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June 2, 2018
Meh. Did everyone just phone this one in?
May 26, 2018
Perfect movie that makes me long to fly to never-neverland..
b-panther the movie is still terrible garbage. Avoid paying for soylo a soy wars story which is an insult to human intelligence.
½ May 26, 2018
So bad, so awful.. its good. It's imaginative and nice to look at. (good john williams score)
May 26, 2018
How this film has only 29% is baffling. Warm, fun, quotable, quirky, and immaculately written and performed by the whole cast. A childhood joy that's held up very well over the years.
May 25, 2018
One of my favorite movies.
May 20, 2018
A classic! It's obvious critics didn't understand the lasting power of this movie at the time, but 20 years later many, many people would put this movie on their top-ten list of kids movies. Great performances by all involved and very re-watchable!
½ May 5, 2018
"Hook" may not be one of Steven Spielberg's best films, but it is such an underrated movie that deserves some love. Spielberg has made a fun action adventure movie that is both delightful, and exciting at the same time. Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams both gave such wonderful performances. Some special effects are dated, but everything else looks great. Also, can't forget about the music, which I think its one of John Williams' best scores. No matter what, I will always love this movie as it deserves to be rediscovered; as well as give the attention and respect it needs. I say give it a chance, and think many happy thoughts.
April 24, 2018
I really love this film.

every single man should remember childhood dreams.
April 23, 2018
ah the classics forgot how enjoyable this movie is. I think I'm going to be chanting Rufio, Rufio, Rufio... all day tomorrow. watch if you never seen it revisit Neverland if you have. it is on Netflix or you can buy it for 3-5 dollars at any store.
April 11, 2018
How is this movie not fresh?!! This site makes no sense.
April 9, 2018
Hook is awesome watch it and judge for yourself!
April 6, 2018
I can't believe this movie is one of Spielberg's. You see, I feel he has a very wide filmography where some of his projects work,some don't. Occasionally there are some masterpieces as well. The thing is, I can't see anything fresh in the direction here. It's true that not a single frame can pass the test of time in this movie. It feels weirdly outdated. It doesn't feel fresh,or unique. Everything translates weirdly on screen as if it was supposed to be a stage play. The film is based on a very smart idea, had it been delivered better with a much more intriguing plot, it could have possibly worked. The story here,though, was slow and it never reached its potential. The thing is with the exception of the classic Disney movie, "Peter Pan" is a story that always flops as a big screen adaptation. This surely is strange having in mind that "Peter Pan" has all those elements that make for great storytelling. But "Hook" is real proof that any kind of divergence from the actual story can hinter the result. "Hook" has a dream cast but they were not enough to save it. And one last thing: what kind of a name is "Hook" for an actual "Peter Pan" retelling anyway?
½ March 21, 2018
You know I really wanted to like this but it has too many flaws to be ignored. The script is rushed, and thinly written with an extremely questionable direction from the typically brilliant, Steven Spielberg. It's biggest flaw is how it rushes Peter coming to remember who is and interacting with the rest of the characters as Peter Pan.What really makes this cringe-worthy is not only Julia Roberts performance but also how the film was unnecessarily edited to include her awkward green-screen acting moments throughout. Nonetheless, the film has many endearing aspects such as the eccentric Lost Boys crew which had the story gone more into their backstories would've made the film 10X more interesting and engaging. It's also worth noting that besides Roberts everyone really brought their 'A' game from Hoffman's Hook to Bob Hoskins' Smee. Overall, despite it's cardboard, hoaky presentation, it does have its elements that make it worth at least one watch.
March 20, 2018
Hook with Robin Williams has 29%...29!! An outrage! This movie WAS my childhood. Probably seen that movie more than any other to this day. I watched it on repeat as a kid and that shit holds up. An original take on a classic story where Robin Williams get to show his full range from goofy to serious! It's a masterpiece damn it. A GOD DAMN MASTERPIECE!

Rufio! Rufio! Rufio!

The critics suck and are wrong. This is the best movie ever. It was my favorite as a kid. It's how I fell in love with Robin Williams.

Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Julia Roberts and Bob Haskins. Directed by Stephen Spielberg. That Shit is fire on paper
March 16, 2018
Probably one of my favorite childhood movies. Screw the people who say it deviates from the original story, I don't give a crap- this is awesome stuff.
I may be biased, I'm an artist, and my admiration has grown for ingenuity and little use of CGI in movies in general. Everyone moaning about it says there isn't much too it, whereas I think it is a visual fairytale of a movie, like illustrations right out of a storybook. The craftsmanship throughout is something I relish along with a story line that personally hits home for me. The cast is excellent, the colors refreshing, and the story (I think, compared to blown-out, let's-get-to-the-point insanity of movies today) is well-paced.
½ March 7, 2018
This movie is awesome, I love it. However, with that said, there are a number of problems.
First of all, this movies run time is to long for a family movie. It starts out slow, the first 50 minutes to about the first hour, I think could have cut out a number of shots. Even though it does get better after those 50-60 minutes, it doesn't mean that this movie is like picture frame perfect or anything, several scenes feel like they could've been done better, it can even get a little to corny or too smultzy in the third act, but with that said, it is imaginative, has great heart, and it does have some of that Spielberg charm to it Once the characters develop into those characteristics we loved from the Disney version and the book, you realize these actors are doing a really good job playing their roles, The two main leads Hoffman and Williams do a great job playing their roles. The thing is, this movies plot and story isn't really focus so much on Hook as it should for the movie to be called Hook. The story isn't really about Hook, it's about Peter Pan getting his magic back so he will be able to save his kids from Hook. So if I were to title this movie, I would say it should've been titled Another Pan.
Overall, this is a family movie that parents will probably enjoy watching with their kids, if you don't mind sitting for more than 2 hours watching it. The first 1/3 will be slow, but it gets better from there. There is the Spielberg charm but there are things that could be changed including a new title.
March 4, 2018
Loved it as a kid, love it as an adult. There's just something timeless about the characters and acting. This isn't trying to challenge your intelligence or perceptions, it's just a fun story, a slightly new twist on the Peter Pan story.
½ February 26, 2018
How this movie holds such a poor review is beyond me. It's theme stands the test of time...if only anyone could "remember".
February 2, 2018
Child hood classic, fuck the critics
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