anthology is creative, interesting, and great array of tones.

Highly recommended.
July 24, 2016
like all anthology films, there are good ones and there are bad ones. but i really liked the holiday theme. some of them are definitely inventive.
July 24, 2016
Much like ABC's Of Death, most of this is a waste of time. The segments that are good are very good, but you can guess how bad the bad are.
½ July 23, 2016
1 or 2 salvagable scenes, but overall...bleh
July 23, 2016
Sooo fucking funny, if you like abc of death you will like this
½ July 19, 2016
1.5 star for it's artistic attempt. Not worth your time unless you really have nothing to do OR you're really into dive horror.
½ July 19, 2016
All of the shorts are directed well, and some have some very cool idea that could be fleshed out into full feature films. However, some of these writers mistake absurdity and creativity for quality, leading to some awkward and disgusting segments. I'm a fan of the ABC's of Death, and enjoy the second film in that series very much, so I'm not an easily disturbed individual. I'm all for gross and absurd if there's a point, but in the case of this film, there is usually no point.
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½ July 17, 2016
The problems that plague this anthology film is the same problems that have plagued almost every anthology film in existence. And that is the lack of consistency in the shorts themselves. And that is due to the fact that you have different filmmakers all telling their own little stories. The most consistently entertaining anthology film I've ever seen, Wild Tales, was written and directed by one man. All of the segments were done by the same guy, so that, unsurprisingly, led to a consistent tone between all of the shorts. Films like this, or ABCs of Death, while conceptually really cool, won't have that cause you have all these different types of filmmakers working with different writers and that's why some of the shorts would fall short when compared to others. This film is no different. I think that a great majority of the shorts are conceptually interesting, but the execution fell short of the concept. The film starts off with a solid Valentine's Day segment, where this girl, bullied by others and romantically obsessed with her swimming coach, kills one of the girls that bullies her and brings her heart to the coach. It's not the best the film has to offer, but it was a solid enough start to the film. The St. Patrick's Day segment of the film is the first truly great one. This woman is impregnated by snake and that's all you need to know as this one goes to some really interesting places. The Easter segment is probably one of the weakest ones. There's an interesting take on how children perceive what parents tell them and how their imagination runs wild with that information. There's also some interesting concepts regarding faith and how children react to that. With that said, I just didn't really like the short in and of itself outside of that. It's just a really weak segment. I think Easter is the weakest segment of the film, but Mother's Day is right after that. It's similar to the St. Patrick's Day segment, but it's just not nearly as good nor does it reach the same levels of absurdity. It was, realistically speaking, a pointless segment. So, yea, Mother's Day is the weakest segment of the film. At least Easter had the fucked up Bunny Christ. Father's Day, I felt, was the best short of the entire movie. It doesn't reach levels of absurdity or anything of the sort, it's a simple melancholic tale of loss. This woman finds this recording of her father, whom she thought passed away during her childhood. The recording, essentially, guides the woman to this place where she is to be reunited with him. I liked how the short was paced, how it was acted and it ended on a really strong note. St's Patrick's Day embraces the absurdity of its concept, so I think that might appeal more to people, but I still felt that this was the best segment of the entire movie. Halloween is probably the 'funniest' segment of the film, since it was written and directed by Kevin Smith. These three cam girls torture their 'john', I don't know what you call it when it comes to cam girls, to death. It was a solid, entertaining short. Christmas was another weak one. The lead character lets another man die because he bought the last remaining gadget at the store that his son wanted. So he takes the device while watching this man die.. The product is Google Glass-esque device that shows you you, as the product was promoted. Everyone sees something different, sort of like your own personal profile, but you have to log out or else you see what the last person saw. Basically the man sees something he wasn't meant to see and that was it. Talk about weak. It was just an uninteresting and didn't have a story worth telling. New Year's Even ends the film off on a decent note. This man, a killer who stalks women on dating sites only to kill them, goes on this date with a woman who ends up being crazier than she is. It was basic, but it was still pretty decent. And that's about it. So, really, you can see how I though this might have been a mixed bag. There's two great shorts and everything else is kinda meh, even the ones that are good. There's some good concepts here, but, again, the execution doesn't always live up to that. And that is a damn shame, because I wanted this to be a great movie. It was not to be, however. If you must watch this, watch only St. Patrick's Day and Father's Day, you'll thank me later. Oh and watch Easter for Bunny Christ. With that said, this is an average anthology flick.
July 9, 2016
OK-ish vignette film with different creepy takes on various holidays. Some are stronger than others, but overall an ok watch.
½ June 14, 2016
If you can get through the first few Holidays then you made it. The only ones worth watching are Christmas and New Years. Halloween is okay. The rest are bad and to gross.
June 7, 2016
The way the well known holidays are portrayed in this movie is stunning. They are weird, dull of black humor, and amaizingly capturing. It's a wild ride that is worth every minute spent watching.
½ June 6, 2016
First short was good, pretty much nothing else was worth the watch.
May 24, 2016
Easter was amazing. Fun movie , like all of these compilations, some sucked some were great
May 20, 2016
Nice little collection of short horror movies.
April 30, 2016
The beauty of an anthology is that if you get a segment that's a clunker, there's always a chance that the next one up will be more impressive, and if the number of good segments outweighs the number of bad segments, all is well. In the case of HOLIDAYS, there is definitely more good than bad, and even the weakest stories are (at the very least) interesting misfires. The movie is conceptually fantastic, with the binging gimmick being very strong and offering a tremendous and rather extraordinary variety; by no means are all of the segments incredible, but there's a freshness and diversity to the overall experience that makes the movie a truly entertaining watch. Now, most of the stories contained in HOLIDAYS skew more towards the lighter end of the horror spectrum, with a sense of cheeky playfulness permeating the mayhem, and a few even go further into outright silly territory; that said, the Easter story, for example (which is patently goofy on its face) still contains imagery that is flat-out disturbing. Despite the sum total package being lighter and more humorous than one might expect, the strongest segment by far is the one which plays things the straightest - the Father's Day story. This one is an all time great anthology segment, inventive and ambiguous and ways that truly suck you in as a viewer, and featuring the most emotionally affecting character work of any of the stories. Even if all the other segments were crappy (and, really, they're not), HOLIDAYS would be essential viewing for "Father's Day," which is as haunting and eerie as one could hope for. All of the sections are backed by strong scores, with several sporting a 1980s-style throwback sound of the John Carpenter/Tangerine Dream sort. Again, the movie overall is a bit uneven, but with 8 segments, you're getting a nice bang for your buck, as well as the instant classic that is "Father's Day."
April 30, 2016
A very well executed and disturbing anthology about the holidays. Extremely unique to each holiday. Some of the films leave you wanting more story, but that is my only complaint. Overall a good film.
April 28, 2016
Pretty cool! Easter was my fav.
April 28, 2016
A good horror movie with good horror tales.
April 26, 2016
interesting and different stories. some good laughs. but I only really liked two of them


which were the Web cam one and online dating one (1 viewing)
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