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April 9, 2019
The sorrow of it is almost unwatchable. It's like an apocalyptic sci-fi movie from the future however it's real and it's now. It makes one ashamed to admit to be a human being. It's difficult to believe the treatment of humans by humans. I'd say inhumane but that's an odd word that seems to mean it's conduct below human capability - when there's no such situation as inhumane - we have proved throughout history and present that there's no horrible treatment we won't do to our fellow man. It's difficult to watch and everyone on the planet should feel a sense of guilt - Bravo Ai WeiWei for showing us ourselves - putting a mirror to our inhumanity.
½ December 7, 2018
Stuffed with research to go along with the intimate events, this presents an up to date checkup on the global crisis that looks epic in cinematography but feels tragic in every scenario.
½ September 11, 2018
I would have rated this higher but for the nearly illegible captions and subtitles. There seems to be a trend toward making titles and captions as small as possible, and Ai Weiwei's film also chose to make them white on mostly light backgrounds.
August 17, 2018
Human Flow is a visual experience to be endured. A journey for the soul. A glimpse into the duty of care, and lack thereof, affecting our societies.

Forgotten places and forgotten faces reach out and I struggle to remain seated. To comprehend the magnitude of what film director Ai Wei Wei intended. The camera remains. Lost souls stare onto it, onto the abyss. Dignified, proud, hopeful. Despite everything.

Statistics and news headlines appear. Foreign voices makeshift the background. Subtitles demand the attention of the viewer. Everyone must seat and watch. There is no easy way out for us as there is no easy way out for the millions of refugees stranded across the globe.

Oceans of humanity flow, stretching as far as the next border, people like waves reaching for the coast, seeking relief after a long journey. Aerial views of makeshift camps. Tents set along trains never to halt. People resting on the side of the road. On the verge of tears. Vulnerable to disease, under the elements, moving ever forward with their loved ones. All borders shutting down.

The system collapses, numbers increase and countries build fences and walls with money that could be used in so many other ways. No questions are asked or aid provided. Left behind, human beings facing the most inhuman conditions in the history of our race.

Those who are victims of the circumstances, run for fear of persecution. Those who pushed them into exile remain immune. Those who watch, what are we? What am I, but a privileged voyeur? A far removed entity able to switch off my screen at any given time. Sheltered, fed, safe. Free. Ashamed of myself as I type these words. Dreading the moment I move onto the next thing, and forget.
½ July 25, 2018
O mais impressionante é que, enquanto a Europa vive uma crise existencialista e discute como abrir suas fronteiras, concentrando a maior fonte de renda do mundo, países como a Jordânia, o Afeganistão, o Líbano e países pobres da África subsaariana se esforçam para acolher e dar dignidade para pessoas que perderam tudo e viveram o inferno em seus países. O Afeganistão, totalmente desestruturado e se recuperando de grande instabilidade política e econômica, abre as portas e se prepara para receber afegãos refugiados em outros países e refugiados de outros lugares.

Pessoas odiadas em seus países, perseguidas, migrando para preservar as suas vidas e terem o mínimo de paz, querem trabalhar e retribuir o refúgio. E infelizmente serão também odiadas nesses países por pessoas ignorantes e insensíveis às perservidades que seus irmãos passaram.

Linda também a perspectiva da religião, difundida e interpretado por muitos como responsável por tantas disputas e tanto sofrimento... Mas é justamente a não observação do verdadeiro sentido da mensagem pregada por seus profetas, seja involuntária por alienação seja intencional por interesses políticos e ganância por poder, que tem causado tanta disparidade. A fé e a religião não podem ser condenadas pelo exemplo de pessoas que não as representam. O filme mostra brilhantemente que são justamente elas que mantém unidas essas pessoas que perderam tudo. Verdadeiros devotos que mantém a observação da oração, do culto e da caridade.

Enquanto isso, enquanto muitos brasileiros saúdam as atrocidades do presidente Trump, o nosso país se esforça pra também acolher refugiados dando a eles dignidade. Mas somos pobres. Ainda assim há corrupção entre nós e casos desastrosos como aquele edifício que desabou em São Paulo.

Esse filme é um alerta pra consciência. Precisamos pensar em nossos irmãos independente de etnia ou crédulo, buscar a caridade e vencer nossas vaidades.
June 17, 2018
Too long. Boring. The only thing good about this film is the beautiful scenery. I couldn't finish it.
½ May 1, 2018
Wide ranging view on the global refugee problem that highlights the main issues without offering too much insight on the solution.
March 22, 2018
watching this and thinking of the rape gangs, this movie made me sick. he keeps putting himself in every shot that he could, putting the camera in their faces so thats all you see to create a false sense of empathy, and telling these men that they are great people, just look at europe, its falling apart because of this. this is propaganda.
March 21, 2018
You won't see much of the ground covered by Ai Weiwei's 'Human Flow' in the American corporate media due in large part that we helped so greatly in creating these issues. If you have a shred of dignity and empathy you'd vote the warmongers out of office as soon as possible. In a time when our politicians are trying to ship us into more wars in order to distract us from real issues it's no wonder so many around the world hate Americans. This documentary is polite towards the United States, but chronicles several countries' refugees. These people aren't houseless they are literally homeless. They have been displaced from the place they want to be and many interviewed want to go back to their homes. Put yourself in their shoes and it's heart-wrenching. Final Score: 7.9/10
December 20, 2017
This insightful and enlightening take on the migrant crisis is wonderfully objective. Although the director clearly wants to take on the complex and incredibly vast issues regarding the issue, he does a surprisingly good job at tackling all of them even if it is only superficially. I found some of the statistics startlingly, but even after two months the film continues to linger in my mind. A must see.
December 5, 2017
Sobering but we need to see what's really happening in our world: populations being displaced by war, prejudice and natural causes, while leaders often are the primary cause of the flow, or react with indifference, or are overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of the issues. The resiliency of people, especially children, is amazing, but why should they have to prove it through so much unnecessary abuse and suffering?
December 3, 2017
Ai Wei Wei is hilarious. This movie was amalgamation of visually beautiful moving images, thoughtful storytelling and thoughtless editing. This film would have been a powerful film at the half of its length, but altogether felt like a really attractive guy with ADD who rambles. (Imagine you are about to have an orgasm or fall asleep constantly or both at the same time.)

To give a benefit of the doubt, I was physically starving the whole movie and regretting my decision to not claim my free popcorn as a member of the theater. But I'm sure that even if I watched the movie with my belly full, I would have still wished that the movie was better condensed.

The movie kind of felt like those old "Where's Wally" books with a myriad of people and him traveling from one page to another just hanging out somewhere in a corner taking lots of selfies.

His message in the movie is clear. "Look. Look at these people in motion, and the dignity we strip away from them as we deny their entering into our worlds" As much as the message is powerful and beautifully conveyed, (and as much as I feel like a terrible human saying this) at some point it was like "Cool. Anything else?" Monotonous repetition weakened overall took away magic from this film.

I might just be too practical, but I find documentaries that not only shed light on the problems but also the why, or potential solutions more satisfying. While he gave us an in-depth view of the victims' lives, he gave a very shallow insight into the "evil" he mentions a few times in the movie. There was no invitation from the director on "Hey, but here's what we can do to help." When I see something like this, I wonder if the directors' goal was just to depict the problem or evoke change? It just sounded like the former for this one. It's totally fine for an artist, but it just felt... irresponsible.

However, because of the overall monotony, some precious details stood out more. The moment when a paper crane is hung by a string from a wired wall to symbolize humans' vulnerable density tied, and flapping back and forth due to the wind, the force of nature we can't control. The moment where he shot the shadows of refuges walking across a bridge with a guard rail that in shadow looked like prison cells, and it looked like they kept walking but within the invisible prison. All the slightly too long of gaze of humans that seem like a silent scream of "We are humans too. Look." A tiger in a case who circles around in an anger who have zero control nor pathway to his escape. Zooming from the drone shot of the grid of camps to the ground where humans stand.

These are the moments of poetry that stood out to me. It wasn't clear to me if he wanted to go with humor, or poetry or politics, but maybe that's just Ai Wei Wei. He went with all three. I felt again like being invited to a date to a guy who just wanted to show me everything but without fully understanding who he is himself.

I walked out of the theater, with a growling stomach and one successfully communicated message to me, which is the importance of dignity in humanity in all of this. There is a quote by Stalin, "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic." Ai Wei Wei just elaborated this with images. Some shots will be engrained in my head forever (Together with random images of his selfies and haircuts which I still don't get... why) and so I guess whatever he tried worked.
November 25, 2017
The breadth of footage and intimacy of subjects was impressive. Previews led me to believe that there would be more commentary as to why the migrations were happening. This included climate change, regime changes, and food security. Aside from refugees and NGO workers hardly anyone else was interviewed, which makes the situation that much more heart wrenching.
½ November 2, 2017
A film of despair and fortitude, challenging your precept of Hope. All the while I "hope" everyone sees this film. Everyone must see this film.

Incredible drone footage put to good use.
½ October 27, 2017
Even though Beautifully filmed, painful to watch so much suffering. The scope of the film is so broad, it let me feeling hopeless about a shrinking earth with insufficient resources for an exponentially growing population. The real "Inconvenient Truth?"
October 26, 2017
I urge you to see Human Flow during it's short cinematic engagement. It's an engaging birds-eye view of international refugees. It's poetic, sad and jaw-droppingly powerful.
October 24, 2017
I am young young Somali from Minnesota. I was uprooted from Somalia before my first birthday. For the next 20 years, he lived in Dadaab refugee camp in North-Eastern Province in Kenya. Dadaab,
is considered to be one of the largest refugees camps in the world with over 500,000 people.

Despite the harsh conditions of the camp, worked to better myself and help others. This is the best film I have ever seen telling the untold stories of worlds most vulnerable people refugees. I am Minnesota based refugees advocate
And can't wait to see this film. I was Literally about cry when I see the donkey cat in the picture.
October 21, 2017
for Ai Wei Wei what Ballad of a Little Soldier was for Herzog.
½ October 18, 2017
The movie is way overblown and critics are irresponsibly lenient. It's a long fluffy movie, lacking insights. It is a challenge to sit through.
½ October 16, 2017
A beautifully photographed, important documentary by Ai Weiwei about the global refugee crisis.
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