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July 14, 2013
I Hired a Contract Killer British/German/Swedish film directed and written by legendary Finnish director Aki Kauiskaki (Le Havre). Film stars French actor Jean-Peirre Léud (former child-actor renowned for playing in legendary French director François Truffaut's The 400 Blows) and Margi Clarke.

Set in England: A French man named Henri Boulanger (Jean-Pierre Léud) has been working for the past 15 years in a company; all of a sudden, he is made redundant from his job. He is given a golden wristwatch as token from the company. He has been lonely and depressed, eventually attempts to commit suicide - when hanging himself with a fine rope that he purchases, fails; later, he decides to suffocate to death by turning on the gas and sticking up his head inside a stove, unfortunately that too goes off in the nick of the time due to workers strike at gas companies. Ultimately, he hires a contract killer to kill him - this wish of his lives for short, since, the next day he falls in love with a flower-seller woman. Now, he must terminate the contract or else the murderer has already hit on the trails.

Jean-Pierre is humbly innocent in this film. Excellent production designing, perfect tranquility pertained by the actors to solidify the characters. Although the movie is dark-comedy and yet it bears strong message, anyone who has gone through loneliness should certify the movie to portray original aspects experienced by ordinary hard-hit people. Pure entertainment with mesmerizing soundtracks.
½ August 17, 2012
A quirky crime comedy with an intriguing premise--Grows on you!!
August 16, 2012
"Why don't you do it yourself and save money?"
April 23, 2012
Un homme incapable de se suicider, dà (C)cide d'engager un tueur pour en finir. Mais ca vie bascule, il tombe amoureux et veut rester en vie. C'est du Aki Kaurismaki, l'humour est spà (C)cial, c'est ''flyà (C)'', original et la rà (C)alisation est superbe.
½ April 9, 2012
Me gusta mucho este tipo de cine, telegrafiado, austero y salpicado de humor donde uno menos se lo espera. Kaurismaki tiene un cameo como vendedor de lentes ;P
February 18, 2012
Taattua Kaurismäkeä.
Super Reviewer
December 4, 2011
Henri Boulanger is a French man living in London. He gets fired and wants to die. But he is too lousy to do it himself so he hires a contract killer. Waiting for the man to come and end his life, he decides to go down to the pub. There he meets a woman and changes his mind. In Kaurismaki's hands, this is very funny material. Even more because you can't understand what Jean-Pierre Là (C)aud is saying. It's odd to see how he came to look so much alike François Truffaut as he grew older.
½ September 17, 2010
Jean-Pierre Leaud stars as an office drone who suddenly loses his job. When his suicide attempts fail, he hires someone to do it for him. Unfortunately, he hadn't anticipated changing his mind. My second Kaurismaki, didn't like it as much as Match Factory Girl. Kaurismaki working in English kind of reminds me of Kusturica working in English -- the tone is the same, but it seems like the heart isn't in it. There are some really, really funny bits of dry, black humor (Leaud's firing is a scream) but the non-comedic bits feel empty and rote. Not a bad way to spend 75 minutes, but I had hoped for more.
April 17, 2010
"I Hired a Contract Killer" is de verloren Stradivarius die men toevallig op een gigantische rommelmarkt vindt. Op het eerste zicht aftands ogend, blijkt het bij nadere inspectie het een overstemmend werk van een meester te zijn.
Een heerlijk droog verhaal van een rustgevende, doch boeiende eenvoud, cinematografisch in een adembenemend compositorisch spel van kleur, licht en schaduw gegoten. Een aanrader voor elke cinefiel.
November 21, 2009
I was surprised at how well Jean-Pierre Leaud (of 400 Blows fame) could play the typical silently awkward Kaurismaki character. Very against type for Leaud. An interesting plot that made me wonder why I hadn't thought of this idea for a film. Yet another great Kaurismaki film - he never disappoints!
August 17, 2009
Un type engage des tueurs pour lui car il n'arrive pas à se suicider...
Rien que le synopsis resume a lui seul ce film completement etonnant !
March 15, 2009
Margi Clarke, fuck off.
½ February 1, 2009
Aki Kaurismaki has this unique style in all of his movies.

Its recognizable filmmaking.
For my POV this guy does a very successful job in all of his movies. Even if this is not his best film its very watchable and enjoyable. Minimal shots, minimal dialog, specific colors and a nice story with a strong subtext.

Watch it if u have tha chance.
U might learn something about... smoking :)
½ January 20, 2009
Do you need explosions, hardrock, blood and sex to make your senses realize you are watching TV? Do you need faecal humour to make you laugh and noise to make you listen? Is an overload of pictures, speed and colour the basis of a good movie. I don't think so. Kaurismäki is on my side.
½ December 21, 2008
Another excellent Kaurismaki film :D
½ October 13, 2008
Aki Kaurismaki's only English language film has Leaud as a lonely government clerk in London who is sacked when privatisation sets in. His life now without meaning he unsuccesfully tries to kill himself but fails, in a couple of darkly comic scenes. He hires a contact killer to end his life, but soon after meets Margaret, a flower seller, falls in some kind of love for her and now can't stop the contract on his life. Kaurismaki makes great use of the bleaker parts of late 80s London, and the cast is nearly all very good. The only weak link is Margi Clarke as the love interest, her uncertain, wooden performance coming across stilted rather than the beautiful, reserved nature of Kaurismaki's Finnish heroines. Kaurismaki's slow pacing does feel a little awkward with an English script, but his usual hallmarks are all present and correct and its a decent "little man" blackly comic romance.
August 27, 2008
Another classically ironic tale from Kaurismaki.
July 25, 2008
Truffaut's alter ego Leaud stars in this simple, cold, little, straight story, very much in the Kaurismaki style.
½ July 25, 2008
Trademark text book film making from Kaurismaki, showing that you don't need fancy tricks or silly story lines to make a good film. This film really shows London as it was when I was a child. Brilliant dry sense of humour. Worth a watch...
July 22, 2008
kaurismäki goes abroad. works, though he is best at describing finns.
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