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While it boasts a capable cast, the disappointingly dull Homefront hearkens back to classic action thrillers without adding anything to the genre.



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HOMEFRONT is an action movie about a widowed ex-DEA agent who retires to a small town for the sake of his 10-year-old daughter. The only problem is he picked the wrong town. (c) Open Road


Jason Statham
as Phil Broker
Winona Ryder
as Sheryl Marie Mott
Kate Bosworth
as Cassie Bodine Klum
Frank Grillo
as Cyrus Hanks
Izabela Vidovic
as Maddy Broker
Clancy Brown
as Sheriff Keith Rodrigue
Rachelle Lefevre
as Susan Hetch
Marcus Hester
as Jimmy Klum
Chuck Zito
as "Danny T" Turrie
Linds Edwards
as Jojo Turrie
Craig Austin
as Teddy Klum
Amin Joseph
as Lead DEA Agent
Lance E. Nichols
as Senior DEA Agent
Michael Traynor
as Junior DEA Agent
Joe Chrest
as DEA Agent #1
Billy Slaughter
as DEA Agent #2
Raeden Greer
as Young Girl
Amber Dawn Landrum
as Young Girl #2
Eddie Matthews
as Gator's Goon
Greg Sproles
as Hitman #1
Luke Hawx
as Hitman #2
William Weber
as Hitman #3
Ronn Surels
as Hitman #5
Marjorie A. Parker
as Bridge Operator
Nicole Andrews
as Mrs. Etherby
Kenny Cook
as Mechanic #2
Joshua Brady
as Tweaker #1
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  • The car chases aren't done especially well, but overall, Homefront delivers the enjoyment you'd expect from a shoot-'em-up.

    Aug 28, 2019 | Full Review…
  • I can barely remember who lives or dies. I barely cared.

    Dec 10, 2013 | Full Review…
  • A maniacally muddled and maudlin thriller, co-written and produced by Sly Stallone.

    Dec 6, 2013 | Rating: 1/5 | Full Review…
  • Fleder - a dab hand with knotty, workable pulp - proves admirably patient in revealing character and place, and it helps that those laying siege to our hero's self-timbered abode never quite react in the way expected of goons in a Jason Statham movie.

    Dec 5, 2013 | Rating: 3/5 | Full Review…

    Mike McCahill

    Top Critic
  • The screenplay for this violent retro schlock was written by Sylvester Stallone, and the movie feels like something out of the early eighties.

    Dec 2, 2013

    David Denby

    New Yorker
    Top Critic
  • 'Homefront' just isn't the Southern-fried smackdown it should have been

    Dec 2, 2013 | Rating: 2/5 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for Homefront

  • Nov 09, 2016
    With a extraordinary performance by Jason Statham and excellent action sequences. Home front makes a great action film
    Fernando M Super Reviewer
  • May 22, 2015
    The general public, that strange amalgam of tribes and cliques (ooka chaka, ooka chaka!), will "get" this more so than those of the film intelligentsia among us. Bread and circuses prepared for and designed by Sly Stallone, no less (who might have an idea what the film going public wants after all this time), and gives it to them. And there are some surprises: Franco and Ryder are great as the bad guys (uhh, spoiler alert! sorry), squeaky clean Bosworth does better street ho than you could've imagined, and finally Statham, who's always a lone cowboy, pulls off caring dad with better chops than you would've thought possible. All in all a pretty decent entertainment offering once one accepts that one is here to see some bad guys get seriously pounded into the ground.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • May 19, 2014
    An average movie with action and violence to keep you entertained!
    Film C Super Reviewer
  • Apr 24, 2014
    When you combine Action with Drama, you had better have a damn good story to go along with the tremendous fight scenes and wild chases, or else you get a film that falls flat. We all know that at this point, Jason Statham is the best Action star you could have, but the jury was out on how effect he could be in a more dramatic role. In Home Front, Statham plays a retired undercover D.E.A. agent, who has recently become a single father. He and his daughter have moved from the big city to the small town, which his late wife called home, in the hopes of building a better life. Everything was going as planned until his daughter, stood up to a bully at school, and embarrassed the son of one the towns most influential families. The simple misunderstanding between children quickly escalates into an all out war, which will force Statham to use everything he learned in the D.E.A. to protect his daughter and his new home. Once again, Jason Statham was terrific in this film. It is mind boggling and seems to be impossible, but every film this man does is better than the one before it. He is on a winning streak, the likes of which I have never seen. Statham was terrific, but oddly, he's paired with an actor who doesn't have much experience playing the bad guy and it showed. James Franco plays Gator Bodine, a small time hood and drug trafficker, who goes after Statham with everything he's got, the only problem is, Bodine really isn't that bad a guy. In fact, when Franco starts cursing and playing all tough, it's almost laughable, not to mention the fact that he doesn't have a tenth of the fighting skills that Statham has. Being that this was a big budget film, Written by Sylvester Stallone (Rocky), Directed by Gary Fleder (Kiss The Girls, Runaway Jury), and starting the best action star in the game (Jason Statham), it's very peculiar that they would choose a bad guy, who is best known as a comedic actor. While the story was great, Franco simply can not match up with Statham at all. Homefront has almost everything you could want in a Thriller, but the lack of a strong, believable opponent, really calls into question just how believable the film is and makes it somewhat predictable.
    Todd S Super Reviewer

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