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May 18, 2019
One of my favorite movies of all time as a kid.....and still love it as an adult!
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½ April 22, 2019
Spielberg attempts a grown up Peter Pan film with mixed results. The is long, complicated and full of plot holes. Sections of the film are visually great, but as a whole it can't piece it together. There is ambition here and a lot of passion for the film, mostly from Williams in the lead. I couldn't find what the audience score found and I feel this is one of the Spielberg's lesser films. Hoffman is excellent as always, but even he doesn't have a lot of scenes to chew on. 14/04/2019
April 20, 2019
Spielberg, Roberts, Williams, Smith and Hoffman and a John Williams OST should be a reciepe for success. But with a surpriseless plot, placid acting, mishandled action sequences, inexistant character development and some of the worst dialogue that could ever be written, this iseasily the biggest disappointment of the past half century. Maybe 6 yo can appreciate the coulors though.
April 10, 2019
Hook looks great, acted great, and has a mature take on the Pan character despite which help its sappy moments
March 18, 2019
Always and forever a damn classic!
March 16, 2019
Very fun and inspirational. Sometimes the best stories aren't the ones with the plot twists and drama, but redemptive messages of hope and child-like happiness
January 20, 2019
Although I feel Hook fails in quite a few areas, it also goes great in other ones. I love Robin Williams and he did a great job in this film. I also loved Captain Hook, I thought that they did a great job adapting him into a live-action movie. Besides doing a great job on the Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Hook also did a great job creating a completely new story, a completely new Neverland, and still keep the imagination from the original story of Peter Pan.

Although I liked Pan and Hook, I didn't care for Tinkerbell or all the kids from Neverland. I wish that we could have received a more magical Tinkerbell, I think that that was a major problem in the film. Tinkerbell is one of the most beloved characters from the original Peter Pan and to make her less magical was a huge let down. I also didn't like how they did the kids, a lot of their ways of life are really weird and felt like they hardly brought anything to the movie.

Overall Hook is just ok, showing a lot of great concepts but not always coming through.
January 18, 2019
One of the best movies of its time with GREAT actor's

This is a movie i can watch over and over again

A absolutely classic and i love it
½ January 1, 2019
Disappointment Flying Across The Screen.


Spielberg's eye on the Disney's beloved character fails to live up to the hype on any whatsoever level. Personally, this magical aviated world has always been physically distant with me, due to its various stages it leaps on. From one tone to another, the tale never seem to have a balance or command over its own language, no matter how much synced the theme may be, there is too little to work on such big hokum. Overstuffed from stereotypical characters to cliched subplots, Spielberg's marathon euphoria wears off too quick to reach the first rest station.

And it is not that Spielberg is not in his A game, in fact if anything that convinces you to stay tuned to this blunder other than Williams, is his tactics to glorify tiny aspects of the film. Like, making the production easier, by projecting Roberts's character to be in a doll house in order to make things easier and process faster. Such efficient and impressive tactics are what the entire musical acts are brimmed with, if not contains that anticipated masterful choreography. Aforementioned, Williams's hopeful eyes behind the glasses, pursues you to watch his non-animated Peter Pan take, that is adorable as far as he is playing it.

On the opposite side, Hoffman as the antagonist, is on mark but there is very little to offer on terms of originality, fixated on cheesy humor and lazy sidekicks, it is a big chunk of disappointment. Roberts, Smith and Goodall in their supporting role are too unfortunately a plastered face written for a distraction and manipulating emotions out from the audience. Williams feels vulnerable and hand tied since he is not given any usual gags of his to charm his way out of the dull plot. Hook is the only thing that is to be hooked in this questionable project of Spielberg.
December 30, 2018
Why so much hate for this movie?! I love it!!
December 16, 2018
One of the most underrated gems of the 1990's, and Robin Williams career. The perfect sequel to the Disney Classic version!
December 11, 2018
One of the best movies ever made. Great story, action, humor, drama. It has everything you'd want. Robin Williams was great as Peter Pan. Dustin Hoffman does an amazing job as Hook. Charismatic, but evil at the same time. Truly good acting.
December 3, 2018
Hook with Robin Williams has 29%...29!! An outrage! This movie WAS my childhood. Probably seen that movie more than any other to this day. I watched it on repeat as a kid and that shit holds up. An original take on a classic story where Robin Williams get to show his full range from goofy to serious! It's a masterpiece damn it. A GOD MASTERPIECE!

Rufio! Rufio! Rufio!

This is the best movie ever. It was my favorite as an adult and as a kid. It's how I fell in love with Robin Williams.

Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and Bob Haskins. Directed by Stephen Spielberg.
November 27, 2018
A childhood favorite of mine looking back at nostalgia.

However childish Hook may seem now, Steven Spielberg's Hook (1991) is a sweetly sentimental look at a Peter Pan who grew up. Reflecting on childhood, fatherhood, maturing, and love leaves the audience adoring Hook while never finding it perfect.

The strangely long Hook feels the length as the charms of Neverland begin to fade towards the end. The childish immature tone feels too quaint to be taken seriously.

Robin Williams is excellent as the adult Peter Pan. His stingy personality works as does his fun adventures as Peter Pan. I really like Julia Roberts Tinkerbell. She's sweet as the legendary fairy in love with Peter. I wish she ended up with Peter as their romance feels more real than the ones between Peter and Wendy or Petter and Moira. It's a bittersweet ending for sure.

Dustin Hoffman makes for a fearsome and delight Captain Hook. His style is fabulous and extravagant. Hoffman adds some funny humor and devious charisma. The bumbling Bob Hoskins is very likable as Smee.

Much of the supporting cast is wasted to minor roles. The child actors are all passable, but forgettable. Spielberg has so much style to his directing. He clearly loved this story, but it feels so hollow and empty by the end.
November 22, 2018
Spielberg takes a phenomenal concept and creates a long-lasting adventure, starring a brilliant cast who bring to life the odd, yet entertaining plot in a unique way. While it isnâ(TM)t perfect, it certainly is a nostalgic film that will never lose its flavour. The set-pieces are terrific and the score is one of Williamsâ(TM) best. There is some great emotion brought into the film, and at the end of the day is hard to dislike!
November 13, 2018
A wonderful movie with many moments to will make you laugh your way through your childhood and make you remember the good days as an adult, and one that still holds up.
November 2, 2018
One of my favorite moving going up . Run home jack
October 18, 2018
There should have been a sequel to Steven Spielberg's Hook!
October 6, 2018
One of my favorite movies of all time. Forget the critics. They dont know whats good anyway. The cast is perfect the musics amazing. Its got it all. Cant wait til my child is old enough to enjoy it with me. Because i think these critics forgot it was a kids movie.
August 27, 2018
Peter Pan and Hook both have their share of arrogant strength in terms of reality although the movie's fiction makes their personalities neat, humorous, and terrifically awful. Of course, I don't recommend acting like them in real life. Stage plays and theater drama often function against what's real due to our boredom and tears with real-life happenings. But Hollywood usually does speak through tampered visions like what we see in Peter Pan's psychology and Captain Hook's psychology- both men exhibit their ways of common sense greatly and magnificently because of their high-end philosophies for world destruction and timely peace. Disjointed viewpoints become apparent in "Hook" from the very nature of competition among heroes and villains alike as far as Hollywood and other movie-production geographies are concerned; drama is lit in "Hook" to an exotic presentation kindled more for comedy than sheer life. I'd like to remind critics and reviewers out there that great movies give us something to think about while being relatively safe due to acting and pure fiction. Very rarely is a movie absolutely real. Real life, as we're in it right now, demands so much patience that artists can't help but give special ideas since vision and power are leaking into each other on a fantastic whim rather than normal, everyday behavior. Besides all this there's plenty to remark on with "Hook". Graphics and light get tangled into overextended reality for the actors on stage until pure fiction comes into existence and melts into kindness even on the bad guy's side. That's not what we can say of our true colors of mortality; survival instincts kick in from time to time in our real Earth when nations proceed with security and means of dominance, but any and all offense and defense in reality has to do with luck and sanity artists could never really handle. Robin Williams would roll over in his grave if another critic happened to dismiss all movie productions to the point of disinterest and boredom when Hollywood and other places were helping humanity more and more to make us reach equality and justice for all, bit by bit, as history permitted it. "Hook" is really funny and provides us with a good education on right and wrong. Is that what Rotten Tomatoes is calling "syrup"? Peter Pain in the movie has been living a life up to the point where his livelihood is fixed by Earth's mortality of love, hate, corruption, and drama, where pieces to life in "Hook" seem to fit the puzzle according to random vivacity. Think about how our minds, our common sense, our special interests and more, can be glued into an approved product under our scrutiny for pretension and extended feelings. Captain Hook can seem so logical on coveting and senseless childhood however he approaches the decorated, massed ship with poetry in motion and philosophy on life, in spite of poor judgement. Peter Pan has his share of problems, too. He didn't like or believe fairies before heading to Neverland, a fantasy world with no freedom or trustworthy permissions. Movie scripts don't always have a greatly mixed nature of right and wrong to prove that both bad guys and good guys can be on similar, equal terms.
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